Oh, you betcha.  We’re really doing this.

Why?  Because who wouldn’t want a fresh picked bouquet of salt-cured meat?  It’s possibly the most romantic display of affection, ever.

I love you more than bacon Printable

Remember this tutorial on cute little felt rosettes?  Sort of the same thing going on here.  But with bacon.  Oooh, is anyone else having visions of a bacon wreath now?  Just me?  Okay.  Anyway, take a strip of bacon and roll it up.  Most strips of bacon have a “meaty” edge and a “fatty” edge.  You’ll want the meaty edge to be the top of the flower, so keep the fatty edge aligned at the bottom.  On a side-note, I think that’s the first time I’ve used the terms “meaty” and “fatty” when describing flowering shrub.  I knew I went into horticulture for a reason…

Keep a pair of clean scissors nearby as well.  If your bacon is oddly shaped you may need to snip off a bit after you roll to make it lay nicely.  Now, I’ve seen lots of ways to make these after my sister first sent me a link, and some of them called for ridiculous things like drilling holes through a mini muffin pan.  There’s no need to ruin your best bakeware here, just grab some toothpicks.  Insert them in the bottom of the roll, keeping them both as close to the bottom of the bacon as possible and close to each other. You can actually do this without toothpicks, but it’s a little safer with them, since sometimes the bacon comes unraveled.

This not only holds the bacon together, but it creates a little stand for it, so it doesn’t topple over during cooking.  Place those little beauties on a rack, sitting over a foil-lined baking sheet.  Cooking them on a rack lets the bottoms cook as well so you don’t end up with mushy-bottomed flowers.  Because that would be an atrocity.

Pop them in a 400 degree oven for 20-30 minutes.  The outside should be crisped and browned, and the inside won’t be crisp, but it will be cooked.

After my little rosebuds came out of the oven, I realized I wanted a heftier flower in there, and thus was born- the jumbo bacon flower:

Just layer on another strip.  That’s a real man-flower, there.

Now, for such a thing as glorious as a bacon flower, you really need to display it tastefully.  Super tastefully.

So grab some discount silk flowers from the craft store.  I found these in the clearance bin outside Michael’s for 75% off, plus I had a 20% coupon that was apparently only for Canadians, but since I totally look Canadian and know all of the words to Oh Canada I got to use it.  Bam.

The only thing that can be really annoying is if you grab a batch of flowers that happen to be super-glued onto the stems, which some are.  So just take a quick peek, and make sure you’re buying the kind that can be easily pulled apart.

Pull those red petals off.  Some flowers have several parts in there that you might have to disassemble, but basically, you want this part left:

That green base and the thing sticking up in the middle of it.  The bigger the “thing” the better for your bacon stability.  Wow, that sounds very technical.  Pop those babies right in there, like they were always meant to be.

And then gaze upon the beauty and majesty of the salty blooms, freshly picked from your kitchen.  If only bacon roses really grew in the ground…

Guaranteed to make grown men swoon.  Or at least giggle like little girls.  Either way it’s a win-win for you.

And just because I know you need it, here’s a printable to go along side that gorgeous vase on your table:

Happy Baconing.

And Happy Pinning to you Pinners:

How to make a bacon bouquet from Our Best Bites


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  1. Well if this isn’t the best idea ever than I don’t know what is! Now THIS is an edible bouquet. My only problem is making sure it actually gets delivered to my husband.

  2. I’m thinking I need to make a bunch of these… The first one will be a gag gift to my bestie, cause how can you not laugh at this amazing-ness? The rest will be because who could avoid eating this amazing-ness? And then, I must share with others! Oh, it’s gonna get out of control!!! I love you guys!

  3. My father is a Bacon Fanatic. . . (Which I personally don’t get), but, This is PERFECT for Father’s Day!!! =) And, I already have the Flower Stems! Thanks for this Spectacular Idea. It’s Gonna Happen!

  4. Hilarious!! This totally makes my Monday morning. And it will make Father’s Day so fun. Thanks for another awesome idea.

