We’re On Vacation!

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So my kids and I have trekked from Louisiana to Utah and then yesterday, we drove from Utah up to Sara’s house (um…has anyone else ever stopped at that gas station on I-84 with the alpacas where you pretty much have to sell one of your children for gas?). We had big plans to post a new recipe today, but we were having so much fun catching up and hanging out that we’re taking a little break today. We’ve shopped for a party we’re throwing tomorrow, let our crazy kids run wild, and made these crazy-good fajitas that both of us are pretty sure we could eat every day of our lives. We hope y’all had a fabulous weekend and we’ll be back soon!

OBB Weekend



  1. The weird guy in there wouldn’t let me use the bathroom either!! I had to buy a $2 candy bar. 🙂 Were you guys lucky enough to see the “baby rattlers” they have on display??

  2. I stopped at that gas station once and they were out of gas!!! WHAT!?! “Luckily” I was driving a Geo Metro, which can basically drive forever on one tank of gas and I made it to Snowville. Fyewsh.

  3. We also had to scrounge for cash, so I could buy an overpriced bottle of something to drink just so we could use the bathroom at that gas station. They had such a nice billboard and my preggers belly wouldn’t let us drive much farther without a potty break. So irratating.

    1. Oh my goodness, us too!! And not only did we buy that overpriced bottle of milk so we could use the bathroom, but then a big bus of people pulled up and people were coming in to use the bathroom without buying something, so the owners closed the bathrooms up with an ”out of order” sign WHILE my son was in there!! Turned the lights off on him and everything! I was so mad. We will NEVER stop there ever again!

  4. Oh yeah. We had to stop there once when I guaranteed my husband we could make it to Burley before we ran out of gas. Yeah, he wasn’t very happy about that one :). At least our kids thought the Alpacas were cool?

  5. Those are crazy good fajitas that my family loves. For some reason we are always amazed at how awesome they taste. Enjoy your vacation together!

  6. Ah, yes, the drive from Utah up to Idaho. Not great fun in my book. On a different note, you two girls look so cute together; it is almost as if you were meant to be the duo you are! Have fun!

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