Tutorial: Quick and Easy Easter Wreath

So you may or may not have noticed that Sara does all the little crafty tutorials on our blog.  That is because I am not crafty.  When I was little, I took sewing classes and the teacher told me I was literally the first person she’d ever taught that “failed” the first day. Crafts are messy.  They take a long time.  They require some kind of spatial understanding that I don’t seem to possess. For me, they almost always end in sadness and regret.

However…if a craft is cheap and easy enough (quiet, all of you who snickering dirtily right now), I can be convinced, even excited, to be crafty.

I saw this wreath on my friend Liz’s blog, who found it on her friend Lindsay’s blog, who, incidentally, posted about our balloon wreath in the same post!  Small world, right?  Anyway, I would (and still will if you ladies want–just email me!) link to their blogs, but they are their family blogs and I don’t want to invade their private space if they don’t want us to and it was too late to email them.  But here are some pictures of their amazingly adorable creations:

Believe me, if it can inspire me to want to not only buy the vilest Easter candy on earth, but to make a craft with it, it’s gotta be somethin’.

In case you haven’t guessed it, those little colorful things are Peeps. As in sugar-covered marshmallows.  Even my kids thought they were disgusting (albeit adorable).  Ladies (and a few gentlemen), I give you the very first Our Best Bites Peep Show:

Ooh la-la!

Sorry.  I couldn’t help myself.

Any-who.  For this super easy craft, you’ll need…

-Peeps (I REALLY wanted the bunnies, but they cost more at my friendly neighborhood Walmart and didn’t come in as many colors).  Unless you’re getting a tiny wreath, I would plan on at least 6 packages (each package has 3 boxes).

-A straw wreath (I got a big one because I figured hey, the bigger the better, right? Wrong.  Don’t follow my foolish, foolish ways).

-Toothpicks and/or hot glue.  Your call.  I ended up using both when things started going badly I decided to be safe rather than sorry.

-A wide ribbon for wrapping the wreath (optional, but it really did help minimize the mess.  Unless I wasn’t supposed to unwrap the wreath from the cellophane, something everyone probably knows and I will henceforth be mocked for my lack of crafty knowledge).

-An hour. Dead serious.  In fact, I made this wreath while these rolls were rising and baking and we only had a few minor disasters.

-Some baby wipes or wet washcloths are not the worst idea in the world.  Believe it or not, sugar-encrusted marshmallow barnyard babies are super sticky.

I started by wrapping the wreath in what has turned out to be the everlasting spool of ribbon–seriously, I bought this at Costco during the 2002 Olympics.

I secured it with toothpicks because hey, they were there.

Then all you need to do is stick your Peeps onto your wreath however you want.  I started by impaling a Peep with a toothpick

and then sticking it where I wanted.  Once I got a better feel for how deep the toothpicks needed to be and how far they needed to be spaced, I stuck the toothpicks directly into the wreath and then popped the Peeps onto the toothpicks.

I actually really love how Liz and Lindsay did lots and LOTS of peeps all over the place.  I, however, bought too big of a wreath and too few peeps, so we had to spread the love a little.

When you have your Peeps where you want them, add a ribbon or a bow and then hang it up!  Mine will not be going outside because I’m pretty sure it will attract every insect in the state of Louisiana, but it looks super cute on the door in my dining room!


  1. Holy moly! Am I first? Woo!

    This is such a cute idea. However, I happen to love Peeps and would totally be “that girl” to walk past this wreath and yank a Peep off every single time. If it were a wreath made of white chocolate, then I could resist. White chocolate = disgusto. Love your site! Thanks for making me a better “chef”! !

