Mother’s Day Chocolate Bar Printable (Plus Teacher Appreciation!)

chocolate and a nap squareSo the other day, I was hanging out (can I say hanging out if it happens on Facebook?) in a Facebook group that shares ideas for my church job. Someone asked for an idea of something to give out with Symphony bars for Mother’s Day and there were many beautiful, eloquent responses about motherhood and symphonies and all that. But I’m a simple girl. If you give me a chocolate bar with a lot of words on it, I’m probably going to forgo the reading portion and go straight to the chocolate. And really, when it comes to Mother’s Day, I all I REALLY want is chocolate and a nap.


My suggestion was, “Here’s some chocolate. Go take a nap.” Which people ended up thinking was funny, but I made the suggestion jokingly and knew the chances of someone actually using it were slim to none.

And then I started thinking, “Why the heck not?! Moms want chocolate! Moms want naps!” So behold the Mother’s Day Chocolate Bar Printable:

chocolate and a nap-1 copy

This will fit on most larger chocolate bars, King Size Hershey’s bars being the smallest I tried and one of those sea salt dark chocolate Lindt bars being the largest. Both required a little finagling and/or scissor action. The best size is a bar that’s about 3″ tall, but I deliberately made them this way so they’d be adjustable to many different sizes of chocolate bars.

Now…about the printing. When you go to print them, make sure it’s set to print horizontally (sometimes Adobe doesn’t automatically adjust.) Also, make sure it’s set to resize to print. If you want a specific color, choose that page (there are 3 pages and 6 different colors). Also, there’s a very thin line going down the middle of each page and I found the easiest and prettiest way to cut these was to use a paper cutter (I just have a small cutter like this that I keep in my desk drawer.) Then just wrap them around the top and tape them. If there’s excess paper, either trim it or make sure the excess is on the underside (it’s easier that way).

Click here for the Mother’s Day Printable

“But wait!” you say. “I’m in charge of teacher appreciation gifts for all the teachers at my kids’ school and I think teachers deserve naps and chocolate, too!” Don’t worry, I feel the same way. That’s why I made a set for teachers, too!

Click here for the Teacher Appreciation Printable!

If you’re wanting something a little more substantial for Mother’s Day, our new book is a great option (click the pic below)…

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OBB ShopI hope y’all have a fantastic weekend!

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  1. Thank You! But the teacher one isn’t working. It keeps crashing my adobe…which I’ve never seen before. Is it supposed to say something about being a teacher on it? Or just here’s some chocolate go take a nap? thanks!

  2. Cute printables, having some trouble with the teacher one though. Everything prints except for the last line. Anyone else tried printing it?? Thanks, love this site!

  3. Thank you!! Awesome. . .I need 18 teacher gifts (22 if I do the HS kid too. . .I should. . .ok, 22) and this is a super great, fun, easy idea. Yea!

  4. I just sent this to our EQP. I’m with you on the whole way too worst thing about motherhood. I just want chocolate, and a day off. Well done!

  5. Thank you for solving the dilemma of what our Primary kids give their moms this year!! Genius! And I am with you… Chocolate and a nap sound like a pretty perfect day.

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