Free Holiday Printable Gift Tags

On Friday we shared a bunch of our favorite holiday treats, and some darling free holiday gift tags.  Happy news for all of us:  The Little Umbrella added FOUR new additional tags for a full suite of awesomeness!  All five of these tags are free and customizable.  Look at these and tell me you are not swooning!

If you haven’t played around with this, you must do that today.  You click on any colors you want and watch the live preview update before your eyes.  This way, you can custom design these tags to wrap any treat, wrapping paper, or theme you like:

It’s seriously so much fun.  And Kate and I are dying over the new designs.  Look at that Baked with Love one!

Go play around with the tags HERE and print off as many as you like!  And make sure to check out this post with some super yummy gift ideas for neighbor and party treats!  Lastly- be sure to Pin this post so you can find it later (and hallelujah, our glitchy hovering Pin button is finally fixed!  Hover your mouse over the image below, to pin it!)



  1. These are so adorable. I already went on the other day and created the Happy Holidays ones so I am beyond excited to see more designs. I needed something for my cookie gifting and the “baked with love” tags will be perfect. Thank you so much for sharing these!!! Happy Holidays

  2. Thank you, thank you! I need to do teacher and neighbor gifts this week and these will make it so much easier! Plus they’re way cuter than anything I could come up with. I love the Merry Christmas one.

  3. I’ve customized and printed the adorable tags; thank you! Also, I ordered your blood orange olive oil and raspberry balsamic. I cannot wait to use them together on a salad! Merry Christmas!

  4. These are seriously the cutest things ever! I am so in love and just want to keep playing with them, printing and customizing over and over again! I think all our Christmas gifts might get these tags! I love them!!

  5. These tags are adorable. I do wish some didn’t have the “love” word on them, so I could use them to attach to teacher/neighbor gifts. Oh well, they still are cute and great to use for family and close friends

  6. These are amazing!! Thank you so much! I wish I had seen them two days ago, as I just sent in over a dozen loaves of pumpkin bread to my boys’ school. Next year for sure! 🙂

  7. I have been scouring Pinterest for DAYS looking for the perfect customizable printable gift tags! Thank you, thank you, thank you – these are amazing!!

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