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I was prepping a post on Caribbean Inspired food from my recent trip and realized I had waaaay too many photos to fit in a single post!  Since Kate is in the hospital today (having her baby- yay!!) I thought I’d post some peaceful island photos so she can look at them for a relaxation technique.  That will make everything better, right?

(Photo Location: Meads Bay, Anguilla)

Just kidding.  You know what really makes everything better?  A spinal and some Oxycodone.  She and I both have to have c-sections, so there’s not much relaxation breathing going on there.  (Update:  I just got a sneak peak via Kate’s husband on Facebook- the baby has arrived and he’s darling!!  She’ll post an update for you all next week!)

(Photo Location: Island Harbor, Anguilla)

Back to tropical paradise.  As food writers, Kate and I take on freelance work and one of my recent projects was an assignment for Sea Cuisine.    They’ve sent bloggers all over the world to explore different cuisines and find out what makes them so inspiring (you can read my thoughts on that topic, here.)  When we talked about assignment locations and Anguilla came up I immediately said, “sounds good!”  And that was directly followed with, “Um, by the way, where the heck is Anguilla?”

(Photo Location: Straw Hat Restaurant, Anguilla)

The answer is right smack in the middle of the Caribbean sea.  It sits just north of St. Maarten.  It’s a teeny, tiny island.  Only about 10 miles long and 3 miles wide.  I’ll tell you more about the food tomorrow, but the scenery is out of this world.  Hands down the most amazing beaches I’ve seen in my life.   Every single restaurant we ate had a table with a view like this:

And the people?  Incredibly kind, welcoming, and hospitable.  The island is an overseas British territory, but the people have a rich cultural history.  It’s truly a melting pot.  If I were a crazy kidnapper (which I’m not) I would have taken this child home with me (which I did not.)

He lived with his grandmother behind a little shop they ran and we got accustomed to seeing him every day.  He was the same age as one of my little boys and spoke in a thick Caribbean accent.  Too cute for words.

These guys are friends of a local restaurant owner and gave us tons of advice about places to explore on the island.

One of my favorite parts about the eclectic island is the gorgeous architecture.   It has old-world charm, but with Caribbean flair.  There are churches with painted shutters everywhere.

My favorite was this one- everything was bright sea-blue, my favorite color.  If I could get away with painting my house shutters this color, I would!

We spent a few days on St. Maarten as well, which has a completely different vibe than Anguilla.

(Photo Location: Grand Case, St. Maarten)

Although gorgeous, it’s also a cruise port and therefore constantly filled with tourists.

(Photo Location: Grand Case, St. Maarten)

However because of that, they do have tons of great restaurants and fun things to do.

Gorgeous sights everywhere

And the ocean is everywhere you turn.

But if I could choose, I’d stay on Anguilla for weeks.  It’s literally like having your own desert island.  But with gourmet food whenever you get hungry.

(Photo Location: Cap Julica, Anguilla)

Has anyone been there?  Or, like me did you just enjoy it while watching season 15 of the Bachelor?  This is very fitting for today because look who’s there?  Our lovely Emily.

Aren’t we so glad she and Brad didn’t work out?  So we can be on team Sean now?  Or as a back-up, Team Jef?  I’m actually kind of pulling for Jef because I think Sean would make the best next bachelor.  Just please, please, no team Chris.  Use your brain, Emily!

Okay.  This post is now taking a weird turn.  Thoughts on tropical islands, or the Bachelorette, welcome in the comment section.  Let’s discuss.



  1. So glad you are not on team Chris! You make a good point about Sean being great for the next season of the bachelor, but will she pick Jef? Those marionettes were a little creepy!

    1. Yeah, see I have problems with the fact that it took puppets for him to be able to express himself. Then again, you know the producers made him do it! Lol.

  2. I’m cheering for Jef because he’s from Salt Lake City like me, and Sean because LOOK AT HIM HOW CAN YOU NOT?! But then there’s Ari who’s just so completely smitten with her…

  3. I’m Team Sean Also (he reminds me of my blonde hubby). I’d love to watch an entire season of Bachelor Sean! So, I’m also ok with Back up Jef winning her heart. He seems sincere, although a little quirky. But maybe she needs that!

  4. Ugh Chris is way too high maintenance. Sean and Jef are both awesome, but why would she ever get rid of a guy that took such great care of an egg?

  5. Thank you for the photos and sharing your experience. It is a place that I have always wanted to go and I keep telling my husband so hopefully one day when the kids are a tad bitter older and not in the diaper and chase around stage. I have not watched the Bachelorette this season. I know a hand slap. Maybe I need to download the episodes and get caught up. Congratulations to Kate!