  2. thats so cute!!! And yes, they are a bit gross. Some people like the intense sugar over load of these. But how totally awesomely precious! I must try this…

  3. Very cute wreath. And I may just have to make one! I made an Easter garland by stringing plastic Easter eggs and peeps on bakers twine! VERY fun! I learned that opening the packaging and leaving the peeps out over night made them easier and less sticky to work with! I bet that would help with the wreath too! 🙂

  4. *sigh* hangs head in grief…I love peeps. This is an adorable wreath and I’m tempted to make it, but I don’t think I could bring myself to sacrifice that many peeps. I’m with Erin…I’d be grabbing peeps off there every time I walked buy (because stale peeps are even better!), that is if I could find one that my three year old hasn’t licked because I’m sure that would happen too. 😉
    Very cute idea though!!

    1. Patti, OBB is a shame-free zone. For the most part. Did you not just witness my willingness to humiliate myself in public by showing off my lack of crafty skills? If you love Peeps, I won’t judge you, I promise. 🙂

  5. Your kids may enjoy a new family tradition we’ve started with Peeps, because none of us eat them. We prefer to watch them “grow” in the microwave. We put a Peep on a microwave-safe plate in the microwave for 15-30 seconds and watch it expand (and eventually melt). No, the Peep does NOT explode and we all have fun watching it! If you’re so inclined, you can also make Peep S’mores with your melted marshmallow, a graham cracker and a little chocolate syrup. Have fun!

  6. What a novel idea. The colors look amazing. I bet with all that peep sugar it might last from year to year too. :0 Or, I would recycle and eat all the peeps off the wreath at the end of Easter. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Ha! Peeps ARE, as you put it “the vilest Easter candy on earth.” But this is a totally fun use for them! I have the benefit of my children being thrilled by the fun look of Peeps, without risking the chance of them eating the nasty things. Win-win. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  8. So cute! And I despise peeps too, much to my hubbys disgust – he LOVES them, eats them by the box full. Good job impaling it with a toothpick 😉 You made my rainy dreary morning a little brighter by sharing the wreath – and the giggles that went along with it in your post!

  9. I LOVE peeps! And I’m glad to know that I am not the only one out there who loves them even more when they’re stale. =D So it’s a cute idea, but I wouldn’t want to sacrifice the greatest Easter candy on Earth!

    1. one of my sons-in-law LOVES stale peeps, so he would really enjoy this wreath. I could us this idea for Christmas time, too, when they have reindeer & snowman & such peeps.

  10. I wonder if you could spray the peeps with something to seal them away from the bugs. Obviously they would no longer be etible, but they would also be gnat and ant proof. Hmm…

    1. Wow………I’m just gettin’ to this pin, but TOTALLY agree with you. Altho this is a darling idea, the bug ratio would have to be off the chart!! Spraying it WELL with a clear sealant (SP) is the ONLY way I’d do it. And it would have to be a THOROUGH spraying to get behind, under, over and around. But THAT way, you could use it for YEARS without it being ‘bug bait.’

  11. It’s a PEEPS massacre!! I really can only handle a few at a time but the rest of the family wouldn’t be able to resist “saving” them from their untimely death and giving them entirely new one. But very cute and colorful idea especially if you hate Peeps.

  12. Adorable! I loooooove PEEPS!! :o) I’ve come to notice that you either love ’em or hate ’em, right? Anyhow, very cute! I actually bought 6 boxes of PEEPS(one of every color) and they are just sitting there on my counter. Like others said though, not sure if I want to “waste” them on this…. but I just might. ;o) Maybe a smaller version.

  13. Do you think you could spray it with something to preserve it? Acrylic spray or something? I’m also worried about ants/bugs out here in Vegas, even placing it inside the house, but I would love to give this a try.

  14. I’m going to have to remember this at Halloween. I can see an awesome bat and ghost Peep wreath in my future. If you live in a dry climate, I bet this project will last forever. Perhaps a new family heirloom?

  15. THANK YOU For this idea. I always buy peeps, slit the plastic and stick them on top of the refrigerator or somewhere to get hard. My family loves them stail, so as long as we only used toothpicks I can see us making it AND still eating it. Yes I know that is gross, but I feel it would be the reality! So cute.