  5. This almost reminds me of an April Fools posting. You’re serious, though? It’s totally funny, and I bet tons of dads would appreciate it!

  6. Loved this! You had me at Bacon! I love bacon. Hubs would get a kick out of this for sure. Cracked me up! Very creative and fun!

  7. Oh this is great! I saw something similar on pinterest recently and wondered how they got the bacon to stay in that shape– thanks! I really like how you used artificial flowers and took off the roses and replaced them with bacon. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I’m not sure if I’ll make this for Fathers Day, but it will defenitely make an apperance for April Fools! Fun idea, thanks!

  9. I was thinking about this again while I was running this morning (does thinking about bacon while I run make the calories I burned not count?) and wondering if it work with turkey bacon. It’s not really worth the fat/calorie savings to me, but my husband is kind of on a turkey bacon kick. What do you think?

  10. I think that after God, my husband, and my children, you gals are my two next favorite people. This is freaking hilarious, yet BRILLIANT at the same time! Bacon blooms…who knew? I am SO stinkin’ excited!!

  11. Sooo brilliant! I made my man a reese’s heart bouquet for Valentines a few years ago but bacon? So, so good. In fact, a combo of the two would be brilliant for my guy. = )

  12. This is so great. It’s like chocolate and flowers for a man. Can’t wait to see my husband’s face when he gets these for Father’s day breakfast. I thanks for the laugh this morning 🙂

  13. Brilliant! Best Father’s Day idea EVER! Plus, do I sense an upcoming trend of grooms cake with maple frosting and bacon flowers? Maybe.

  14. Wow! How fun! My husband is a total meat guy. He’s not into the junk food I am like cookies, brownies, candy, etc. He loves his meat. This is the perfect idea. I totally love it. Can’t wait to do it. Thanks for posting this. This is why I come to you for ideas every day. There’s always something amazing you show me. I love it!

  15. What a great idea!!! I’ve been needing to do something with all of the stems I have left over from making my daughter’s headbands.

  16. My kids just asked me “Why are you crying Mom?” I’m laughing so hard at this post – it’s hilarious. It’s so crazy we might just have to do that for Dad’s breakfast on Father’s Day!

    1. Same here! “What mom what? What’s so funny?”

      Sounds like lots of you are having the same AWESOME reaction I am 🙂

  17. Umm, there is no way I couldn’t make this for Drew for Father’s Day. Except I might have to put some Lindor ball blooms in there along with the bacon. 🙂 He will love it. Thanks! 🙂

  18. Yeah, that is amazing! And such a fun idea for Father’s Day!

    I will be featuring it on my site tomorrow! I love you ladies and your fabulous ideas!!

  19. HAHAHAHA, best man-bouquet ever! SERIOUSLY Gen.i.us. Might have to supersize it to bacon-bush proportions, if I know my family!

  20. You have no idea how much my husband loves bacon!!!!! He buys these huge economy packs of bacon from Winco and we go through possibly several a week. We are so doing this bouquet for Father’s Day. Thank you so much for the fantabulous idea;-)

  21. Omgosh how neat! Your printable made me almost laugh out loud (and wake my sleeping hubby on the couch! haha). I think I just might have to do this for him! He’d LOVE it! 🙂

  22. Well, I posted a comment yesterday but it doesn’t look like it posted. I think they would be great with the bottom dipped in melted chocolate (perhaps dark) and then attached to the stems.

  23. Through the entire post all I heard in my brain was that crazy dog from the Beggin Strips commercial yelling, “IT’S BACON! Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum!”

  24. Love this!! How does the bacon stay though? I would think it was heavier than the fake rose and would fall off??? no?

    1. You definitely need to be gentle and they’re not for carrying around, but as long as you have that plastic part in the middle of the flower, it should hold them on well enough to look pretty!

  25. I truly don’t see why you would ever take all the time that this would take to do this. I also thought this must be an April Fool’s gag!

  26. Since there’s only the two of us, my husband and I use the microwave bacon (4 slices approx. 20 seconds). When the slices come out of the microwave they are soft and get crisp as they cool. If I rolled the strips into flower shapes while they were still flexible and held them with a toothpick, the entire rosebud would be nice and crispy when cooled. Love this website!

