Pasta with Pumpkin Alfredo

Apparently it’s carb week! Don’t be scared by that, or by the fact that this carb involves pumpkin 🙂


This week we got hooked up with some pasta products to test out. Along with the food there were a few recipes and one of them was a ravioli with pumpkin alfredo. I didn’t have a lot of the ingredients (including the container of alfredo they sent because I already ate it! Kind of a main ingredient…) but the idea of a pumpkin cream sauce intrigued me so I took the basic idea and went with it. I used my guiltless alfredo sauce, and it worked perfectly. If the idea of mixing pumpkin into a creamy sauce freaks you out, don’t worry- it’s a really mild flavor, but just enough to be interesting and give it a great color. If you’re a big pumpkin fan like I am, you could add a little more. I loved this, and so did my husband and my kids.I paired it with whole wheat 4-cheese ravioli. I thought the whole wheat was a perfect harvest-y thing to go with such a harvest-y dish.


While I loved the ravioli, when I make this again (and I will make it again because it was so good!) I’m going to put the sauce on regular or whole wheat linguine noodles. I thought the cheesy ravioli flavor overpowered the mild pumpkin. On plain pasta it would be perfect.
I hope people try this one out- it sounds and looks fancy, but it’s so super easy and I bet your kids will love it too! In fact, you could use fresh linguini for the adults and put the sauce over elbow macaroni for the kids. Because of the color it will look just like mac n’ cheese!

I want to know how you feel about pumpkin pasta! Sound good? Sound weird? And if you’ve never commented before, introduce yourself so we can get to know ya! We love all you guys!


  1. I feel so honored to leave the first comment! Keep doing what your doing. I recently discovered your site and have already tried several recipes. I appreciate the specific feedback you gave when my focaccia flopped. User error, I know, but it’s nice to get real feedback from people who know! The pumpkin alfredo sounds good. I’m not sure how I’ll sneak it past the hubby though 🙂

  2. I think it sounds weird… and good! Does that count? I love all things pumpkin so I am definitely willing to give this a try.

  3. I’m willing to give it a try as well. My family loves the guiltless alfredo sauce, and I have sent many people your way. I do have one question, when preparing your Thanskgiving meal do you brine your turkey? Or how do you prepare/cook your turkey. I need some tips for a moist turkey. BTW love all your tips and recipes

  4. Humm…I think I would be willing to try it, but my husband doesn’t like crab or mixing new foods together, we will see. I made the Rosemary Bread the other day and we LOVED it.

  5. This recipe sounds terrific! I am definitely going to try it. My sister introduced your site to me a few weeks ago, and I love it! I’m a bit of a foodie and you guys have terrific food, but stuff I can actually prepare with little ones underfoot ( :

  6. I’m not sure about the pumpkin pasta, mostly because I don’t like pumpkin pie. But, I do love fun new pasta recipes!

  7. First time commenter here and one of your England readers. I’ve tried lots of your recipes, (The ribs – my hubby loved, Sam Burgers – I have a son Sam and we are waiting for your recipe for “Mattburgers” j/k I’ll have to make something up in the mean time for my other son, We loved the asian chicken and the zuchinni lemon herb pasta. Thanks for posting. You’ve inspired me to start cooking dinner again.

  8. I think it sounds totally weird. But I’m not a pumpkin person, I mean at all! I hate anything with pumpkin in it. Well, except these pumpkin flavored cake donuts I found at the grocery store. But, my hubby loves it, so I might have to give this a try. I do love the alfredo sauce though. I made it one night for my sister and we both agreed it was so much better then our favorite italian restaraunt. Perfect for dipping breadsticks in, too!

  9. My name is Jessie and I love looking at your site and using the recipes. I love cooking and in fact have a cooking blog of my own~ It isn’t as great as your site but anyway,I asked my husband that they other day~if pumpkin pasta sounded good and he said no but I think it would be great so I will have to try it when he is gone!! Thanks for sharing the recipe!!