  16. Never ate a Peep until I married my husband– perhaps it’s a taste you have to acquire by the age of 3. They are so gross, but so cute! Thanks for the post Kate– I have a friend from church who is cancer-free today! I think I’ll make this tonight with some of the little gals from church for our activity and we’ll give it to her.

  17. It’s the perfect Easter craft – SO easy & you can eat the stale Peeps (the BEST way to eat them) when you’re done. LOL!! Really – VERY cute. 🙂
    PS – Thanks for a craft all us non-crafty girls can succeed at making! Cooking skills I’ve got, crafty skills… not so much.

  18. this is a great idea.. make it fresh, add some other candies.. pastel wrapped peanut butter cups?? etc.. and deliver it as a gift or Easter hostess gift.. everyone can grab and eat away!!

  19. A bunch of my lady friends and I were just talking about peeps last night and we’re pretty split on who loves them and who hates them. I on the other hand love them. Best when you buy them, slice the package open and stick on top of fridge to harden. Or pop into the microwave and watch them expand. I’ll definitly be making this wreath….so cute!!

  20. I was watching a show the other day (don’t remember which, but it was probably Unwrapped on the Food Network) and they were at the Peeps factory. They actually have a guy who makes art out of Peeps. I think he used acrylic spray to keep them fresh.

    1. Tara, why do you ask me questions like this?! 🙂 No, it’s the biggest reasonable size they had at Hobby Lobby–not so big that you’d be like, “WOW, that wreath is huge, but I would have gone at least 1 size smaller.”

  21. I loved everything about this post except your slander against one of my most favorite treats! 🙂 I’m going to have to make this!

  22. Totally cute. I have done this same thing at Christmas with gumdrops. My Walmart had smaller boxes of Peeps than yours, omly 2 boxes in a package, so 10 chicks per pack, but the bunnies have 12. I wish I could see a picture of the wreath made with bunnies so I could decide which to use! Oh well. I am going to make it tomorrow. I also wonder about spraying it with something since I live in the humid, buggy South also!

  23. This blog and the comments are making me LOL after a totally crappy day at work. What a great use for Peeps! The wreath is adorable!

  24. We buy peeps when they go on sale after easter and put them with our camping gear…Way better to roast then marshmellows. The sugar carmelizes on the outside and it’s ooey gooey marshmellow on the inside and they do grow…my sister claims the eyeballs pop off.. but I never noticed.

  25. Just bought your cookbook on Amazon! Can’t wait to get it!! Love all the pics. I seriously can’t make something unless I know what it is suppose to look like! Thanks!!

  26. so incredibly cute…hate peeps. Don’t worry about bugs, I think they are smart enough to know peeps will kill them if they eat that kind of garbage. ha ha sorry to all of you who love peeps. I’m making this tonight…late night run to WalMart!

  27. You are probably the only other person I have ever heard express their disane for peeps! I hate them an everyone thinks I am insane!! Thank you!

  28. Kate, just watch out for the big roaches and ants that will come INSIDE your house for a tasty treat…maybe spray it with clear varnish?

  29. Do you have any problem with sugar coming off of the wreath when it is hanging up? Has anyone tried one or more of the ideas of spraying it with something?

  30. That is so darling! I am afraid to make that living in the North West with all the rain and moisture we have. I for see a sticky mess. But I just might do it anyway. We shall see!

  31. These look amazing ! unfortunately you don’t get peeps or straw wreaths in the UAE, still figuring out how i should decorate for easter !!

  32. i live in setx! ditto with the bugs! not to mention the overwhelming humidity would make any food item sweat then melt. id probably have brightly colored peeps pooled on my doorstep ! however, cute idea and definitely and inside work of art!

