Lavender Bath Soak Tea Bags

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I love adding stuff to my baths, but bath bombs only lead to my eventual misery. Epsom salts are AWESOME to throw into a bath (it’s not just all in your head, your body actually absorbs the magnesium, which helps relax you and makes you sleep better) until you find yourself sitting on a pile of undissolved epsom salts. And if I have to end my relaxing bath by straining wet lavender flowers out of the tub, I may as well have never taken a relaxing bath. Enter my solution: tea bags! Lavender bath soak tea bags! (Sidenote: Remember a world before Amazon Prime when you couldn’t find literally whatever you had an idea for, like empty tea bags, and then have it on your doorstep two days later? Yeah. We live in some crazy times.)

The epsom salts and lavender in these tea bags will help soak away your anxiety, winter blues, or memories of that epic fight about a flat iron you just had with your tweenager.

epsom salt and lavender flowers

The coconut oil will help keep your skin from drying out, and when you’re done, all you have to do is toss the bag and you’re done!

You’ll need epsom salt, lavender flowers, coconut oil capsules, and empty tea bags. 

ingredients for lavender bath soak tea bags

Carefully open an empty tea bag and add epsom salts,

epsom salts

lavender flowers,

lavender bath soak

and coconut oil capsules.

coconut oil capsules

Carefully pull the strings to close.

lavender bath soak tea bag

Store in an airtight bag until ready to use. 

lavender bath soak tea bag

Toss 1-2 into a hot bath and enjoy! Be careful not to squeeze them too hard or handle them too much (unless you’re using reusable tea bags),



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lavender bath soak tea bag

Lavender Bath Soak Tea Bags


Make a large batch of these Lavender Bath Soak Tea Bags and keep them handy for when you need a relaxing bath or give them as gifts!


for each tea bag

1/4 cup epsom salts
1 tablespoon dry lavender flowers
2 coconut oil capsules
1 empty tea bag

for 12 tea bags

3 cups epsom salts
3/4 cup dry lavender flowers
24 coconut oil capsules
12 empty tea bags


Carefully open an empty tea bag and add epsom salts, lavender flowers, and coconut oil capsules. Carefully pull the strings to close. Store in an airtight bag until ready to use. 


Here are links to the products you’ll need!

Epsom salt
Lavender flowers
Coconut oil capsules
Empty tea bags

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  1. Recipe is fine. Note, however, I ordered bags from Amazon and the contents of one soak would not fit into the bags I received. Now I have hundreds of too small bags.

  2. I was so excited to try them as these are the ingredients of my favorite bath soak! All came out perfectly except i would love a stronger lavender scent. I used two bags in my bath. Would it be as simple as adding more dried lavender? Any suggestions?

  3. Empty tea bags!? Dang it! Why did I never think of this before? They’re in my Amazon cart right now. I don’t take baths often, mostly because I hate cleaning the tub after, but this looks like it takes care of that problem pretty well. Ah, lovely. Thanks so much.

    1. Not really—definitely not as much as baby/mineral oil. It’s really not very much coconut oil, just kind of there to keep your skin from drying out.

  4. I think this might be a candidate for small reusable cloth bags…and if you did not want to store the tea bags up, perhaps you could even make one or two up just before your bath and use the coconut oil that comes in a jar. Of course this means you would have to empty the remains in the compost, but then it might be a little more eco friendly! Maybe?

    1. I’ve never seen them, but it takes 10 minutes tops to put a whole bunch together and then you can have them ready when you need them!

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