  27. Every Friday, I share my favorite food finds in a series called Food Fetish Friday. I love this post so much I’m featuring it as part of the roundup (with a link-back and attribution) and I hope you have no objections. It’s a pleasure following your creations…

  28. Wow, these would be so perfect for fathers day!! Haha, its a shame my dad is going out on a business trip ): maybe when he gets back i’ll greet him with this beautiful (and delicious) bouquet!

  29. I made these for my hubby for Father’s Day today. He was the envy of all his friends! lol It was awesome 🙂 Thanks for a great idea!

  30. Made just one of these and I used pre-cooked bacon from Costco. I was baking something else so I just rolled up the flower and threw it on a pan and checked back a bit later. It totally worked and my husband just kept shaking his head, but he loved it. Thanks for sharing!

  31. I was the hit yesterday. I made waffles with strawberries and whipped cream (which I thought was pretty wow!), and my bacon roses were all my husband could talk about. He bragged to my family, his family and his friends at church. They were so easy and I was the rock star of Father’s Day breakfast. Not the first time I have gotten a great recipe from your website or your book, for that matter. My family is the most important thing in my life and your tips and recipes help me excel at this important mission. Love you two!

  32. I made these for Father’s Day and my husband said it was the best thing ever! When he first saw the bouquet he didn’t realize what it was and then he practically screamed like a little girl when he saw it was bacon. This has now been declared a Father’s Day tradition by my husband and 16 year old son. Thanks for a great treat that was sooo easy to make!

  33. I loved this idea! I made them for fathers day, and they turned out looking great! My Hubby and little girl loved them!

  34. Am I the only one who realized how disgusting this is?! Haha! Disgusting and amazing all at once! It would be an amazing april fools trick though.

  35. hmmm interesting idea. I would want the whole bouquet to be edible and yummy. Maybe with the right kind of lettuce and/or parsley as the leaves. not sure what to glue it together with. hmmmmmmm

    I fixed this for my husbands birthday.It was fantastic.He loved it.
    He is a true bacon connoisseur and he could not believe it.
    This made his birthday!!!
    Thanks so much,

  37. I made these today for me and my boyfriend’s 1 year anniversary! Before rolling them, I coated them in a seasoning mixture of chili powder and brown sugar mixed together. Should be amazing!

  38. I tried this last year with turkey bacon and it totally didn’t work because it doesn’t really curl up the way regular bacon does. Just thought I’d mention it in case anyone on a healthy kick wanted to give it a try.

  39. God bless you. I was just about to go onto the dizzying land of Pinterest for a Valentines day for my hubby. While I was stalling out on FB I found this THIS IS IT! Nothing says I love you to my man like meat. I was considering something with beef jerky but this is way better. I’d repost, but he will see it. So, thanks for sharing! And I LOVE the new cookbook. And both of you.

  40. These are awesome! It is really too bad that my husband doesn’t like bacon…maybe I will have to make them for myself. 🙂

  41. When would be the best time to present these? My bf goes to a college that is an hour and a half away from mine, so unless I’m able to get a hs classmate to make them for me, I’ll have to drive. Will the bacon roses be okay not fresh? Or are they better fresh?

  42. You may also want to consider wiping all the leaves and stems of the flowers before you put your bacon on it. No one wants dust or someones finger germs on their bacon rose.

  43. Thank you! They turned out great! For reinforcements, I stuck half a toothpick in the center of each stem so the bacon would have a little extra support. Worked like a charm! No bacon fell during the bumpy car ride. Thanks for the great post!

  44. What an amazing idea. I am TOTALLY going to make these for Father’s day. I’m sure all my brothers, my husband, and both fathers will LOVE them. Thanks for the great idea and printable.

  45. Couple of quick questions about the jumbo ones:
    1. Do you add the second slice at the beginning or after the first slice has cooked?
    2. How long should they go in the oven for and at what temp?

    Thanks! 🙂

      1. Using thick cut bacon helps it look a little more robust without having to double wrap it too. And a little brown sure sprinkled on the top b4 baking adds a little extra flavor. Good luck!