  6. TEAM SEAN!!!! I’d never thought of him being the next bachelor, I’d totally go for it! That would be awesome. There is something about Arie that makes me uncomfortable! hah
    Also, I’m so jealous of your trip to Anguilla. I’m planning a honeymoon… I wonder if it would be a good honeymooning location??

  7. I love Sean and Emily together! Jef can be back up but Chris has gots to go. 🙂 Arie is hella cute but not sure they’re the best match.

  8. I’m so glad we can talk about this, as this is my first season watching the Bachelorette.

    I’m rooting for Sean, then Arie, then Jef-one-f. Chris is bat-crazy, and Jef-one-f seems so much younger and not the best match. But I had not considered the possibility that those rejected become the next Bachelor, so I might have to reconsider.

  9. Congratulations Kate! Sara, beautiful pictures! I want to go somewhere tropical now!

    I totally want Emily to pick Jef! I think he’s fantastic, quirks and all. Sean would be a great pick as well, but unfortunately, they never pick guys like Sean. 🙁 There’s something about Arie I don’t like (can’t really pin it down though) and Chris is way too whiney! I’m excited to see hometowns! There’s always a little bit of drama!

  10. lightbulb! so that is what i’ve been doing wrong during childbirth…i need relaxing photos of foodie tropical islands while surrounded by an OBB dessert buffet. I may be able to get through this next one 🙂

  11. I went to Anguilla right after college. It was definitely the experience of a lifetime! (and St Maarten was pretty awesome too!)

  12. I loved your post, Sara! I am totally team Sean, but I like the idea of him being the next bachelor… that would be wonderful! Now I want Emily to pick Jef! Arie is alright, but I don’t like him as much as the other two boys. I’m 99.9% sure that Sean, Jef, and Arie will be the final three. Emily is very smart and knows what she wants, and she’s already done some hesitating with Chris so I’m sure he’ll be the next to go!

    I am so jealous you got to escape to Anguilla! I would do just about anything to go somewhere tropical right about now. And congrats Kate for having a healthy baby boy! Hopefully we get to see pictures sometime next week!

  13. My husband and I went to Anguilla last summer, and we loved every bit of it! I noticed one of the local guys that were friends of the restaurant owner was one of the beach buys at the Frangipani when we were there, and he was awesome! Glad you had a fabulous time down there!

  14. Congratulations to Kate! And awesome pictures. Do you have a filter on your lens to make the blues come out like that or was the light really just that amazing?

  15. I remember the egg, but do not remember which guy had it! Someone please remind me who it was!! I have to vote for Sean too, what a good looking guy! Congrats on the new baby Kate!

  16. My husband and I went to St Maarten 3 yrs ago and we dream of going back all the time. We want to take our kids when they get a bit older. Maybe we will hit Anguilla next time around.

  17. Oh man, Chris should have gone home WEEKS ago! Plus he’s a bobble-head. I feel like Jef is so sincere. He’s my fave.

      1. Do you remember that Chris totally made a bobble head figure of him and one of Emily and gave them to her on the first night they met?? Lol! How fitting, right?

  18. Congrats on the BABY! Can’t wait for pictures
    I want to go to Anguilla – sigh – The pictures will just have to do, so thanks!
    Team Jef all the way! (went to high school together, So of course I gotta side with him) Plus, he’s real and fun, and I kinda love his crazy hair 🙂 but Sean is a close second!

  19. This place looks GORGEOUS!! I want to go visit!!

    BTW–Totally Team Jef! I love that guy! Sean would be my second pick, but I agree with you–I think he would make an awesome next Bachelor, so I’m gonna fly with that. Not a huge fan of Ari, and I REALLY don’t like Chris. Ick. GO JEF!

  20. I am on team Jef! I have read comments on other blogs that he isn’t ready to be a dad but they don’t know the “Utah culture.” I married a Utah guy and couldn’t be happier–he’s a wonderful father and husband! Sean seems really nice, too, and he would be a great bachelor! But have you heard the Roberto rumors? So that spot might be filled!

  21. Wouldn’t it be fun if they had Roberto AND Sean be The Bachelors, and then there might have to be some competition for the really great girls! Congrats on the baby boy, Kate!

  22. TeamJef. . . because I think he’s more ready than Sean for a family, and because he seems to be the type of guy that is willing to work on problems together rather than run away from a problem with a break-up.

