Tutorial: How Kate Scrambles Eggs

Hello, my name is Kate. Welcome to, like, the fifty-first Our Best Bites therapy session exploring why I hate eggs (and feel compelled to cook and blog about them). I don’t get it. There’s no rhyme or reason. Here are some more super uninteresting Kate/Egg Factoids:

-When I was little (like little little), I used to make scrambled eggs every morning with my dad.

-As a child, I liked pickled eggs (um, what. the. heck??)

-I like breakfast burritos and omelets that other people make.

-I like Bacon, Egg, & Cheese Biscuits from McDonald’s, but I don’t like Egg McMuffins.

-I craved eggs over easy when I was pregnant with my son, but I’ve never liked them at any other time in my life.

-The breakfast sandwich I ate in the hospital the day after my son was born was hands-down the most delicious thing I’ve ever eaten in my life (but that may have something to do with the fact that I hadn’t eaten in, like, 36 hours).

-In spite of the fact that I don’t like them, I can make some mean scrambled eggs. And I know that they taste good, but at some point while I’m eating them, I can just feel my stomach turning and my throat closing up.

-Scrambled eggs are definitely our go-to meal when dinner-time sneaks up on me (although I eat cold cereal while everyone else eats their eggs).

I’m not going to name this tutorial “How to Scramble Eggs” because everyone has their own way of making scrambled eggs (sadly, not all of them are very good ways–I think badly cooked scrambled eggs of days gone by are part of why they make me gag now) and I already know that I’m about to be barraged with a million emails about how various facets of my egg-making method are flawed. But this is how I do it and I can safely say that if I liked scrambled eggs, I would love these ones.

Because it’s such a simple dish, make sure your ingredients are good–fresh eggs, kosher or coarse sea salt, milk or water (I actually use water because I feel like milk can contribute to scorching problems), and real butter. I also use Tabasco sauce instead of black pepper because we don’t like the ground peppercorns in the eggs and it adds a nice flavor without being too spicy, but that’s our family’s preference.

You’ll also need a few key pieces of equipment: A small bowl to whisk the eggs in, something to whisk them with, a flexible spatula, and an appropriately sized skillet. When I’m making eggs for my kids, I use the 8.5″ hard anodized non-stick skillet that I got when we competed in the Better Homes and Gardens contest last year and if I’m cooking for my husband, too, I’ll use the 10″ skillet.

Preheat the skillet on the stove top on the low side of medium heat. You’ll want to give it a few minutes to heat up, so go ahead and crack the eggs into the bowl and add roughly 1 teaspoon of water per egg (so for the 3 eggs I used here, I used 1 tablespoon of water)…

Add a sprinkling of salt…

and a few dashes of Tabasco sauce.

and give them a good whisk. You don’t want to completely pulverize them, especially if they got frothy or foamy, but you also don’t want to have distinct yolks and whites in your finished eggs.

If the skillet is hot, add about 1 teaspoon of butter per egg (again, 1 tablespoon of butter for 3 eggs). If it sizzles and smokes and turns brown immediately, your pan is too hot. Remove it from heat, wipe it out with a paper towel, and allow it to cool off for a few minutes. But if if the butter melts slowly and gently and becomes aromatic, you’re in business. When the butter is melted, use your flexible spatula to spread the melted butter over the whole pan and slightly up the sides and then add the eggs. (Note: this part is tricky because it would be the best time for pictures, but the light in my kitchen is awful, so we’re working with what we have here).

Leave the pan completely alone until the eggs start to gently bubble and turn light yellow around the edges. Use the flexible spatula to gently scrape the light yellow edges toward the middle of the pan (unless you have a rockin’ cooktop and cookware, the edges of your eggs will probably not get light yellow all at the same time).

Eventually, more and more of the eggs will start coming together in the center of the pan.

This is the trickiest part of making perfect scrambled eggs. You absolutely do not want any kind of brown on the eggs at all, but you want to make sure they’re completely cooked. You also don’t want to stir them so much that they don’t hold together. So here’s my advice–as the “curds” start coming together, try keeping them together as much as possible while you gently scrape them around the pan, allowing the liquidy parts to make contact with the hot skillet. As soon as you don’t see any obvious liquid or overt wetness (unless you like your scrambled eggs slightly undercooked), remove the pan from heat and let it sit for just a minute or two while you do exciting things like butter some toast or change the laundry or check your email. You can even pop a lid on the pan and allow them to steam (off the heat) for 1-2 minutes.

