Valentine Breakfast Surprise

I love holidays.  Even the silly little ones.  My kids are at an age where they are easily excited and love any excuse to make a normal day seem a little bit special.  So I decided to surprise them this morning with a fun Valentine’s breakfast.   Share the love people!
Something like this really doesn’t take much.  I remember when I was a kid, my mom would put pink food coloring in my cereal milk and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. As long as you have a heart shaped cookie cutter and something pink, you can pretty much turn anything into a Valentines something!  I threw this together at the last minute so you’ll see how easy it is.
As a mom to all boys, I love when I find fun V-day stuff that’s not entirely pink and covered in sparkles.  Like these T-rex plates, perfect!  On sale at Target right now.
10 minutes making conversation hearts from construction paper took care of some simple decorations.  Plus it ended up being great reading practice for my pre-schooler!  Ya, I totally educate.
We ate heart shaped pancakes (from a mix people- we’re talking easy!)  Just spoon them onto the pan in heart shapes.
And I made strawberry syrup.  It looks like this amazing fresh syrup but alas, it is not. It took me about 45 seconds to make.   It’s just a few frozen berries mixed with a spoonful of strawberry jam and Nestle strawberry syrup.  Blended then heated.  It was awesome.
We drank Berry Smoothies with cool whip and sprinkles.  Generally when you mix strawberry ice cream with milk, berries, and sugary syrup  you call it a milkshake.  Except if you consume it before 10am.  Then you can call it a smoothie and feel good about eating fruit for breakfast.  That’s what I did.
Heart shaped Glass Block Jello with raspberry and strawberry jello.
 This is just a roll of refrigerated crescent dough. I cut out heart shapes and put scrambled eggs and cheese inside.  We sprinkled the scraps with cinnamon and sugar.  Yum!
All in all a success.  Easy, quick food and fun family time together.  There’s even a hot guy in the kitchen doing my dishes while I type.  Dang I love that man!
Hope you get a chance to do something extra special for someone you love!  Have a great weekend and make sure to pop back on Monday.  It’s a holiday ya know.  And we like to give people presents on holidays 🙂


  1. You have totally inspired me! I am so excited about all the little things I can do to make Valentine fun for my son. Love this post:)

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