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  • Grill absolutely perfect steaks every single time… no matter what your definition of ‘perfect’ is!
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  • Get the BEST recipes from our own grills that our families adore!
  • Get the how-to on creating gourmet restaurant-quality burgers at home – it’s way easier than you think, especially with our exclusive sauce recipes!
  • Master grilling not just burgers and steaks, but also perfectly flavored vegetables and to-die-for DESSERTS! (Yes – desserts from the grill!)
  • Learn all about the different meat cuts, where they come from, and how to cook them perfectly every time! No more feeling confused in the meat department for YOU!

Everything You Need to Own Your Grill This Summer

Grilled Sandwich

Build a Better Burger

Grilled Vegetables

Master the Extras


Exclusive Recipes

Wondering what all of the fuss is about? We don’t blame you! Here’s a sneak-peek as to what’s included in our hit eBook, “The Ultimate Grill Guide”!

  • EXCLUSIVE RECIPESTo-die-for recipes for creative and unique spreads, delicious entrees, gourmet burgers, grilled sides, and tons more in our over 100-page eBook “The Ultimate Grill Guide“!
  • HOW-TO’s: Ever wondered how to deliciously grill asparagus? Avocado? Sweet potatoes? We have great and easy-to-understand how-to’s on everything from A-Z!
  • VIDEOS: If you’re a visual learners like we are, we’ve got you covered.  We’ve included 4 instructional videos in The Ultimate Grill Guide so we can teach you in your very own kitchen any time!
  • MUST-HAVE PARTY PRINTABLES: Throwing a great backyard bash is a breeze with our gorgeous party pack printables! This professionally designed 30 PAGE printable PDF includes darling invites, games, food labels, placemats, photo booth props, and tons tons more! Note: This is the ONLY place you’ll see this party pack for sale – it’s not available on our website anywhere else!
Grilled Chicken

BBQ Printable Party Pack

Your purchase includes our 30 page BBQ Printable Party Pack. A $14.99 value, yours free! This 30-page printable pack contains everything you need for a great summer bash. It will be emailed to right to your inbox along with your Ultimate Grill Guide!

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