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We’re at that time in winter where things feel like they’re dragging on (and on and onnnnn) and it feels like spring might never come (even though realistically, it’s only a couple of weeks away). If you’re prone to the winter blues, they’ve probably settled in and you might be longing for warmer weather and if not that, a little pick-me-up.

Not saying that shopping solves all your problems, but sometimes taking a minute to treat yo self can do a world of good. Today, I’ve got some of my favorite things that have gotten me through this winter!


  1. These large bowls are part of a new line from Amazon and they’re so cute. These aren’t LARGE large…like these aren’t mixing bowls. But they’re perfect for cereal or soup or a side salad or a really large bowl of ice cream. 
  2. Prismacolor Colored Pencils. Growing up, my stepmom was an artist and she had a very large, very nice set of these colored pencils. When it came to projects that involved coloring, these were the holy grail and had to be treated with the utmost sacredness. While I’m definitely not an artist, I have a set of these and I still love them just as much!
  3. Between this It’s a 10 Hair Mask and Living Proof No Frizz shampoo and conditioner, my hair game has completely changed. While the frizz shampoo is specific to my needs and me, the hair mask can be used by virtually any hair type and it changes everything. Both are expensive, but both can be used sparingly and will last a long, long time.
  4. Okay, so this Docking Station isn’t necessarily FOR YOU, but I love having a central place for everyone to plug their devices into at night (and they’re in for the night–I got an old-school alarm clock and their devices get “checked in” in the evening so we can spend some quality time together and the kids get some guaranteed screen-free time. It was a fight at first, but now it’s so worth it and it has helped ALL of us!
  5. I saw these Fiestaware’s Instagram on Fiestaware’s Instagram last month and I knew I needed one (or three, as you can see in this post.) They’re so cute and surprisingly versatile! Check out the Fiesta website  for a wider selection and better prices (and their shipping is free and FAST!)
  6. I’ve made no secret that this The Head and the Heart  album is one of my all-time favorites, so if you love “Rivers and Roads” the same way that I do, having it on vinyl makes it even more special.
  7. This NYX Butter Gloss is my new favorite lip gloss! And it’s under $5 at Target. One tip for finding a really pretty natural-looking lip color is to pick the shade of this gloss one shade darker than your natural lip color (for me, it’s the one I linked to…you might need to check it out in person to see what the colors really look like.)
  8. This Rodan + Fields Lash Boost is DEFINITELY a splurge. In fact, if you’d told me a year ago that I would spend that on something for my eyelashes, I would have laughed at you. Then I had a really stressful year, to the point where my hair (and eyelashes) were falling out, so I tried this and it works. When you use it correctly (one swipe on one eye, dip it again, swipe it on the other eye–I was stingy at first because it was so expensive and it just made my eyelashes grow in kind of wonky), it’s like eyelash extensions. It also lasts quite awhile, so while it feels like a lot up front, it will likely last you at least 4 months, maybe closer to 6. Also, when you get your lashes where you want them, you can just use it every couple of nights instead of every night. 

I hope that gives you some ideas for things to help you get through this last little winter slump before spring comes!



Medium Fiestaware Heart Bowl (check out  for a wider selection and better prices)


  1. I love the R F lash boost. But, it’s super expensive. I use physicians formula eyeliner with boost serum. And I like it just as much as RF boost.

  2. I have a friend who uses the Lash Boost and, you’re right, it works wonders! Her lashes are AMAZING! I’m still working up the courage to spend the money on it but soon…very soon!

    1. My only hesitation with buying things like that on amazon for much cheaper is that I’ve frequently done it and gotten something I KNOW is not the real deal (it didn’t look or smell the same or didn’t work). Unless it’s an authorized retailer, I’m super nervous about wasting more money, you know?

  3. LOVE prismacolor pencils too. I got the BIG set for Christmas and love it. Definitely making winter more fun. 🙂 I will have to try the lip gloss too. Thanks for the tip on how to pick a color. I always wander in, look, can’t decide, and end up back there two weeks later! 🙂

  4. Just a note on the LashBoost product–it does work, but you might not want to stretch it to last past 5 months as my aesthetician says the potency decreases after this time; I noticed this so need a fresh bottle!

  5. Love this list! Thanks for sharing! Speaking of hair falling out, I’d love to hear how you handled this, as I’m experiencing that now after a particularly rough year myself!

    1. It’s been a process, hahaha! I’ve been drinking collagen peptides once a day ( and taking collagen, vitamin D, omega 3, b12, folic acid, biotin, zinc, and linolenic acid supplements (not all separate, hahaha!) It’s really helped my hair and nails SO much, but it took a long time for it to kick in.

    2. Same. It’s been absolute misery. Did you get your doctor to check your ferritin level? I’m using the collagen peptides, too, and they do make my hair and nails grow faster. I just wish the danged stuff would stop falling out!

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