Kitchen Tip: No Mess Piping Bags!

Happy Monday y’all!¬† We spent the weekend in Texas and I have been saying y’all way too much since then ūüôā¬† I’m barely recovering from jet-lag, a 4 am (Boise-time) flight, and coming home to a couple of sick boys.¬† But we can’t ever leave you empty-handed (or is it “empty-posted?) especially on a Monday!¬† So I wanted to share a quick tip with y’all (YES, I said it one more time.)¬† I’ve been doing this lately and it’s been sooo convenient!¬† I love to share a good tip when I find one; this one came from Karen’s Cookies.



I thought that was a great little trick and if you work with frosting a lot, you’ll quickly find how useful it is! ¬†Enjoy your Monday, and make sure to eat a cupcake.¬† Words of wisdom:¬† weeks that start out with cupcakes are always better than weeks that don’t. ¬†Make sure to check in on Wednesday- I’m going to show you tons of behind-the-scenes fun from our weekend trip to Texas!


  1. Best tip ever!! I can’t wait to try it! I have two little ones at home with me all day, so anything to save time and frustration is a definite plus! I always buy the disposable bags but hate buying them for every project because of multiple colors, so now I might invest in a good bag and some plastic wrap! Awesome tip!

    1. You are a genius! I have all these canvas piping bag s without po!y lining. I was looking for directions on how to coat them inside This technique with the plastic wrap will work perfectly. Thank you so much!

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