Quinoa Edamame Salad

Anyone want to take a guess on how many nights I’ve slept in my bed in the last 16 days? That magic number would be 3. Right now, Sara and I are heading to Rexburg, Idaho to speak at the BYU-Idaho Business Summit (um, what?! I graduated in English!) The good news is that I get to visit my hardly-ever-visited sister and my even-hardlier-ever-visited nephews. And their dad. And my parents, who have gotten brave and are leaving their two little ones behind.

They may look like just dogs, but apparently they’re not just as good as real children, they’re better–they don’t ever talk back or ask for money. And I’m forced to talk to them on the phone.

So any-who, if you want to come and see us while we’re in town, we’ll be signing books at the following locations (and all of you Idaho Fall-ers, this is your shot!  We won’t be coming to Idaho Falls so come see us in Rexburg!):

June 15th (Hello, that’s TONIGHT!)
5:00 pm
Deseret Book
485 N 2ND E # 104
Rexburg, ID

June 16th
4:00-5:00 pm
BYU-I Bookstore
Rexburg, ID

If you guys have been reading the blog for longer than a year, you know that I’m not really summer’s #1 fan. I really don’t like to be hot and I don’t like bugs. But now that we’re going into our 4th summer of food blogging, I’ve discovered that from a food perspective, I actually love summer. I love the long, leisurely days when I can snap pictures whenever because the light is almost always good, the cheap, fresh produce, the fact that it’s socially acceptable to grill, and because of salads. I love them.

Sara and I recently got to try this salad straight from the source (more about that in a few weeks, we hope!) and I was completely expecting not to love it. I kind of thought I didn’t like edamame because every time I’ve had it, the beans were mushy. What I discovered is that I love edamame as long as they’re cooked JUST until they’re plump and bright green. In fact, if you use frozen edamame, they’ve almost always been blanched so you even just run them under some warm water or, in this salad, just toss the beans with the hot quinoa.

I know. Edamame? Quinoa? Are you really at Our Best Bites? You know you are because the dressing has cilantro, garlic, and lime juice.

This salad comes together super quickly and is a great side dish for a potluck or on a warm summer evening. I also love just eating the leftovers for a light-but-filling lunch.


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  1. I have some of this quinoa and have not known what to do with it!!! Now I’ve got some ideas:)!

    Oh- I hope I can come see you while you are here. I have a family bridal shower tonight, but I’m hoping for tomorrow!! Gotta have my book signed, right?

  2. Such short notice for us SE Idahoans!! If you stop in IF for Cafe Rio, let me know, otherwise I might miss my chance since tonight is already booked and tomorrow isn’t looking so hot either!

  3. Never had quinoa, but have been dying to try it. This recipe looks good. You’ll love Rexburg today, though. Summer hasn’t made it here yet. Still spring and still thinking about that too. Haha!

  4. How cilantro-y is this? I’m really not a fan of cilantro, but I love quinoa and edamame & would LOVE to have a salad recipe that incorporates both!

    1. I just made this, it’s not too strong on the cilantro. You could even lessen the amount in the recipe and it would still be great.

  5. I am a big quinoa fan! I LOVED your quinoa and mango salad and have in fact been meaning to email you and see if you had any more delish quinoa recipes and here one is! Keep them coming, you girls are the best!

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