1. Felicitaciones por tu página.

    Me gusta mucho hacer pequeños regalos a los maestros y amistades pero que sena creados por mi. Y más aun que me salgan economicos por eso me gusta esta idea.

    Gracias por compartir tanto talento desde Puerto Rico la isla del encanto.

  2. Love the idea, and I want to make them for some of my friends for Mother’s Day! Thank you! But like some others above, clicking on the link doesn’t get me to the labels! Oh no! :-O

  3. Made these today. I found that if I used my safety can opener that removes the entire bottom, I could gently tap it back into place with a hammer and didn’t even have to use a glue gun to put the bottoms back on. You could not even tell that it had been opened. Thanks for the idea!

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