Transfer the eggs to a serving dish or individual plates (or tortillas for breakfast burritos or toasted English muffins for breakfast sandwiches, or any of the other things that normal people do with eggs) and eat ’em up immediately.


  1. Scrambled is the only way I will eat my eggs. And I am egg fanatic! After close to 8 years, i finally gave over my spoon one morning and let my boyfriend finally cook my eggs. Let me tell you. That was not an easy morning and I was breathing down his neck!!! (poor guy) everyone has their own way of cooking eggs, I might get adventurous and try your eggs someday! I scramble mine in a bowl, with one splash of milk for each egg, salt and pepper. I heat the pan up super hot, not so the butter browns like you also mentioned was not good! Ad I pour them jn, not touching them until they start to bubble, slowly pulling in one side at a time. Until it is almost like an omelet. Once there is no liquidy egg left I flip them! So i get two or three larger egg scramble pieces. I will throw away perfectly old scrambled eggs if they are not cooked right, yet I can order a scrambled egg at a restaurant and eat it no matter how it is cooked!!!

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you for not making a milky, runny mess out of eggs. Everyone thinks we are so weird for not putting milk in them. These look delicious!!!

  3. I must be a freak, cuz my eggs (and they MUST be scrambled!) have to be browned throughout, even to the point of crispy edges! If there is any gooey or wet stuff in them…..well…..YUK! Most times, I tell IHOP to “burn ’em, and then cook ’em some more!” They are the only place that does this for me! An old ex-boyfriend was a line cook, and he would take what he called “perfect” eggs, and then he would take a dinner plate, place it over the eggs on the grill, smash it down hard and put the lead weight on it, and walk away for a few minutes! PERFECTION! The other cooks would tease him about his crazy girlfriend! :o)

    Your eggs sound really good…..for normal people! lol

    1. Regan,

      I know exactly what you mean! However I no longer eat my eggs that way… when I was a young child all the way up into my early 30’s my eggs HAD to be cooked just like that. Now my 12 year old eats them that way. And he is the ONLY one in our family who loves his eggs with little brown flecks all through out. But now I love my eggs exactly like the way Kate makes hers which shocked my own mother a few years ago. 🙂

  4. This was so very helpful (so helpful I pinned it, no lie). I have never really gotten the hang of scrambled eggs. Most of mine come out looking like wrinkled omelettes, but thanks to you, Kate, they now have hope!

  5. I love eggs but my husband on the other hand will not eat them unless mixed into something like brownies etc. etc.

    I cook my scrambled eggs with cheese though. I have to have cheese in my scrambled eggs.

  6. I am seriously shocked that you would use any other scraper than a Pampered Chef scraper. . . . Please tell me someone has introduced you to one!

  7. we add a few TBSP of sharp cheddar at the end of making ours. It melts and make them so yummy and melt in your mouth. We don’t add milk or water to our though. If there is even the slightest wetness to the egg I will gag.

  8. Oh my goodness I have the same egg aversion that you do. I hate the smell of eggs when they are cooking, and I don’t think they taste bad. But for some reason eating them makes my stomach churn as well. I also have to get them the same way at McDonalds and I love them in Breakast Burritos. There was one time though when we were going to disneyland when I was little and we stayed at one of those casino/hotels on the Nevada/Cali border when I got scrambled eggs the morning we left and seriously I could have eaten a whole plate of them, they were delicious. But sadly I have never been able to recreate that day and enjoy eggs like I did then. But I am excited to try your recipe for scrambled eggs for my fam…because they do not have an egg aversion and I think would enjoy these a lot. Thanks for the egg tips!

    1. FYI – Eggs at McDonalds – During college, working breakfast at McDonalds was my favorite time to work. Egg McMuffins are made with real eggs. You break them into egg rings put a lid over them and add water to a little cup on top of the lid which drips onto the grill and steams the top of the eggs, the grill cooking the bottom. You get an egg that’s kind of almost hard-boiled tasting. Me personally I hate hard-boiled egg yolks so I don’t like Egg McMuffins with eggs on them. The Bacon, Egg and Cheese Biscuits and Breakfast Burritos are made with something similar to Egg Beaters. The egg beaters is poured into a rectangular mold. They cook quick on the grill and you just fold em up and stick em on the sandwich. I do order Egg McMuffins with a folded egg.

