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Yes, this is a big week for us, so if you’re already tired of hearing about upcoming events and books that are now on shelves (Yay!!) and all you really want is food, go take a peek at our recipe index!

First item of business today: our big, fun, awesome, food-filled party is happening TOMORROW!  Thursday, September 13.  It will be at the dreamy kitchen mega-store Orson Gygi, in Salt Lake City Utah from 11-1.  There will be cupcakes for kiddos to decorate, samples for everyone, dancing monkeys, and general happiness overflowing everywhere.  Okay, so no monkeys, but still.  It will be epic.  Please, please, come if you can!

Next up:  It’s official, Savoring the Seasons is on book shelves now!  The official launch date was yesterday, so you should be able to easily find our book in a store near you.  It’s in a lot of different places, but one thing we are really excited about is that it can be found in Walmart stores nation-wide.

That means even way down south in who-knows-where-the-heck-she-actually-lives, Louisiana, Kate can walk into her local Walmart (or Sam’s Club) and grab a book!  (Yes, we buy our own books.  People seem to think we have a limitless free supply- if only!)  I walked into my Walmart today in Boise to grab produce for my next recipe post and there it was, sitting right in there with The Hunger Games and 50 Shades of Gray in the Bestseller section.

Note that the Walmart “Neighborhood Market” stores, don’t carry books and therefore won’t carry ours.  Almost all of the Sam’s clubs sell books, but the few that don’t obviously won’t carry ours.  Look for “Savoring the Seasons” in the book section, either on the shelf or in an independent display.  And if you can’t locate it, just ASK!  They do all carry them, but the shelves don’t hold that many at a time, so they might just be out if you don’t see it.  All of the stores should have lots in back, so just ask someone! One of the best things is that you can just slip it into your grocery cart and no one has to know you didn’t just buy eighteen bucks more worth of vegetables. So head on out to your local Walmart this week and grab a book!

In addition to Walmart stores, you can also find our cook book in the following locations:

Deseret Book (in stores and online)
Barnes and Noble (in stores and online)

It also may be available in other bookstores and you can always special order it if you can’t find it!

Lastly- we had a greeeat idea about a little contest where you tag photos of yourself with our book, but it seems like there have been tons of facebook issues with that process!  If you want to participate in the fun, read Kate’s post about it, and if you prefer, instead of posting a photo to facebook, email us!  You must must must use the subject line: “I Savored the Seasons!” and attach a photo of yourself and the book.  Be creative!  Our favorite photos might be featured on the site, and win prizes, so get snapping!



  1. I would LOVE to come to the Launch Event in SLC, but I live in North Carolina! My pre-ordered book from Deseret Book came yesterday. I was so excited! The new book looks great. Can’t wait to try the recipes!!!!!

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  2. *squee*

    I’m heading to Walmart here in a few mins – hope that means I can find the book!!!! 🙂

    So excited!

  3. Congratulations! That’s awesome that Walmart is carrying it (in the bestsellers section no less!). That’s huge! I’ve never met you guys, but I’m excited for you both.

  4. Congratulations! What an awesome accomplishment to have your book in the Bestseller’s section at Walmart! I’ll see you at the event tomorrow 🙂

  5. Sooo sad! My wal-mart doesn’t have it. 🙁 Sent my hubby last night, and I called the service desk today, and no luck. :'( I am soooo looking forward to getting it if/when I can find it!

  6. I’m so bummed! Amazon isn’t delivering my book until tomorrow and I went to costco to have a look and they didn’t have it, either. Can’t wait to see it and I SO wish I was in Utah to come to the Gygi party. Congratulations!

  7. Congratulations! I’ve been a long time fan and it’s crazy to see how much you’ve girls have grown. So exciting.

    Also side note, super cute outfit. I want that cardigan!

  8. Sad here in Colorado too. Went to two Wal-Marts with no luck, might try Costco tomorrow, otherwise will have to order one on-line. Anyone had any luck in the Denver area?

    1. Unless your Walmart is a “Neighborhood Market” they will have them for sure, all the Walmart stores do. It could be in its own special display unit, or on either the cookbook or “bestseller” shelf. Or sold out! It’s restocked several times a week,

  9. Now when you said monkeys, I started towards the door to grab my coat and be on my way. But then I read on and found the monkeys were a trick! That’s not very nice so I’m just going to stay home!

