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So I had something else planned for today, but on Saturday night, I posted a picture of my trip to Target when I was shopping for my baby girl who’s turning 10 today and got a huge response–tons of questions and emails and requests for a gift guide. It’s funny because I was having such a hard time knowing what to get her–she’s kind of moving beyond toys and little girl things, but she’s not quite to the teenage stuff. But once I started shopping, it was easy. 10 is old enough to want things that are a little “older” but  little enough that I don’t need to get her the fancy brands and she’ll still be excited, so I can get away with cheap nail polish and makeup.

As always, I’m sure there are going to be lots of opinions of my shortcomings as a mother–spending too much money, not spending enough money, me buying her “makeup,” the fact that she’s seen Wonder Woman (twice) or that she’s obsessed with Hamilton or that I got her candy with artificial colors and that it was all purchased at a big box store instead of Etsy or a local boutique. I know. You’re disappointed. You expect more from me. It’s cool, we’re 4 weeks into summer vacation and I’m basically just hoping my kids don’t wind up being serial killers right now.

Yeah, water bottle isn’t really a treat, but it (kind of) fits into the consumables category. She’s always asking for her own water bottle that’s only hers and I always resist because I feel like it’s going to wind up under her bed and we’ll find it when she leaves for college, but these Olio Water Bottles were on sale and I snagged her one. As far as the other treats go, I went for little kid friendly (Sour Patch Kids), plus some of my favorite more grown up treats (Lindor Sea Salt Truffles and a Toblerone Bar.)

She’s also been asking for this CraZ Art Trendy Charm Bracelets kit for the longest time and I finally gave in. It’s something she can wear, plus something to keep her busy during this very, very long break from school. I also got her this red Cat & Jack purse from Target and these sparkly Birkenstocks, which is her big gift this year.

In the last year, her tastes have really shifted from little girl (Wonder Woman dress-ups and Beauty and the Beastto tween (cheap wireless speaker, the Wonder Woman novelization, and a young adult historical fiction about the Alexander Hamilton/Eliza Schuyler love story–she’s a young, scrappy, and hungry reader, so I think it’ll be her thing in spite of the fact that she thinks love stories are gross.)

For me, this was the most fun and the easiest to buy. I got her this cute little Cake Bomb bath bomb, some clear mascara (which I got in my Easter basket when I was about her age and I remember feeling very grown up), Maybelline Baby Lips (which I like because it’s like a lip balm with just a hint of color, nothing too mature), a paper face mask (so we don’t have to deal with the mess of a mud mask), and her own inexpensive nail polish (plus a clear and a glittery topcoat so she can finish it off however she wants to.)


I know a lot of you said that you also had a daughter about the same age and were looking for gift ideas, so I hope this helped! Have a happy Monday!

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  1. What cracks me up is that I didn’t look at who wrote the post, but being a loyal blog follower of 5 or 6 years, I thought: this has to be Kate!!? I scrolled up and ta-da!!!??? Thanks for the great ideas Kate. ?

  2. Bahaha! Anyone who notifies you of your shortcomings can eat dirt.

    I LOVE the Baby Lips for myself because they’re so soft and smooth and don’t pull on my lips when applied. And I thought Wonder Woman was fantastic, particularly when she lost her mind on the Germans in that little French town. Great list!

  3. My son just turned 10 Thursday. We don’t really give birthday gifts (but go all out on their favorite meal), but we got him a subscription for National Geographic ($14). I know his older sisters will pore over them, too, but he’s tickled to get mail with his name on it.

  4. You crack me up but it’s sad you have to give such a disclaimer! To each their own – if people don’t like your gift ideas then don’t use them – geez. Thanks for sharing!

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