  9. This comment has nothing to do with your eggs- although I’m sure they are great. I just wanted to tell you that I got your Best Bites cookbook for my birthday yesterday and I am so excited! My kids started flipping through it and with every page turn they squealed like it was Christmas morning! In fact- and this is no lie- right this second my 10 year old son has the book in his hand and is saying, “Mom, Ohhhh, this cheesesteak sandwich looks so good….oh, these taquitos look good…oh, MOM!!!! Italian meatballs!!! Please please make these! I’ve been craving these for so long! Do we have any sausage? Do we have a clove of garlic? Let’s go to the store!!!” It is only 9:00 am and he is begging me to start cooking. Thank you for your great blog and your wonderful book- I guess I’d better get cookin’!

  10. Um is it teaspoon or tablespoon, because each time you start with teaspoon then say tablespoon… but these eggs do look delicious!

  11. We actually make our eggs with butter as well, they are more creamy. We use Tony Chachere’s cajun seasoning….YUMMY, with a little kick, so similar to tabassco. And I was watching “America’s Test Kitchen” on PBS one time and they actually said that to make fluffier eggs, to use water, instead of milk. so there…your eggs rock!

  12. Love the Tabasco tip, the butter tip, and the proportions. I should have paid more attention to the butter instructions – my butter sizzled and bubbled, but I thought I could get away with it by letting the pan cool for a bit. The bottom still browned before the eggs bubbled. *sigh* They still tasted good, though, since it was just the butter that browned. I’ll just have to keep practicing. Great tutorial, thanks!

  13. Oooh one of my sisters and I just had a converstation about this and how we grew up with browned eggs – not knowing that they were “burned” eggs. LOL. But that is how I liked them. I couldn’t eat restaurant eggs until I was an adult. And they only grew on me because I’d go to the casino cafes with my friends for the midnight specials and everything came with eggs. I can now appreciate a non-browned egg. But mine never turn out in a way I like. Still love my mom’s browned eggs and restaurant style.

    My husband doesn’t get the whole wisking them together before-hand and just dumps the eggs in and breaks them up with a fork. Don’t tell him I don’t really like them. But my kids do, especially when he dyes them green for them.

    1. My husband finally learned that one way to express is undying affection for me is to pre-whisk my eggs before putting them in the pan!

  14. Whenever I order eggs from a restaurant, it’s over easy, but I never (that actually reads “can’t”) make them that way at home. My adult daughter called me a couple of weeks ago to ask me how to make scrambled eggs. I pretty much told her exactly what you told the world today, so I we’re in sync. I have to have green peppers and onions in my scrambled eggs to that I don’t taste the eggs as much because eggs aren’t all that yummy to me. And don’t let them be at all wet! Ew.

  15. Your post made me laugh – I can’t stand eggs either. I make a breakfast casserole with hash brown potatoes, onions and cheese. That’s about the only way I can stomach eating eggs – oh, except in cookies and baked goods. 🙂

  16. I love scrambled eggs. Definitely have to give this approach a try. I am strange in that I love the cripsy brown stuff that cooks on the pan. My brother, sister, and I used to fight over who would get the egg “crust”. :p

  17. I always wondered how to make them light and fluffy! I don’t make very good scrambled eggs. Is it bad that I’ve always looked to the Circus Circus Casino all you can eat breakfast buffet in Las Vegas as the place that cooks the best eggs? I think I might be able to duplicate their eggs with this tutorial.

  18. This post is hilarious! I also happened to be eating cold, scrambled egg whites as I was reading it. I spray my pan with Pam, heat it up, crack some eggs in, sitr, stir, stir. Voila! Eggs! 🙂

  19. I have enjoyed making almost everything from scratch for years. And I LOVE new recipes. So, I’m always intrigued with new recipes. I’ve seen your cook book and heard of your success with your blog, but I haven’t really bothered to look at it until today. My loss! What an awesome site! I love the instructions, pictures, your cute personalities that you’re so willing to share, and of course, your recipes!! I subscribed this morning to your emails and have poured over your site the whole day. Good heavens, what do I try first!