  10. This sounds great, we live on Boutoni Pasta at our house, so new recipes are great. BTW, I am one of those people that checks everyday anticipating a new great recipe,and I have yet to be dissappointed. I’ve made about 80% of the recipes on here, and love them all. Everytime someone asks for the recipe (and they always do) I tell them about your site. Thanks for all the effort and keep up the good work.

  11. You guys are the absolute best! A friend turned me on to your web site 2 months ago and now my day isnt complete unless I have checked in. I have already made numerous recipes and everything has been amazing! Thank you so much for all the effort, time and love for food that you continually share with us. I will be making the “pasta with pumpkin sauce” tonight. Thanks again!!!!

  12. I will give the pumpkin pasta a try. Sounds a little strange but trust you guys as I love all your recipes that I try. Peanut Thai Noodles were the hit around this house!! Thanksgiving doesn’t scare me, I go to my mom’s and eat her food.

  13. Everything you guys make is good but since pumpkin is not my favorite, and my hubby hates it, i probably won’t try it. But I am planning to make ginger spice cookies today and I am excited about that!

  14. This sounds really yummy. Sadly my husband hates pumpkin and my daughter can’t have the dairy. *sigh*
    Got a magic solution for making alfredo without cheese??? 😀

  15. Sara~you said that your kids loved it…and soooo many of your recipes have dairy in them! Just wondering if Owen can handle dairy now??? I have to do a separate dish with just soymilk for my guy so he doesn’t feel jipped! Anyways…just wondering.

  16. I love the way you write . . . weaving your experiences together! I have recently been a bit disappointed-sad-in wonder that my site receives very little comment attention! So I am leaving another comment for your site–you rock! I have pulled so many recipes and will post my pix and my compliments to your site!

  17. Sorry I meant to post this here, not on the Guiltless Alfredo post 🙂

    The best pasta dish I ever had was raviolis with butternut squash was SO good! I bet this will be similar. Can’t wait to try it.
    P.S. I read every word of this post.

  18. I think this looks so good. I am not sure I can pull it off with the kids, but I am going to give it a try. I am another one who is never disappointed by your recipes and knowledge.

  19. This recipe sounds crazy, but fun, so of course I am going to try it. Thanks for the great recipes.. I love this blog!!!

  20. That very last picture looks so beautiful I want to cry! I really want to try it. I’m just wondering – if I’m too darn lazy to make the guiltless alfredo, and want to use store bought for ease, how much would I use?

  21. I feel the same way about comments. You guys rock! This looks delicious :). I will have to try it. Usually I’m not that creative with pumpkin. Thanks for the great blog!

  22. Sara, you’re totally a comment whore in denial! 🙂

    No, we’re just glad you guys are all alive! Honestly, we wish we could respond to every single one of you, but please know that we love hearing from and helping you guys so much! That’s what makes this fun and know that we read and love every comment that we get. If you have blogs, please let us know and we’ll be sure and leave comments when we can!

    Oh, and there is no way in H-E-C-K that I could ever get my husband to eat pumpkin whole wheat pasta. It definitely falls under “Sam’s on a business trip” food.

  23. Love! Love! Love your website! And no, you are not a comment-whore! It is always nice to read people’s comments. And know that someone is actually enjoying what you do. Sometimes we just need a seift kick in the butt! Thanks so much for all you do to share with us…

  24. Hey Sara, I’m finally going to leave a comment…. I really do check your site everyday for new ideas and also to see how you’re doing! You’re doing a great job… Isabel loves pumpkin, Brady hates it so it’ll be one of those recipes to make when he’s gone snowplowing! I’ve shared your breadstick recipe with tons of people!

  25. You both know i love this sight i have made so many things from here that i love love love! Lean cuisine has these butternut squash ravaolis that are really good. I wonder if it will taste like that. Keep up the good works girls! I love you both!!

  26. Normally I don’t hesitate to try your recipes, but this one might make me. I’m not a brave soul when it comes to new flavor combinations. Pumpkin in my mind should be reserved for dessert. However I am married to a brave soul and I cook more for him than anyone else and I’ll let him decide. I love your site, even if I’m not always leaving a comment. Keep it up!!!