  33. I love this wreath…though my husband and son would eat it to pieces. I checked out the balloon post too (since I am a new follower) and LOVED that one. I am doing that today! I just have to mention that Sara does say in the ballon post that you keep the plastic on the wreath…but whos reading right? 😉

  34. Kate- thanks for the very funny post. If the cookbook thing doesn’t work out for you, consider becoming a stand-up comic. Unless you hate standing up for long periods of time.
    A Peep wreath for your peeps- so cute. I think Sara is right, you are a closet-crafter.

  35. I laughed really loud when I read the “peep show” line–and everyone in the office looked at me. Haha.

    So cute.

  36. Peep show! I love you! This wreath is so cute! My kids love peeps! I have no doubt that a wreath like this would be completely empty by the end of the day!

  37. I actually like yours better with fewer peeps. Way to go, Kate! I’m so not crafty either… But I need something to replace my Valentine’s wreath that is still hanging on my front door…. 🙂

  38. I’m fairly certain that if I made this wreath… it would slowly get eaten… by my husband. I’m half tempted to make one for my aunt as an “edible gift” (like the fruit flower arrangements?) lol she likes peep’s even stale! I, on the other hand, MAY have eaten one once. I’m assuming I tried one, since I believe I don’t like them… but I may have just DECIDED one day they were gross. Either way – it’s super cute!

  39. i am making 8 of these to hang on the backs of the chairs for our fancy shmancy easter dinner. i too am wondering if i could spray them with something.. hmmm. oh! did the glue work better or the toothpicks?

  40. My kids are making a “peeps wreath” right now and are having so much fun!. I also made your frosting today (the one with the cooked flour) and it turned out great! My flour/milk stiff was too thick to push through my fine-mesh sieve so I had to leave that part out. I can’t wait to try the chocolate variation! I read a lot of food blogs and I’m really starting to like yours more than many of the others, thanks for sharing all your great ideas.

  41. I just moved to Tucson for the summer and it’s already over 95 degrees here almost everyday… would these melt in the extreme heat?

  42. I couldn’t do it, we love peeps at my house, and love stale ones even more, so if I made it, there would have to be no glue because EVERYONE would be stealing peeps off the thing! But it’s super cute!

  43. I think this is just adorable. If I try it, I think I would wrap saran wrap around the ribbon colored wreath and use buttercream icing instead of glue to help hold them on (along with the toothpicks). It may or may not work, but on a smaller wreath, I think it would. Thanks for the idea.

  44. i used peeps for a door decorating contest. we sprayed them with cheap hairspray. even though i bought unscented, there was still an odor. put them in a shallow box and spray outside. i love the colors but wouldn’t actually EAT a peep. ick

  45. Yes, you leave the plastic on to minimize mess. Your ribbon makes a super-cute background for any open spots, however, so maybe you were being subconsciously crafty 😉

  46. This is so cute and colorful! I would make it the centerpiece at the Easter buffet, and it wouldn’t have many peeps left by the time dinner was over.

  47. OMG this is soooo darn cute! I made a balloon wreath and now Im into making cute fun wreaths for all occasions. The only thing good about Peeps (besides the wreath) is blowing them up in the microwave:) I know its crazy, but its a huge family tradition each EAster with those AWFUL things:)

  48. Oh Lord…I have three dogs, a cat, and twelve ferrets…if I made this thing, I don’t think it would last five minutes! lol

  49. This is way cute! Instead of the straw wreath try using a pipe cover thing (i wish i knew the technical name – they are at the hardware store in the plumbing section and are used to cover pipes so they dont freeze….) but anyway they are only $1 and foam and you can just cut to size and tape together and it weighs less and is easy to pin into. Plus then you can make it smaller mid wreath if you find its too big…… 🙂

  50. I wonder what becomes of a peep that is sealed with a flat-finish clear coat… hmmmm… if it worked then it’d weather-proof, lick-proof, AND ant-proof all in one simple step! (I think I’m going to actually try this!)
    LOL! Oh, and “Peep Show”? Too funny!