  46. I’ve often been told that I am very creative and imaginative. But, this is about the most amazing idea I have seen yet. This is truly a masterpiece. I am going to set this up as a centerpiece for my family breakfast the morning after Thanksgiving and place biscuits around the bottom of the vase. My family will freak out and fall in love with this. Thanks again for such a wonderful idea.

  47. I am so so so grateful you put this up!!!!!!!!! With Valentines Day coming around I needed something creative for a guy friends and all the tutorials had drilling through a muffin tin which I didnt really want to do.. This was a great how to!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. They turned out SO AMAZING!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Definitely bake for 30 minutes, especially if doing hefty roses 🙂 thanks a million, this is amazing!

  49. Just made a test batch of these for my husband’s Valentine’s Day gift and they turned out PERFECT! I didnt have a rack to place mine on while cooking but they didnt turn out soggy on the bottom at all. In fact, the bottom cooked in its own grease and turned out nicely crunchy!Thanks so much for this WONDERFUL idea!!

  50. Oh by the way, I noticed someone asked about using thick cut Bacon…. I accidentally grabbed some of that and just decided to try it out and it worked great. Made very cute thick flowers.

  51. Thanks for a great set of instructions. These were super easy to make, adorable once put together and my guy said they were tasty too. Made for a fun Valentine’s Day surprise.

  52. Excellent instructions, thank you! I was pretty sure there was a better way to do it than getting out the power tools. These are going to be a get-well bouquet I will bring to a friend in the hospital tomorrow. He’ll definitely heal faster with bacon!!

  53. This is a cool thing i love it. I have 2 questions. How do you sanitize the stems to put the bacon on because I don’t like things that’s not sanitized touching my food. How to you make the bacon stay on the stems. I love this and I know my husband would love it. This would be something I would have to make for the guys in the family once I understand it all.

  54. What size bacon do you use and when does the salt come into play? I’m trying to make this for valentines day for my boyfriend!! This is awesome!

  55. I know it’s a travesty, but I used turkey bacon and it put a nice scalloped edge on the buds. I didn’t make it to the craft store for the foliage, so I used 2 spinach leaves on each plate with a bud on top and heart-shaped toast on the side. I made them on Monday, stored them in the freezer, and microwaved for 1 minute. My boys loved it! Thanks for the great idea!

  56. Hi Sara! I made these today for my fiancé’s Valentine treat! Thanks for the excellent directions on how to make them 🙂 I’m so glad they were successful and not a candidate for the Pinterest Hall of Shame 😀

  57. I’ve looked everywhere for how to make these and this is the best site I came across.. Asking my boyfriend to prom this weekend with a lovely bacon bouqet (: thank you so much!

  58. This is a great fun gift for bacon lovers. My best friend’s grandson Andrew joked that he loves bacon so much that he thought girls should wear bacon perfume! This will be a bigger hit, I think.

  59. Yes but has anyone tried dipping them in chocolate??? Just curious. When i make them I might dip them in dark chocolate just for fun.

  60. I was entering a contest when the conversation evolved into the bacon rose bouquet I made my boyfriend (now ex) last year using these very instructions. 🙂 So if you get a bump in traffic, now you know why. 🙂 Even though we aren’t dating anymore, he wants me to make him another bouquet of pig candy…he loved this that much!!! Who can resist bacon roses…??? 😉

  61. I made these for Valentines Day last year for my boyfriend. He loved them. All our friends were extremely jealous of his bacon bouquet. I’m glad I found the site again to refresh myself on the recipe.

  62. You.Are.Hilarious.
    And talented. But I rarely read through the whole blog of something, and here I am, waiting for your next funny word. Bam!

  63. I love you so much for this recipe! I was totally looking for something creative, fun and practical to give my husband for his birthday, which is coming up this weekend and this will be the perfect gift for my guy as he is a lover of all things meat. He is also a hot head with an affinity for all things sweet so I may do a mix of chocalate dipped and cayene pepper dipped buds, but thanks again for a great tutorial.

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