    1. I would recomend the Chicken Taquitos, Pepperochini Beef Sandwhiches, and ANY of the desserts. You will fall in love with these gals’ and their recipes! Welcome!!

  20. So good to know that I am not the only one with a serious egg aversion out there. I can only eat them scrambled or in an omelet…. or in a McD’s breakfast sandwich other than the McMuffin. The yolk in the McMuffin kills it for me. And all the hardboiled eggs at Easter seriously gross me out…. to the point that my children have never dyed eggs. Blech… can’t even stand thinking about that smell!

  21. I recently got a magic bullet (only I have the non-name brand cheap JCPenney version). Changed my life with making scrambled eggs. I just put the eggs in there (with some salt, pepper and milk). And pulse it a few times. I love making eggs now. My kids beg for eggs and bacon all the time for breakfast. Now if someone can make something that will help me with the bacon, I will be in business! HAHA!

    1. There is a tutorial on cooking bacon in the oven on here, look it up! Makes nice tasty, less greasy, less shrivled up bacon. Mmm. Now I want breafast!

  22. Sorry, I love browned eggs. My husband officially took over cooking eggs after he claimed that I burn them. When we cook for the whole family he cooks them to his “perfection” then takes out his and the kids and leaves mine in the pan to brown up.

  23. My mom never beat the eggs before she scrambled them. She just cracked them right into the pan and started stirring, so there were egg whites everywhere. As a kid I didn’t mind because I didn’t know any different, but now I know better! I also have to have cheese mixed into mine, which was a special treat as a kid.

  24. Oh, and can you tell me why you use kosher salt over table salt? I do have some, but there is no obvious difference to me.

  25. Regarding the sea salt, I found this website (mrbreakfast.com) a few weeks ago when looking for how to make the perfect scrambled eggs for brunch. Mr. Breakfast referred to a book he read called “What Einstein Told His Cook.” This is what he said about adding sea salt to eggs before cooking, “When salt is heated it breaks down to the same components regardless whether it is table salt or sea salt. It has to do with the ionic bonds that hold sodium and chlorine together.”

    So I guess the same would apply to my taco seasoning recipe. Anyway, I thought that was interesting.

    Your eggs look amazing, sea salt or not!

  26. Thank you for this recipe and tutorial. You’d think that scrambling eggs would be easy, but it’s not! I’ve totally been over-cooking and over-scrambling all this time and I didn’t know it. My husband, who is very picky about his eggs, pronounced these “Delicious!” I will always cook eggs this way- thanks!

  27. Too Funny! You used my goto ingredient for almost everything, tabasco! Yum. I used to hate eggs, but I had to try a lot of different types of eggs (kind of like the runaway bride had to figure out her favorite eggs) to find the ones I really liked… “special day eggs” those are my favorite, it is scrambled egges with onion, garlic, mushrooms, pimentos and ham, s&p (of course liberal use of tabasco) over a slice of english muffin with melted cheese on top. oh so good!

  28. Funny… my husband and I actually prefer our eggs a bit browned. I’m sure this isn’t a technical term but we call them “hard cooked”. We really gag at the thought of undercooked AND we like the flavor browning them adds. I think eggs are tricky for a lot of people.

  29. I like many women who have commented hate eggs! Ugh! Try were the only thing I threw up when I was pregnant with my son. I have had a hard time since and he’s almost three. I go to mcds and order the bacon egg and cheese sandwiches with no egg. Lol! Anyway I do make some mean scrambled as well. I do use the milk but not very much and then of course I have to have cheese! I like that one gal said she uses Tonys Cajun seasoning. I will have to try that.

    And those of you who like the browner ones…..hmmm! You’re weird!!

  30. I HATE eggs too! Except the bacon, egg and cheese biscuit at McDonald’s…weird. I like omelets on RARE occasions. But normally the thought of eggs makes me want to vomit! And I make them for my family all the time because they love them. My way is slightly different, but I think I’m going to try adding the kosher salt like you did, see if my family notices.

