Reuben Pigs in a Blanket


obb_reuben_pigs_in_a_blanket-7 smallSo long before I was born, my parents moved to Germany for a year with my brother and sisters. It was one of those magical times in my family’s history where they talk about all the amazing memories they made and I kind of squirm uncomfortably, not sure if I should remind them that I WASN’T THERE. Whatever. Do all the cool stuff before I was born.

One thing that came home with my family was a love for sausage and sauerkraut. My mom would often cook it for dinner and it was one of the first meals I ever learned to make. I will go to great lengths to hunt down sauerkraut for my hot dogs, the ladies behind the counter of my Louisiana Sam’s Club looking at me like I’ve asked for rat poison or something.

I also have fond memories of my mom and pigs in a blanket, so when I saw a recipe for Reuben Pigs in a Blanket in Food Network Magazine, I knew I needed to try them before Super Bowl Sunday. They were everything I ever dreamed of in an appetizer. Okay, maybe not everything, but a lot.

You’re going to need high-quality all-beef hot dogs (I love those Oscar Meyer Naturals hot dogs that have the funny commercials. Yes, I do realize what that sounds like.), pizza dough or 2 cans of refrigerated crescent roll dough, I cup shredded Swiss cheese, 1 cup sauerkraut (drain it through a fine-mesh strainer before you measure it), and a lightly beaten egg.


Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Cut the hot dogs in half (so you get short, stubby hot dog halves, not long, skinny ones).

cut hot dogs

If using pizza dough, cut into rectangles about 2″x4″.  If using crescent rolls, divide along the perforations.

On each piece of dough (on the fat end of the crescent roll), place 1 tablespoon drained sauerkraut, 1 tablespoon Swiss cheese,

sauerkraut and cheese on crescent roll

and a hot dog half.


Carefully roll it up, tucking in the edges to keep the insides from escaping. Place on a lined baking sheet. Repeat with remaining dough and hot dogs.

rolled up reuben pigs in blankets

Brush the beaten egg over the tops of each wrapped hot dog and bake for 12-15 minutes or until golden brown. Makes 16 pigs in a blanket. Serve with Thousand Island dressing, spicy brown mustard, or Creole mustard.

spicy brown and creole mustard and thousand island dressing

Super easy Reuben Pigs in Blankets from Our Best Bites



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Questions & Reviews

  1. This looks sooo good!! I’m a sucker for Reuben’s! I also can’t eat a Sam’s club hot dog without the kraut!

  2. I want these right now. But alas, it is too late to make. Already making dinner.
    But there is always tomorrow to have with drinks.
    Thanks for this.

  3. I love Rueben sandwiches! I crave them in a big way when I’m pregnant. I’ll have to make these for super bowl Sunday too.

  4. If you are ever able to get your hands on some Bubbies brand sauerkraut, you won’t be sorry! It’s beyond!

  5. These look yummy! What is it about that specific type of hotdog that is so delicious? I occasionally buy them for my kids and can’t help but sneak a few bites for myself.

    1. I can’t exactly out my finger on it, haha. Remember those Kosher Sinai dogs that Costco used to have? They remind me of those, only a little more reasonable in size. They also have the redeeming quality of NOT having a wet dog aftertaste. You totally want a hot dog now, right?! 😉