    Of course, I’ll have a chance to pick up the book later but the monkey bit! No way am I going to a monkeyless party. What were you thinking?!?

  10. Got mine at Walmart today! I just finished going through the book page by page. One of my favorite parts is how you included what foods are in season on each season’s cover page! I am always wondering what is in season when, and now I know! I’ll be at Orson Gygi tomorrow and I can’t wait!!!

  11. I got a review copy of the cookbook from the publisher. I’ve written a review that is featured in my weekly food column this week. I’m also giving away a copy of the cookbook, too. It’s a great one!

  12. What a great time at Orson Gygi! It was so nice to be able to sample some of what is in your beautiful book. I have already marked the recipes I want to try first, and as always, I KNOW they will be delicious! Thanks!

  13. My pre-ordered copy is supposed to come today! Last night I dreamt that it came, but it was written in Spanish so I couldn’t read it. I’m so excited to look through it and wish I lived close enough to go to the launch party (but I’ll see you in Boise!).

  14. It was so nice to meet you both today. You are even lovelier in person! I am the one who had 6 books for you to sign. So, when I got home and was putting them away I realized that I had somehow gotten an extra book in my pile. Somewhere someone named Angela is missing her personalized, autographed, wonderful copy of your book. I called Orson Gygi’s and they had not heard anything about my mix-up. So, I am bringing the book back to Gygi’s tomorrow morning. Good grief. So sorry, Angela!

  15. Yay!! I can’t wait to get it up here in Canada! I love your cardigan by the way..super cute. I was wondering where you got it from.

  16. Thanks girls!! Bought it today, stopped by to see you and have made three recipes already!

    Just a minor editing note (sorry, it’s in my blood.) the wrapped sausage recipe doesn’t have an oven temperature. I already wrapped them all an will make them in the morning so I am going to be super duper crazy and take a wild guess at what to cook them at 😉

  17. So amazing! I’m so proud of you guys! I’ve been in on your awesome site PBs (pre- books) so I’ve loved watching you guys grow. Can’t wait to pick up the book!!

  18. First pre-order delivery to Canada!! Got mine last night! The book looks awesome. Although, is anyone else having trouble with some of the pages sticking together just behind the binding? I had to unstick about half the pages, but it should work out well enough. (Suggestion, for the next edition, could you perhaps make the binding slightly bigger for that many pages?) I look forward to making some of the Autumn foods, as they look amazing!

  19. I just got my copy today and I am looking forward to making some recipes the next few days. I also noticed, that I could read the book with my husband simultaneously sitting opposite me, since some of the pages in the autumn section are upside down. That got a little chuckle out of me, when I noticed it.

  20. Question for you–I pre-ordered the new book from Amazon and excited opened it up when it arrived a few days ago. At the binding, each page was stuck together. I went through page by page and kind of pulled them apart, but because it kind of pulled at each page to separate them it now doesn’t easily turn. It now feels like there’s too many pages in the binding (but don’t get me wrong, LOVE that there are so many pages of recipes! :). Anyway, I was wondering if you’ve noticed this with any other from the publication or if mine was maybe an isolated thing. I’ve thought about exchanging it with Amazon, but I also don’t want you guys to lose any money from my return! LOVE your website, and LOVE both cookbooks. I have a goal to make every. single. recipe. They are always winners. Thanks for all you guys do and all the time you put into helping the rest of us step up our game! 🙂


  22. I’ve been *really* behind in reading your posts and to my surprise I saw your cookbook when I was walking through Costco. I grabbed it right away… it’s so Hubby can give it to me for Christmas! 😉 I thumbed through an unopened one and some of the pages were stuck together, but I opened mine and they weren’t. The tabs were bent, but no upside down or stuck pages.

    Can’t wait for Christmas to get here so I can *use* it. 🙂

    I LOVE the bookmark!

  23. Ok, so I just barely finished making the glazed lemon cake, and it is amazing! I could drink the glaze. And I haven’t even had a whole piece of cake yet, just a little sneaky corner because I couldn’t wait until my husband comes in from doing yard work. I decided I deserved it since I broke a spatula and dropped two on the floor (while cooking dinner) AND burned the 1st batch of butter while melting it for the glaze…ya, crazy day. I can’t wait til I have a full piece. I love your books, and I’m definitely glad there’s a second one around!

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