It wasn’t long ago that I was saying boo to summer weather and trading my oven-free dinners and ice cream posts for fresh baked cinnamon rolls. And while it’s still nice and mild here (hallelujah!) the sun has certainly been shining and I’ve finally been feeling the season.  I know it’s already scorching hot where a lot of you are, so I bet you’ll especially appreciate this yummy slushie drink.  And do you want to know a secret about me?  You all know by now that I can’t stomach seafood, but you know what else makes me nauseous?  Fresh watermelon.  Weird, right??  I love watermelon candy and gum, and everything else, but I have a hard time eating the plain fruit.  So a few weeks ago when I re-shot pictures for this Cutting a Watermelon Tutorial, I was stumped as to what to do with all of that juicy fruit!  I stumbled upon this recipe and it was perfect.  Combing the watermelon with strawberries was the perfect combo and my whole family loved these.  (And then I went and delivered the other half a watermelon to a friend’s doorstep!)

It’s pretty darn simple, and you might already have this stuff around.  Just roughly chop some strawberries.

And juice a lemon

Toss both in your blender along with some cubed watermelon and some sugar,

and blend blend blend.  When its nice and smooth, add ice cubes until it reaches your desired level of slushieness. I think I went for about 4 cups at least.

Pour it into cups and top with an umbrella if you are like me and tiny umbrellas make you happy.

Feeling like a drink now?  Check out other great beverages (all virgin and family friendly!) in our Beverage Section.

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