  23. I could die laughing–you are so funny!! I just found your site today through Pinterest–linked to the mini pies entry. Couldn’t stop laughing. Thanks for the humor!! Happy I found your blog!

  24. What beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing. I love islands that are not so overrun with tourists. It helps you get a much better sense of the people and culture!


  25. I have also heard the Roberto rumor for the next bachelor. If that’s the case, I definitely hope she picks Sean! Chris definitely has to go.

  26. GORGEOUS pictures! Now I really want a vacation. Thanks for sharing!
    And congrats to Kate! (Lucky girl….I have half a pregnancy to go!)

  27. I’m team Jef! I think their little puppet show last Monday did it for me. It was pretty epic and I don’t remember the last time I laughed that hard watching the Bachelorette! I love their chemistry and their conversations don’t seem forced or fake.

  28. Anguilla is BEAUTIFUL! Or should I say the pictures of Anguilla are beautiful? I would love to visit some day. I am such a beach person.

    Team Sean all the way! I just feel like she and Jef really don’t mesh, although the puppet show was cute. I actually went to school with Sean for a few years when we were kids and his older sister was a good friend of mine back then. He is a very good Christian guy from a wonderful family. You will see them this coming week on the hometown date!

  29. Congrats to Kate! Hurrah! I love the pictures! This year is yet another year when i pledged to go somewhere tropical and then didn’t. 🙁 Ummm… What was all the very beautiful fabric tied to and why?

  30. Welcome to the world little W.S.J! What a handsome little guy he is!!! Sara, you shot some magnificent photos while “working.”
    Sean can’t be the next bachelor because that will be Roberto. Chris is the next one to go home! Emily doesn’t get to meet Jef’s parents because they’re currently serving as mission presidents. Ari is too much of a player in my book, and his hair is crazy (but then, so is Jef’s, but for some reason I can handle that). Bottom line for me is GO SEAN! I think Jef will be in second place which is the worst place to be.

  31. Oh my goodness I would love to go there!!! I love beaches (my fam loves to vacay in Destin, FL) so this is right up my alley!! Too beautiful for words!! You are one lucky girl! 🙂 Glad you had so much fun!

  32. Oh yeah and CONGRATS to KATE on her BABY!!!! And please tell her to PLEASE post pics of her adorable little guy on her next post!!! :))

  33. Great pictures, looking forward to your food review. We go to Anguilla twice a year, April and November for two weeks, can hardly wait to get there and never want to leave. It truly is tranquility wrapped in blue.
    Thanks for your time.

  34. I love your pictures – thank you for sharing them! Congrats to Kate and her family! Oh, and I’m totally on Team Sean, but I have a gut feeling she will pick Arie.

  35. Someone posted a link to your blog on the Anguilla forum on Trip Advisor, so I wanted to come check it out. Lucky you, to get to travel & write about Anguilla! Your photos are lovely–you have a really good eye, and I hope you’ll write more about Anguilla & its food. (Or anything else about the island). I’m on the island now and have been live-blogging from day to day, but I wish I had your camera! Where are the top two photos taken?

  36. I just got back from Anguilla and St. Maarten for work. Yes, I was PAID to go to the Caribbean for a week! Man, I love my job. Two weeks later, I was back for a week in St. Thomas.

    Of those three, I’m going to have to agree with you by far. Anguilla is the best. I loved the seclusion. I literally felt like I had the entire beach to myself, and it was wonderful. The Straw Hat wasn’t so bad, either (that was my hotel!).

    Glad you had such a nice trip. Thanks so much for reminding me that I was in paradise for a few weeks in May.

    Here are all of the posts from my trip:

  37. I feel so alone in my vote for Arie…. I like Jef and Sean too, tough call for Emily! Also, this is the first season I have EVER watched this show – lovin it!

  38. I am team Sean all the way. Can’t stand Chris. If she picks him I think I might die. Jef is my second favorite but I think he’s too young for her. And arie… I just don’t like him!

  39. Such gorgeous scenery!! Totally would be there in a heartbeat if I could. The people look so friendly and, yes, I’ll say it, beautiful. I TOTALLY love that blue shutter and would paint mine (if I had any) that color in a heartbeat!! Dang, you’re making me vacation-sick right now. I need to be on one!! lol Unfortunately, Bear Lake is going to have to work as a substitute to Anguilla and St. Maarten. ha ha

  40. Roberto from ali’s season is going to be our new bachelor. I would rather have Sean.
    The beach looks so dreamy. I need a beach vacay.

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