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The other day I was browsing Target, aka the one-hundred-dollar store, and remembered I needed socks as soon as I saw all of the cute knee-high socks.  (Kind of like I remember I need M&M’s when I walk through the candy aisle, or teal sparkly flats when I walk through the shoe aisle, or any other thing I totally don’t need but decide I need the moment I see it.  Especially at Target.)  But with boot season in full swing, who doesn’t need more tall socks?  They were so cute that I picked up a few extras to gift to some friends.  I didn’t plan on posting about this, but when I packaged them up and made a fun tag to go on them, I figured I’d share them with you all, in case anyone could use a cute, inexpensive little gift this week.  You can find fun socks all over the place these days; I think Target even has holiday socks in their dollar section.

Since we’re talking toes, I grabbed some cute nail polishes too, when I saw them in coordinating colors.

And I love these little bells; found them at Target too, in the ornament section.  (See what I’m talking about??  The longer I walk around Target, the more my cart fills up.)  They came in tubes of 4 for a couple of bucks and I loved how they matched the socks and polish.  Those colors just make me happy.

So here’s my loot, but really, if don’t have all of this, any cute pair of socks will do 🙂

Now all we have to do is package them up.  Socks might seem random, unless…you have a cute label wishing someone cozy toes in a cold winter.  And I got ya covered there!  I did a multicolored version, and a wintery blue version.  (One thing to note- in the download available for you guys, I changed it from ‘all winter’ to ‘this winter’)

I put the socks in a regular cellophane bag (which I always have tons of because I use them for goodies).  The labels have a faint dotted line to show you where to fold it over.  Place the fold right over the folded top of the cellophane bag and punch two holes that go right through the paper and the bag.  Slip a ribbon through, and string on a bell or other little ornament if you want.

I purposely made them nice and roomy on top (the white part) so there would be plenty of space on the back to write a little message.

Gift them out, or pop them in a cute container with some goodies.

Now go forth, and gift socks!

To download the labels shown in this post, click on the links below!

Multicolored Cozy Toes Labels
Winter Blues Cozy Toes Labels 

 And be sure to check back tomorrow, when I should have one more printable up for you for a super easy, super cheap, super fast edible gift (that you don’t have to lift a finger to make!)


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Questions & Reviews

  1. Reading through more comments I see that my printing question was answered last year. I tried to do that but it didn’t work. I will keep trying to play around with it 🙂

  2. I love this idea! Thanks so much for posting and making the printable available. This is perfect for my three daughters (age 8-13) to give friends for Christmas. I wanted to get them printed at a FedEx/Kinko’s type place so it looks nicer and doesn’t use all my printer ink. Is there a way to save this PDF or can it only be printed from the internet? Thanks for any help on this.

  3. @Courtney: There is one thing you should keep in mind when giving this to children: SANTA!!! Creative things will always get them going! Good luck! 🙂

  4. Thanks for the idea! Perfect for my daughter’s daycare workers! Where did you find the cute tins? I am definately going to Target tomorrow to see what I can find! Thanks for posting!!!

  5. Thank-you so much these are SWEET!! I will be using this idea for my Avon customers this christmas.

  6. I love this idea and am going to use it for my hockey mom friends whose feet freeze at the rink all season. I also loved the package that you made up where did you buy those containers they are so cute?

  7. Love them! but I will like to know you did the printable so I can create some with different wording and different colors… Can you help me with that? Thank you!

  8. Thank you so much for posting this, and for the downloads! ALL of my girlfriends are getting cozy toes bags this year!

  9. I did nto have time to read all the comments, so hope this is not a repeat. I think this would be great girft for a school teacher, especially a younger one. Thank you for sharing. My granddaughters will be getting these for Christmas.

  10. can you make up a new one and change to nails–buy the gloves with the fingers out of them!!!!! I love this idea and have used it–

  11. Thanks for the free template! Such a cute way to francy up a simple gift! I do have a question though – where do you get the clear bags?

  12. These are darling. I hope Target is giving you a great discount by all the women heading there to purchase this stuff:)

  13. Could make a printable tag that says hands or fingers? I found some cute mittens i would like to include instead of socks. thanks!

  14. Hi Sara! Love this! We live in South Dakota and it is soooo cold and I can think of about 15 of my friends, and teachers, and family that I would love to give this gift to. But,I can’t get it to open for me to download 🙁 Could you possibly send me an email with the PDF so I can print both, Please 🙂 Thank you in advance and Thank you for such an awesome gift idea! Very Creative and easy gift to give!

  15. My 12 yr old daughter (with my help…) made these for her closest friends for Christmas. So fun and creative… thanks!

  16. I think these toe warmers are darling. I tried to print out the labels, but nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?

  17. so very cute! saving this idea for next year as I always need “a little something” for a handful of people.

  18. We left to go out of town on Tuesday evening. Tuesday morning my daughter decides she needs to make and deliver 5 friend gifts amid all the other things we had to do to get ready to leave. I printed out the tags, ran to Tar-jay and put these together lickety-split. We put a handful of chocolates in the bottom of each container (found in the $1 section) at Tar-jay. Loved them! So cute, will probably do again.