Weekend Update: Trip to the Farmer’s Market

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I did a segment on our local news last weekend and my hubby came along to watch.  Since our kiddos were happily playing at Grandpa’s house, my hub and I decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather afterwards and stroll around the close-by street market.  We’re helping spread the word about Frigidaire’s Kid’s Cooking Academy, and when you click here and pledge to “Eat Fresh” this summer, Frigidaire will donate $1 to the Save the Children Organization, which helps to fight child hunger around the world. Seems like an absolutely wonderful reason to spend morning at the farmer’s market!

I love Farmer’s Markets.  I grew up in Seattle visiting the famous Pike’s Place Market.  I can’t believe how my local little Boise Market has grown over the last few years I’ve lived here.  It’s a thriving market now, bursting with fresh produce, baked goods, and artisan crafts.  I love the different styles of music coming from all directions

and I could sit in the middle of the flower stands for hours.

And as much as I love all of the artists and craft booths, I go to the market for the food!  My husband’s first stop was sausage stand- look at all of those flavors!  I might have had more than an acceptable amount of samples.  I had to put the elk meat sign in there because my husband has been bugging me for years to start a “Wild Game” section on OBB.  Ha!  We’ll see.

We both loooove Stroopwafels.  It’s a wafer cookie that originated in the Netherlands (sort of like a waffle cone) filled with a spiced caramel filling.  They’re amazing.  I need to share my recipe sometime.

Speaking of cookies, my absolute #1 favorite cookies in the entire world come from Nancy’s Cookies. I’m thinking of getting a job there just so I can sneak cookie bites all day long.  It’s important to taste-test, right??

This might be a clue as to why.  See?  Kate and I aren’t the only butter nazi’s in the world…

and my favorite bakery stand, Le Cafe de Paris.  I took this picture of beignets for Kate!

They have amaaaazing bread there.  I bought this loaf of Sundried Tomato and Parmesan Focaccia.

Now while the cookies, breads, and meats are amazing, the best part of any local farmer’s market is the fresh produce.  Eating food that is grown and picked fresh, and produced locally, not only tastes the best, but it’s the best for you!

This is one of my favorite veggie stands.  Peaceful Belly.  I love that name.

I love that at the market you can find things bigger and better than what you find at the grocery store, and I love experimenting with different varieties of veggies that I don’t usually buy.

I grabbed a huge bag of basil, and some vegetables, including that gorgeous bunch of Swiss Chard.  The rainbow stems were calling my name.

When I got home, we ate a truly amazing grilled vegetable sandwich with all those fresh veggies on that amazing focaccia bread.

I encourage all of you guys to look up a local market in your area and check it out.  Bring your kids along and show them what fresh food looks like!  Take the time to pledge to “Eat Fresh” this summer (by clicking here) and Frigidaire will donate $1 to the Save the Children Organization, which fights childhood hunger around the world (and you’ll be entered for a chance to win a new Frigidaire Gallery® French Door Refrigerator!)  Kate and I have been thrilled to participate in a few events to help promote this great organization.

Disclosure: I received a shopping stipend from Frigidaire for my day at the market. All opinions expressed are my own.

Enjoy the weekend!


  1. Please please please share your stroopwafel recipe! My husband used to get them for me from a place that has shut down and now I don’t know where to get them from anymore. You just reminded me of them and now I can’t get them out of my mind. Waiting for the recipe soon:)

  2. I like the wild game idea. I made a killer orange pheasant stir fry when I cooked dinner for a girl once upon a time. If you’d like, I could send over the general idea behind the marinade.

  3. Do you HAVE a good way to prepare elk meat? I would love to know, my husband and I received some elk meat from a friend – we kind of did some “chicken fried steak” style with it, but anything else would be much appreciated 🙂

  4. Oh How I loved living in Oregon and sneaking of to the farmers markets! There you can find a market EVERY day of the week! I have also gone to Pike’s Market…Loved the Spring rolls!

    Thanks so much for sharing you and your hubbys day together with the rest of us!

