Cookies with Dark Chocolate, Mango & Coconut

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Mango and Dark Chocolate Cookies from Our Best Bites introSometimes I time my Costco trips to coincide with the best chances of the highest number of samples.  Last week was one of those days and I was suckered into buying dark chocolate covered mango slices.  (I mean, why not.)  As I downed half the bag on the drive home (along with the drumsticks from the rotisserie chicken.  Don’t judge, I’m pregnant.  Or at least I’ll blame it on that) I was thinking how yummy they would be chopped up in cookies (the mango, not the chicken.)  My kids love the big bags of plain mango slices from Costco, so I had those in my haul too, so we whipped these up when we got home and they were as delicious as expected!

cookie start

You can use all-butter in these cookies if you like, but sometimes I like to use half butter, and half butter-flavored shortening.  The shortening helps give cookies form and it keeps them really soft.  Make sure you let your mixer run long enough to actually cream your butter and sugar.  It will go from crumbly to smooth.

At that point, add an egg and some vanilla.

egg in dough

And then some dry ingredients.

Dry Ingredients

Now for the fun stuff.  My family loves these dried mangoes from Costco.  You can buy dried mango in bulk bins at your local grocer as well, but sealed and bagged ones like this are always SO much softer.

Dried Mango

Just chop those up, as big or as small as you like.

Diced chopped mango

I’m using dark chocolate chips, because my dark chocolate mango slices were so good, and the mango itself adds so much sweetness to the cookies, that the darker chocolate balances that out really nicely.

Dark Chocolate Chips

I figured coconut was an obvious addition here as well.  I toasted mine, just slightly, and it adds more of a little crunch to the cookie.  Un-toasted coconut will be more noticeable in your cookies and add that chewiness.  Try it both ways and see what you like!

Toasted Coconut

Roll into balls and cook for a few minutes and bam.  Rich, sweet, tropical bites of joy.

Mango Chocolate Cookies on Rack My kids all loved these, too.  Although they’ve yet to meet a cookie they didn’t like.

Dark Chocolate Chip Coconut Mango Cookies

I loved the chewiness of the mango slices with the richness of the dark chocolate.

Mango and Dark Chocolate Cookies from Our Best Bites

Definitely something fun and different to try out.

Cookies with Dark Chocolate Coconut and Mango from Our Best Bites


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  1. My daughter is away at college and she ALWAYS asks for dried mango for her care packages. I never really baked when she was home, but now I do so I can send her something homemade along with the store bought goodies. These are perfect for her! I can’t wait to try these!

  2. Great cookie idea! I’m a huge fan of the dried coconut at Costco too, though I’m not sure it would work here unless it was in tiny pieces.

  3. We don’t have a costco where I live, but my sister brings those bags of dried mangos when she comes to visit. I’ve been craving them even more now that I’m pregnant. I just found them on Amazon. 🙂 these cookies sound yummy.

    1. Steph, we don’t have Costco here either (although rumor is that there’s one on the way)…but I have bought the same ones at BJ’s (of course,if it’s free shipping on Amazon, then even better!). I brought them camping and was raving about them and my family pretty much thought I was crazy….until they tried them…then I had to hide the bag!

  4. I’ve been wanting to make cookies and have been looking for something “different” …I will have to try these! By the way I just read the other day you’re pregnant. Congrats!! When is your due date?

  5. I’m so excited to have a recipe for these! There is this amazing cookie place in Downtown SLC that sells a super similar cookie (theirs is just dark chocolate, mango and orange zest) that I crave all the time! Will definitely be trying these!

  6. Those mango slices (the exact brand you show there) are my ultimate weakness. They are not cheap (especially because you’re buying in bulk and they’re *supposed* to last you for a long time), but I can’t resist buying a bag every time I’m in BJ’s. I’ve never thought of using them in any way other then stuffing them in my face, but I really love this cookie idea. This is happening the next time I grab a bag…and maybe it will give me a reason to keep them around a little longer.

  7. I love the new mango spin on a cookie. Truly original.

    Dark chocolate, Yes please! My husband will fight me on the coconut but I think I’ll win that battle (since I’m the baker).

    No judging on your pregnancy diet, hehe. I gained 50 pounds my last one and it came off. Oh well!

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