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It should come as no surprise that I have a little sweet tooth problem.  Two of my biggest loves are chocolate and peanut butter.  One of the best things in the world is taking a spoon (or an index finger, whatever) of a really good nut butter and then covering that spoon with chocolate chips.  I could eat mounds of that.  Because I can eat mounds of that, a long time ago I started spreading out that same amount of peanut butter and chocolate (that one bite) onto something healthy.  I found that distributing that little indulgence over a fresh, crisp apple made it seem like the good stuff was multiplied and it filled me up and satisfied my sweet tooth.  Since then, this has become one of my favorite sweet snacks, and something fun I make with my kids, too.

Apple Toppings

I eat chocolate every day.  True story.  Dark chocolate has health benefits (WebMd told me so) like antioxidants and properties that lower blood pressure.

Chopped Dark Chocolate

Chop up a tablespoon of dark chocolate or dark chocolate chips.  Place them in a little bowl with 1/4 teaspoon coconut oil (or canola oil).  As you melt them together, the oil helps make the chocolate drizzly.

Chopped Chocolate

And what goes better with chocolate than peanut butter?  I’m obsessed with this maple almond butter from Justin’s.  Use whatever you’ve got in your pantry.

Justin's PB

I heat up the peanut butter in the microwave for just a few seconds so it’s stir-able and drizzly as well.

For the topping I like a little crunch.  I always keep a container of unsweetened large flake coconut in my fridge.  I buy it in the bulk bins of my local grocery store.  When toasted, it’s very nutty.  Regular sweet coconut flakes would obviously be fine here, too.

Toasted Coconut

And lastly a few toasted almonds.  Healthy oils and a tiny bit of protein (since we’re only using a little sprinkle).

Toasted Almonds

Lay apple slices out on a plate, drizzle with the chocolate and the peanut butter,

Chocolate Peanut Butter Apples from Our Best Bites

and sprinkle with coconuts and almonds.  Hello luscious snack that took me 60 seconds to whip up…

Easy Healthy Dessert Apples from Our Best Bites

Because all of that goodness is spread out, you get filled up while still enjoying the little indulgence.  And everyone should have a little indulgence.  Also a little chocolate.  And peanut butter.  Every day.

Easy Healthy Treat from Our Best Bites


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