8 Easy Valentine’s Day Breakfasts

I remember when I was a kid and holidays were magical and I just kind of thought that awesome breakfasts like Christmas morning or Valentine’s Day or delivered to us in bed on our birthday just kind of happened. They don’t. Apparently someone has to make those things happen and, at least at my house, that person would be me. 

So here’s a huge shoutout to all the people who make special mornings magical. I mostly mean moms because, at least in my own life, dads have never lost sleep about whether or not the birthday breakfast pennant banner was perfect and they feel like if cereal is good 364 other days out of the year, it’s probably good at 10:00 on Christmas morning, but for all the breakfast-rocking dads out there, this shoutout is also for you. Along with the shoutout, I’ve compiled some of my favorite breakfast recipes that are perfect for Valentine’s Day, whether you’re cooking for a crowd or making a romantic breakfast for two. And with all of these, they can either be made or prepped the night before with minimal work in the morning. Because that’s the only way things ever happen at my house.

  1. Virgin Bloody Mary 2. Biscuits and Gravy 3. Creamy Loaded Cheese Grits 4. Egg-Stuffed Baked Potato 5. Hawaiian Fried Rice 6. Overnight Baked French Toast 7. Cranberry Orange Rolls 7. Chile Cheese Souffl√© Squares.

Have a happy weekend! 


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