Weekend Crafting: Valentine Heart & Ribbon Garland

Can anything that hangs on a ribbon or string be called a bunting?  It seems as though the term is used quite liberally in crafting circles, so I say yes 🙂 (ooh- garland!  Thanks for reminding me of that word in the comments that I couldn’t think of at 11pm when I wrote this! lol)

Sometimes holiday decorating can be overwhelming.  In magazines (and some blogs.  Not this blog.  But some blogs.) you see people who switch out every detail of their home decor to coordinate with holidays, sort of like how Sandra Lee suddenly has an entirely new color scheme, complete with matching curtains in every episode of Semi-Homemade.  As much as I would love to have a new set of dishes for every holiday and have the ability to suddenly display coordinating pillows, framed art, rugs, books and mantle decor- it’s just not gonna happen.  I do go a little nuts for autumn and Christmas decorating, but everything else sort of falls by the wayside.   So now I have a new plan.  For all of the other little holidays, I don’t need to decorate my whole house, I just need to decorate a space.  For me, it’s my front door and entry table.  I can hang something cute on the door, pull out a new table runner and a few cute decorations, hang something on the banister and wah-lah, instant festiveness.

I found a super cute table runner at Target which happens to be the exact size for my entry table (woo hoo!) and it’s the colors of conversation hearts.  Maybe it’s because I’m the only female in my house, but I like to think beyond red and pink for Valentines day, and conversation heart colors can be so cute.

I made this up as I went, so that’s how I’m going to share it! lol.  I started with some extra squares from my Valentine Wreath so I just started cutting out hearts.


I arranged them every few inches on a piece of 1 inch ribbon and just did a zig-zag stitch all the way down it, catching the corner of the hearts in the stitching.  If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can glue gun this entire project!


I wanted to incorporate all of the fun colors of my table runner (which are similar to the colors you see in that towel I’m using as a backdrop- also from Target, oh how I love Target), so I grabbed my big box of ribbon and pulled out a variety of colors, sizes, and textures.

I cut out a few 5-6 inch pieces from each spool.

Then, grabbing 3 different pieces of ribbon at a time, I just folded them in half and stitched them on in between the hearts.  Had I actually had a plan before this started, I would have stitched the ribbon on in the zig-zag with the hearts.  So ya, do that.

Then I took a heart of a different color and placed it on top of each heart.  I tied a little bow from some twine and stitched a button on each heart, attaching the two together and catching the twine bow underneath.  It just takes a quick stitch, it’s not like these buttons are going to be used, so no need to go crazy here.

The ribbons needed a little somethin’ somethin’ too and I had this little bag of buttons from Walmart (less than $1).  Hello perfect colors!  Totally inspired.

I hot glued a button on each little bundle of ribbons

And perfecto.  Done!  Took less than an hour start to finish.

And it looks darling hanging behind my little Valentine table

Lastly, this wreath took about 90 seconds to make.  Really.  I wrapped a few pieces of ribbon around it and hot-glued a few extra hearts on.  Then I glued on a few of the rosettes from my other wreath on top of a piece of tuelle and a few of the same ribbons used in the bunting.  Ties everything together nicely!

I hope these fun projects give you some Lovey-Dovey inspiration.  Muah!



  1. Wow! that's really beautiful, I love all the unexpected colours and the use of buttons.

    And I agree, I think any sort of fabric strung together can be called a bunting or a garland 🙂

  2. Sara, I love it! I think I have all that stuff in my craft closet. This just might be the perfect Sunday family craft. I will let you know how it turns out. Thanks for the fun ideal!

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