  5. I’ve been doing Bountiful Baskets here in Provo to get all of the fresh produce, but now we’re moving! BUT I’m super excited that I will be moving to the Seattle are in a month. Can’t wait to visit Pike’s Place lots! I could wander there all day long. It’s been so great to try new things and eat healthier.

    And I have always wanted to try a stroopwaffel…

    1. I love bountiful baskets too!! You know they do have them in the Seattle area as well right? I don’t know what we will do if we ever have to move to an area without bountiful baskets.

  6. I love Pike’s Place! The Farmer’s Market here in Cache Valley is held every Saturday at Merlin Olsen Park. It’s pretty small but still a good time.

  7. We have some mighty fine Farmers Markets here in the San Diego area also! They’re wonderful and always so much fun to wander through. Your lovely photos left me longing for peonies – they don’t grow around here at all.

  8. PRETTY PLEASE (see, I’m begging and pleading!) share your recipe for stroopwafels! My mother-in-law lives in Finland and brings us some when she comes home. I would love to be able to make them for my sweetie. 🙂

  9. I used to live in Portland and had access to great Farmer’s Markets. The tiny town I live near has less than a dozen booths, but we finally visited it this weekend and got some amazing berries. There is just no comparing store bought strawberries to fresh picked ones.

  10. Ok…I guess you just convinced me I NEEED…NO…I HAVE to go to the Farmer’s Market! Can you believe I’ve lived in Boise for over 10 years and have never ventured downtown to check it out…that is SO going to change! And please…share those recipes!

  11. I have some excellent wild game recipes I’d love to share if you’re going that route…and could always use some that others have. My husband is a big hunter…we eat a lot of elk, oryx, pheasant and quail…

    {LOVE} your blog, recipes and your cookbook!


  12. Oh PLEASE put up you stroopwafel recipe!!! I have friends that live in Holland and when I lived home every Christmas (well actually, it was for December 5th since that’s Sinterclaus day there) they’d send a package of goodies to my parents house. Now it’s been 5 YEARS since I’ve been living at home and I really miss stroopwafels. Pretty please? 😀

  13. Thanks for the nostalgic post. I moved from Boise’s north end to Southern California about a year ago, and I miss Saturday morning bike rides to get treats from the amazing Farmer’s Market!

  14. My husband is going Elk hunting in September so I would also love some recipes! We always just fry some of the steaks in a pan with butter, salt and pepper. That’s how his mom did it, and I haven’t been brave enough to branch out. Well that’s not true. I tried an Elk roast, and it was disastrous. But I trust you guys to help me (and my stubborn husband) try something new!

  15. We planted our second garden here in Houston Texas. Last year was not a good experience, but this year has been amazingly fun. We have pledged to eat more healthy foods and learn to eat fresh, dehydrate, freeze, and can our healthy food so it can last us throughout the year. We have especially enjoyed our hot peppers, watermelon and lots of great tomatoes.

  16. Hello! Love your blog! Can I beg you to please share your stroopwafel recipe?? My friend comes from Amsterdam once a year & brings me a package of them. I relish every crumb. However, if I could make my own…? That would be awesome! Pretty please???

  17. I was at BYU-Idaho when you presented at the Newel K. Whitney Summit and loved hearing your stories! I’m so glad I have been introduced to all of your recipes!

    And please please please post a stroopwafel recipe! My husband ate them all the time when he lived in Germany, and I would love to surprise him with them!

  18. I love this post! Farmer’s markets are my favorite.

    I’ll put in my vote for a wild game section on your blog. My husband wasn’t a hunter when I married him, but he is now, and I would love to learn how to use the meat he brings home. (We jerky the deer meat, since that’s about all it’s good for, as far as I can tell. But he also brings home elk and wild grouse.)

  19. We love our local little bitty farmer’s market! It’s open on Saturdays and Wednesdays and we go every week. I too grew up in Seattle and the Pike Place Market is one of my favorite places- I even worked down there for a summer. Haven’t been buying too many veggies this year because I have my very own garden for the first time and am growing all kinds of things, but we like going anyway. And you definitely need to post the recipe for stroopwafel! I had one for the first time in the Netherlands, they’re so good.

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