  27. I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I have tried several of your recipes and I have actually found a new love of cooking that I never had before! Keep it up cause you two know what you are doing!! As far as pumpkin alfredo, I will try it…a little nervous about the idea but what the heck!

  28. At first I thought pumpkin sauce on pasta sounded a little strange! But your picture at the end looks delicious so I’m going to have to try it now. 🙂
    Thank you both for sharing your great recipes. I really enjoy your blog.

  29. I can’t wait to try this. I LOVE pumpkin- but I need to find ways to use it beside bread and muffins and sweet things. This sounds perfect.
    PS I am also going to try the sweet potato souffle from earlier in the week! it looks delicious!

  30. This looks really interesting. I never would have thought to put pumpkin in it. Sounds good. Mmmm, you said breadsticks. Those are SO yummy!

  31. Isn’t it enough that I stop by 3-4 times a week and print off all your recipes? Now I have to leave comments, too? That is pressure.

  32. I love pumpkin or butternut squash raviolis, but can’t find them anywhere here! I have a recipe I’ve been wanting to try to make my own, but this recipe sounds so much easier and it may satisfy my pumpkin craving! Sounds like a wonderful concoction–thanks again for a wonderful recipe!!

  33. We just had this for dinner. ::husband:: raved. Said he would rather eat this than plain alfredo OR marinara. THEN I told him what it was. I used dried spices, and I may actually tone them down just a bit next time because the pumpkin flavor was soooo subtle. But either way, delicious, a hit, we’ll make it again! Thanks for all the delicious recipes! (I may just spotlight this one on my recipe blog, will link appropriately!)

  34. This sounded great and we made it the night we made our Cabernet noodles and your alfredo sauce. Except when we opened our pumpkin we realized it was the pie one. We still added a cup of it, and then didn’t use the other seasonings. It was fabulous. I’m sure we will try it with plain pumpkin and your spices at some point, but this worked for us.

  35. Diamond- how funny about your pumpkin pie filling! But, that’s *great* to know it works like that! Your noodles sound fantastic by the way. I bet the purple is so pretty.

  36. I stumbled across your website via a Facebook link, and it has become one of my favorites. I'm excited to try this pumpkin alfredo recipe. We purchase a pre-made butternut squash ravioli (frozen) on a regular basis and I'm thinking this sauce would be absolutely divine over it. I'm going to try it this weekend…whatever a perfect fall dish. And quick too!!
    Linnea (not Karl!)

  37. Made this for dinner last night, and your notes were so helpful (you assuaged my fears about making "guiltless" alfredo and whether or not I should put it over ravioli). I think it tastes like the filling of squash ravioli. Delicious!

  38. We made this the other night and used some penne that we had in the cabinet. We got a little over zealous and made a first attempt at the guiltless Alfredo sauce too. Although it all turned out to be pretty good, I feel like we might have left out something in the process. We will defiantly be making the guiltless Alfredo sauce again. Though next time I believe we'll make sure we're in no hurry at all (it was late and we were starving). I also want to say that we LOVE this blog and have found so many great ideas here. Keep up the great work! 🙂

  39. This pumpkin alfredo pasta was AMAZING! My husband and I loved it and felt like it was as good or better than anything we had gotten at Italian restaurants!! I also love knowing how to make my own alfredo sauce. I felt like it was much healthier and not hard to make. Love the website-thanks so much for the great recipes!!!!

  40. For those skeptics out there, TRY THIS! It was so very good! Even my husband, who really doesn't care for pumpkin, really enjoyed this! YUMMY!

  41. This was incredible! Both my kids loved it so much that they were tasting it long before it got onto the pasta and my fussy eater even ate it the second night which means a lot! I added probably closer to a cup of pumpkin and it was still not too pumpkiny in my opinion. Used your guiltless alfredo too! Thank you for such a great new recipe. First time ever writing on a blog!

  42. Hmm looks good. I've been wanting pumpkin soup and carbs so this works out just fine. I would've been a little more skeptical had I not made some sweet potato pasta sauce for my toddler and it was surprisingly tasty.

  43. AMAZING!! This was fantastic and my very picky six year old agreed this was the best sauce ever (she is not a tomato sauce fan).