  51. if your spray the peeps before hang with a few coats of clear enamel spray paint .they wont be sticky, or sugarry and buggies wont want them 🙂 im def making these! 🙂

  52. Cute wreath! I made a wreath out of peeps bunnies last year and used a styrofoam wreath. I just wrapped in ribbon and hot glued my bunnies on. You can always cut the ribbon off the back and reuse the wreath for another holiday. I’m a Louisiana girl and my wreath hung from my front door without bugs or melting away.

  53. I’d love to make this if I could find some way to preserve the peeps. I also have a crazy Jack Russell that can jump like crazy so she would probably just stand under it, pogoing and nibbling. Just what I need-a Jack Russell all hyped up on peeps!!

  54. I love this idea and will be trying it soon!! I used clear spray paint to seal my valentines hearts, so I am sure that clear matte finish spray paint would be perfect to seal these suckers too!!

  55. I love this – am going to make it this weekend. I had a Peep bunny pinned to my cubicle wall for 2+ years..they last forever! I was devastated when a co-workers small child popped him off the wall and bit his head off. Rest in Peace, Peep!

  56. I love, love, love that wreath but would be completely afraid it would attract ants :-/ did anyone make it n have problems? It’s so adorable!

  57. Great idea on the spray paint seal I was actually thinking of something like that as I typed my last comment in so glad some of u tired it n posted that tip 🙂 I am soooooo making this ASAP! 🙂

  58. Love this! So fun! I’m doing a post of Easter wreaths tomorrow, and I’m featuring you. Come by and check it out!

    1. They’re marshmallows, so of course they will get stale eventually, but they won’t fall off if glued on well.

  59. I think if you spray some laquer (or however you spell that) your wreath would definitely last longer and it probably wouldn’t attract bugs as you won’t be able to eat the peeps. Anyway, I’m not sure how true that is but I know some people use that stuff on wreaths made with lemon drops and it totally works. Just a thought as I am totally going to make this wreath for Easter! It is way cute!! Thanks for sharing the idea…found it on pinterest by the way!

  60. I am not a fan of eating peeps, but they are so cute! I absolutely love this. I am going to make a run to WalMart and buy a few boxes. I think I will stick them on toothpicks and take them outside to spray with acrylic sealer first. Then after they are dry, stick them on the wreath. I needed a cute wreath for work. This is a great idea

  61. Oh how i have enjoyed your crafty peeps wreath. I needed that today!!! I will be making one, so cute. Love, love your writing style. Wonder if the acrylic spray sealer works? This is my first ever comment, I so enjoyed reading your article! thanks…

  62. I was thinking that maybe when the whole thing was finished or maybe each peep individually could use modpodge. I have used it on a school project many many years ago on rice crispy bars made into balls for atoms and it lasted years and years until I threw it away. Brush that crap on and it will stay hard and won’t get ruined when stored and people won’t be able to take them off the wreath and I don’t think that insects or dogs will attempt to eat them either? What do you guys think?

  63. THANK GOD!! Finally – someone else who thinks that Peeps are the most disgusting things in the world! And now they have the nerve to dip them in chocolate. So glad to see that they can be put to some good use 😉

  64. I was thinking to finish this with a clear varnish spray. I was thinking it might be easier than using modge podge. I didn’t try it yet, but I agree that some finish should be used.

  65. I took peep’s to Canada for my neice, no one there knew what peeps were except my sister. So we giggled and said, “try them”. Adults spitting out peeps, the kids too. It was hilarious! So, I must send this to my sister so she can make this out of the rest of the peeps. Thanks Kate:)

  66. I love this wreath and i love peeps. Made a wreath using peeps in it and found that if you spray them with Hair spray , the stiffer and cheaper the better, it harden the peeps even better than letting them get stale. I am going to try this wreath but those little sugar crusted marshmallows are a weakness for me.

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