  31. What a fun post, and like so many others, not a big egg eater, unless in a breakfast burrito with LOTS of salsa. My 3 year old loves them though, and we have started putting about 1 -2 tsp of cauliflower puree in them instead of the milk or water. He and my husband say they are wonderful, but it adds just that extra vegetable which makes me fill a little better.

  32. I have always put milk in my eggs! They are never gross or runny or anything but I am excited to try it with just water…I didn’t even know that would work! 🙂 And the Tabasco sauce sounds good too!

  33. Just wanted to say that this recipe has changed my life! My scrambled eggs are fluffier, more moist, and I love the kick from the tabasco. I changed it around a bit by using grapeseed oil instead of butter, and adding small cubes of SPAM. I squirt small drops of ketchup on top. Amazing!

  34. I’ve never heard of adding milk or water to them… huh… My eggs can’t have any gooey parts or I will not eat them. I like mine browned too!

  35. I make my eggs the exact same way!! Even with the tobasco added in! My kids don’t like seeing the flecks of black pepper..I will only eat scrambled eggs, after being married for almost 7 years I just recently (almost) perfected sunny side up eggs for my hubby! YUCK!!

  36. I am SOOOOO happy to hear that there is another person in the world that hates those discussing eggs! What are people thinking that like them? Thanks for sharing!

  37. I’m excited to try the Tobasco method! I have to admit, I don’t like my eggs too dry…there must be a touch of moistness to the eggs. Just a little salt and we’re good!

  38. I loooove scrambled eggs, and I think the water does make them fluffier. BUT…has anyone ever tried them cooked w/ a splash of half and half???? MMMM!!!…… OR….cooked in, dare I say it, BACON FAT???? Oh……my…..sweet…..luggage…..

  39. Cool, I’ve always made my scrambled eggs this way. No one taught me, it just seemed like the right way. 🙂

    I always put Tabasco on my eggs, but I’ve never put the Tabsaco in the raw eggs. I’ll have to try that. Love your site!!!

  40. This is about the way I’ve always made mine – and I’ve always thought mine were some of the best I’ve ever eaten 🙂 I use pepper instead of tobasco – but mostly because we have fresh pepper from Malaysia which is SOOO much better than the usual store bought stuff. I always have to top mine off with some cheese and if I am feeling bored, I will sautee some onions and peppers before I add the eggs – but the cheese is a must!

  41. I LOVED this post. People usually look at me like I am crazy when say I like eggs scrambled, but o other way. I can’tT stand cooked egg white or cooked egg yolk, but mix them together, and they are not bad. I am still not big on omelets or frittatas, but good scrambled eggs, you can’t beat them. Or crappy scrambled eggs, BC ferries and McDonald’s being my 2 favorites, so it was awesome to read so many people who also only like scrambled and who enjoy a good McDonald’s breakfast.
    I was recently involved in kidney transplant surgery, (which is why I FINALLY have time to read (and maybe comment) on every single post of my favorite blog) It was ice chips for a couple days, then clear fluids and when I finally cook have solids, the hospital food (?) made me super nauseous, the ONLY thing I wanted that sounded in any way good to me was a Micky D’s breakfast burrito. It took an attempt at 3 McDonald’s before we found one, but it was ambrosia! Kate, I can totally relate to your first meal after giving birth! (you delivered a baby, I delivered a kidney, it’s the same but different)
    Thanks for the post and the smiles and for making me want to get out of bed and into the kitchen. 🙂

  42. I’m an over-easy egg girl, always have been. I grew up calling them “dip eggs” and they were the only kind I’d eat for a long time. Then hubby introduced me to poached eggs, and now if I have time to cook in the morning that’s what I cook. Eggs Benedict is even better, but I have yet to figure out how to make a good hollandaise sauce.

    But if there’s cinnamon raisin bread in the house… well, nothing goes better with cinnamon raisin toast than scrambled eggs.

    I definitely brown them, though. Otherwise they remind me of the bag-o-eggs from my days working in a camp kitchen. We used to get eggs in bags similar to milk bags (which is apparently a Canadian thing, but google will show what I mean if you don’t know), and then we’d drop the bags in boiling water for a few minutes, pull them out, beat them with a wooden spoon to break up the eggs, and put them back in the water for a few minutes. What came out was a barely cooked mess that I could rarely bring myself to eat. It’s probably the only time I haven’t considered ketchup on eggs a crime.

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