    I found your blog about two months ago and have been trying several recipes. I keep sharing what we are having for dinner on FB and on my blog (and liking to the page on this blog of course!) and I think I may have helped a few more people find bliss by doing so (I have actually had two people try recipes from your site this week!) I will continue to let them in on the secrets of my new fabulous cooking skills 😉 Thanks for all you do for dinner tables across the country!

  44. SO YUM! I could eat this with a spoon!!
    I doubled the pumpkin to about a cup as well.

    Thanks for another successful dinner!! You girls are amazing. I had everything I needed for this, including some pumpkin in the fridge that needed to be used … gotta LOVE those kind of recipes!

  45. We had this last night and it has been added to our list of great pasta recipes. Yet again, OBB (as I abbreviate it on my bi-monthly menus) has been successful! Thank you so much.

  46. I LOVE pumpkin sauce on pasta. I add garlic to mine. I also use it over enchiladas and burritos. It makes a great mole. I have IBS so I can’t have traditional tomato based sauces. I also make a GREAT asparagus sauce to use over pasta. My family likes it better than spagetti sauce. Blanche 1 pkg or bunch of asparagus and cut into pieces. Blend in the blender with l lg. roma tomato, olive oil, garlic, salt and about 1/4 c. parmasean cheese. You may add a little broth to get the right consistency. Transfer to a pan and heat. Fresh and extremely YUMMY!

  47. I love pumpkin ANYTHING… especially those pumpkin chip muffins from the healthy eating post. This sounds so amazingly good! It would be perfect with pasta the night before a race. Hmmm…

  48. I can’t wait until it’s acceptably cold enough (in Vegas weather) to make pumpkin dishes! I loved this sauce last year- I almost wanted to eat it straight through a straw…Try this with tortellini- sooo good!

  49. Your recipes are awesome!! I have a quick question, where did you find whole wheat ravioli? Did you make it? If so what is the recipe? Thank you for this amazing website, it helps me look like I can cook when in reality I’m awful at it!!

  50. ok, Thank you! I can never find whole wheat pasta at the store maybe I’m not looking hard enough. Do you by chance have a good recipe on how to make homemade whole wheat ravioli?

  51. Ok, so it’s the first real day of fall today, pouring rain, wind and the heat went on today. The pnw is so lovely this time of year, I wouldn’t change Seattle for the world!!! Anyway, I thought of this today!! Thinking my sister the picky eater was going to by home for dinner, I was bummed that I’d have to find something pumpkin-less to make for dinner. Only to find out she is NOT home tonight!! So I will be making this for my slightly picky grandma and my not picky mom (who is always thrilled to just have dinner made for her!!) I hope it is everything I am hoping for!!!

  52. My husband and I found this in your cookbook yesterday and made it- AMAZING! It tastes like fall! We are planning on making it again tomorrow night 🙂 I’ve never been so happy for leftover ingredients!

  53. I was intrigued by this since I first saw it, and finally made it tonight. A huge hit! My husband said we can start having pasta more often if it’s going to be like this. I served it over penne (half regular, half whole wheat), because that’s what we had. Everyone in the family loved it. The kids had no clue it had pumpkin in it, it just looks and tastes like cheese. Oh, and we didn’t have fresh sage and thyme, only dried thyme, no sage, and it was still great.

  54. I actually got on your website to find a pumpkin-chocolate chip cookie recipe since I have leftover canned pumpkin from a Halloween dessert I made. I didn’t find a cookie recipe…BUT…I found this one. I was a little unsure at first (not a major pumpkin fan) but I love alfredo sauce so I figured I should try this recipe instead of throwing the pumpkin leftovers out. I was very pleasantly surprised…it was yummy! I only had dried thyme and no sage but it was still good. It was fun to try something new. Thanks!

  55. I made this – but instead of alfredo, i added in 3 wedges of laughing cow cheese, parmesan, garlic powder and milk to the pumpkin mix. MIxed it together and voila. Fake alfredo. I thought the sauce was good.

  56. I made this for a girls night, and everyone loved it. Thanks for all the great recipes! I love your cookbook!

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