Oreo Turkeys and Cookie Pilgrim Hats

Today I’m going to show you how to make a fun Thanksgiving craft perfect for both kids and adults!  These darling turkeys are made from candy and completely edible!  They are a fun activity for holiday parties, family nights, or just for fun. I’m also going to show you how to make a great little pilgrim hat at the end as well. 


Ingredients/Supplies needed for candy turkeys:

Double Stuff Oreo Cookies
Candy Corn
Mini peanut butter cups
Chocolate frosting*
Yellow Frosting*
Optional: Red frosting*
Optional: black sprinkles for eyes

*For these kinds of things I love to use the little pre-filled tubes of colored frosting you can buy in the baking aisle.  The chocolate is easy to make, and homemade actually works a little better because you can make it stiff.  However, for the colored details like yellow and red, these little tubes are great.  It doesn’t really matter what they taste like and they last forever (which is both cool and disturbing at the same time.) I’m using store-bought tubes for everything here purely for convenience- works great!

Step 1:

Grab a cookie.  You don’t have to put frosting in there, but I like to because it holds in the candy corn a little better. Just give it a little squeeze of chocolate.

Then stuff in your candycorn.  If you’re in some sort of candy corn shortage, you can cut off the white tips to use later for your beaks.  I think the candy corn sticks in better with the tip so I leave it on.  Go ahead and do all of the cookies through this step.

Step 2:

Next, put a dab of frosting on the opposite end of the cookie and secure it to the “base” cookie.  It helps to place them next to a wall as they dry so they stay put.

While those are drying, unwrap your peanut butter cups.  Take a sharp knife and cut a sliver off one end.  (I don’t need to tell you what to do with the sliver, do I?)  It helps to gently cut in a sawing motion so you don’t break the PB cup.  (Although I wouldn’t have to tell you what to do with a broken one either, would I?)  Cut it from the bottom like I show here:

Once those are ready, flip your cookies over, but you may find it’s easy to keep them next to the wall.  My frosting was a bit soft, so they needed the extra support.

Place a dab of frosting on the peanut butter cup, and place it on the cookie like so:

Step 3:

Now those little guys will need heads, so glue a whopper on there with frosting as well. I put frosting on the side of the whopper that hits both the cookie and the PB cup.  We wouldn’t want a turkey running around with its head cut off, would we??

While they’re still lying there, use a dab of frosting (I use yellow) and glue on the white tip of a candy corn for a beak.  Put two yellow dots on for eyes, and for the black spots in the eyes you can use a dab of chocolate frosting, or a mini chocolate chip, or a little sprinkle like I’ve used.  A sprinkle is really the perfect size if you have them.

Step 4:

Once the beak is secure, you can flip them over and draw on some little yellow feet.  If you have red frosting too (usually comes in a set with the tube of yellow) you can add a little gobble gobble. Or whatever that thing is called.  What is it called?  I’m too lazy to google.  Extra giveaway entry for the first person who can tell me.  Okay not really but I’ll think you’re awesome.

And there you go, cute as can be!

These make really cute place card holders too, for either a kid, or adult table!  How cute is my little turkey family?

Stick one on each plate and everyone will say “Awwwwwwe….” If you have kids old enough to handle making them, it’s a fun project for them to be in charge of.

They’re also darling combined with pilgrim hats.

Those are just marshmallows dipped in chocolate and placed on a fudge strip cookie.  Use yellow frosting to make the buckle.  (Pretty much the Thanksgiving version of the Halloween witch hats seen in this post!)

Hope you enjoy these fun little things! Happy Friday!

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Questions & Reviews

  1. The turkey's red hangy-thingy is a wattle…not to be confused with a *waddle* (which is what I do when i eat to many of your yummy bites!)

  2. These are so darling!! We will definitely make them for place settings for Turkey Day!! And the best part is, we have all of that candy in our Halloween stash still!! 😀 Thanks for another fantastic idea.

  3. Holy crap, those are some of the cutest things I've ever seen. Can't wait to host Thanksgiving so I have an excuse to make these! 🙂

    Soon…I will find a way.

  4. I love these turkeys! Making them for my daughter's class. Thanks so much for making them simple to make with great instructions and photos!

  5. I am going to make these, they are too cute to resist. Hopefully I won't eat all the ingredients while I am doing it.

  6. OH MY too stinkin cute!!! What a great idea and I love your step by step photos!! ADORABLE!

  7. Oh my GOODNESS!! Those are ADORABLE!! Love them. It is incredible that you two can just come up with this stuff!

  8. I am super happy for you guys! Baked Chicken Taquitos with Cilantro Lime Dressing anyone? hahahah


  9. My 4 year old is begging me to make these…right now…NOW Mom now! She can't wait! Thanks for the fun idea!

  10. oh my GOSH these are sosooooo stinkin cute! we are totally making these! 🙂


  11. So cute!!! What a great idea! I think I NEED to make these for our family for Thanksgiving.

    PS – I have two boys named Jack and Owen too!

  12. These are soooooo adorable!!!! Will defiantely have to make these for all of the children that are coming to our home for Thanksgiving!!!!! Thanks for the great ideas!!!!!

    Michelle Torres
    [email protected]

  13. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!! Dying here.

    Too, too cute. Plus, they're made of cookies and candy, which makes it just too good to be true.

    Love it!!

    And congratulations on winning the cookoff!! 🙂

  14. Such cute little turkeys!

    My mom actually has chickens so I don't know if it's the same on turkeys but I think the "gobble gobble" is called a wattle. 🙂

  15. those are adorable!!! prefect for a dinner party im headed to this weekend. thanks for the idea!

  16. It's called a wattle.

    Those are so cute–I wish I lived in the States right now so I could pick up some oreos, whoppers, and peanut butter cups. Mmm.

  17. Oh my gosh, those are ADORABLE!! I will definitely be making those for Thanksgiving this year.

    1. I am over the top with this project. I’m planning to do this at our Thanksgiving meal as an “after event”…..with the men trying first. Thanks so much ❤️