DIY *Boho* Lace and Burlap Bottle Vases

These easy DIY Repurposed Boho Lace and Burlap Bottle Vases work wonderfully grouped together for a cool centerpiece, dotted along a table centerpiece, or filled with single stem daisies or greenery for a chic, boho look.  I made these ones for my niece’s bridal shower and they were so easy!  It’s a great way to recycle old glass bottles of any shape.

lace and burlap decorated vases

Supplies Needed:

Empty glass bottles (see below for examples)
Variety of lace and burlap
Twine and white cotton string
Hot glue gun

Which Glass Bottles Work Best?

You can literally repurpose any glass bottle for this!  I think a mix of sizes and shapes looks best.  In these photos I have used empty bottles from Torani Syrups, an old glass milk bottle and a variety of sodas.

glass bottles

Most grocery stores will have a beverage section where you could choose a variety of bottle shapes.  I planned ahead and grabbed a few to enjoy at a family bbq, knowing I wanted to save the bottles after. soda pop bottles

How to Remove Labels

Some labels come right off without a hitch, others are a total headache.  Try to peel the labels off first.   If you have some stubborn ones, here are some solutions that work for me:

– HOT WATER:  This works especially well with glued on paper labels.  Place the bottles in a sink with the hottest water your sink will produce.  It helps to fill the actual bottles with water so they stay under the water!  Let the water get the labels soggy- I will often let them sit for hours, and often they will come right off.

– HAIR DRYER: This works espcially well for plastic sticky labels.  Use a hair dryer to soften the sticky backing and help them peel off.

GOO GONE This magic stuff works wonders if you are left with sticky residue.  It will wipe it right off.

Lace and Burlap Trimmings

Nothing says boho like lace, burlap, and cotton string.  I grabbed a variety of lace and burlap trimmings from Hobby Lobby.  I would definitely suggest watching the sale schedule at craft and fabric stores like Hobby Lobby and Michaels because that can save you a lot of money.  I purchased all of these when they were 50% off.  Since you don’t need a huge amount to wrap around each bottle, a little goes a long way.

Look for a variety of textures and sizes.  I like to mix neutral shades of pure white, cream and off white, and natural browns.  Don’t worry about being matchy-matchy, they all look amazing when paired together.

lace and string

You might want to lay some combinations out together on the table to see how you like them together on the bottles.

varied lace trimmings

Have fun mixing and matching and layer things on top of each other.

lace trimmings

Every once and a while you might find a label that is nearly impossible to get off!  In those cases, I just covered with a ribbon/trim that wasn’t see-through (like lace) and it did the trick!
bottle with a label stuck to it

Don’t Burn Your Hands!

Use a small strip of hot glue at the seam to attach the trimmings to the bottles. Keep in mind that hot glue will go right through lace and burlap!  I found a metal chopstick to be helpful for pressing things down.  You could use a popsicle stick, plastic spoon, or anything really.

lace wrapped bottle

Line up Your Seams

Try to line up all the seams together on one side to keep things clean.

wrapped vase in lace

After your bottles are covered with the lace and burlap, I like to tie some string around them for a finishing touch.  I usually grab enough string/twine that I can wrap it around several times and tie it in either a knot or a bow.  Play around with tying them in different positions on the bottles, some right in the middle, some up high and some down low.  If you prefer your bottles without the string, feel free to skip it!

spools of string

close up of diy boho vases

boho twine and lace vases

You can even dress up other bottles, like hand sanitizer.  I’m making these in the midst of Covid-19 so it was important to include sanitizer at our gathering- may as well make them cute.

decorated hand sanitizer bottles

These cute boho bottles look really great dotted along a tablescape, or clustered together in small groups.


It’s important to note, that the smaller the bottle opening and the taller the bottle, the less you can actually put inside of it, if you want to use them as vases.  I do like the milk bottle style a little better for this since they tend to have slightly larger openings.  You’ll want to choose your stems wisely, or they will look kind of funny sticking straight up. 

Eucalyptus is favorite for greenery.  I like how it balances the natural elements of the lace and burlap but also drapes and provides some movement.  You don’t need much at all.  Strip the leaves on the bottom portion of the stem so you’re not stuffing leaves into the glass bottle.

lace covered glass bottles

I like single stem daisies if you’d like florals or small stems of baby’s breath look really pretty, too. If you make these yourself, I’d love to see!  Tag me on Instagram so I can check yours out!

Like what you see?  You can find me at @Sara_OurBestBites and @Shop_WellsCo on Instagram, I’d love to connect over there, too!


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