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Kate and I are in chilly Salt Lake City this week. Don’t forget you can come see us at the flagship Deseret Book Store (right across the street from Temple Square) tomorrow, Saturday the 27th from 5-6:30 pm.  That’s a different time than was originally announced, so please take note!  We’ll also be in Phoenix, AZ in one week and you Arizona peeps can come visit us in Mesa!  See the end of my last post for details on that.

Yesterday I stopped by Salt Lake City’s KSL Channel 5 to do a little segment on their morning show.  We’ve been on Studio 5 several times now and it’s always a blast!  This time I whipped up one of our favorites:  Kate’s Peanut Butter Cup Popcorn.

You can watch the segment by clicking here! 

That’s darling host Brooke Walker, Instagramming a photo of our popcorn!

And this is one of our most favorite people ever.  If Kate and I ever appear to have our professional lives in order, it’s all due to our amazing friend and publicist Ashley who works tirelessly behind the scenes to make us look good!  She prepped all of the food for this segment and had everything ready and waiting for me since I was coming from out of town.  Love that girl!

That’s host Darin Adams, and we’re obviously talking about something very poignant.

Like popcorn.

 The darling Mandy Douglass was also doing a segment, and I loved it so much I snapped some photos so I could show you guys.

She used red candy melts from Orson Gygi in a chocolate fountain to be “blood”.  I think green “slime” would be cool too!  You can find those candy melts at most craft and cooking stores with the baking supplies- even Walmart carries them!  And no fear if you don’t have a chocolate fountain, just melt them in a cute bowl and you’ll be set.

For dipping she had “bloody bandaids” (ewwww) using graham crackers with a little frosting and red jelly on top.

Witches fingers made from sugar cookie dough and almond fingernails

I loved these monster eyes.  Wilton makes those little candy eyes and I thought the coloring idea was brilliant.

Instead of dipping the marshmallows in colored candy melts (messy and time consuming…) she used the Wilton color sprays that you can find in a lot of grocery stores, and in most all craft stores that sell baking supplies.  Green and yellow for that neon color combo.

I also thought this was crazy awesome.  These are basically like my fried wontons. She used a new, clean rubber stamp and applied gel food coloring for “ink.”  She then stamped right onto raw wonton wrappers and fried them after.  You get these yummy little crispy pillows with fun images on them.  Cool, right??

I thought those were really cute ideas worth sharing.  Hope you all are having fun getting ready for Halloween.  Have a great weekend and we’ll catch up on Monday!






  1. You might be interested in a punch I made years ago for a Halloween party. I made an “ice” ring with lemonade frozen concentrate, undiluted, which I colored with bright green food coloring. The punch bowl was filled with apple cider or juice, not sure which all these years later. As the green lemonade ring melted into the cider the punch slowly turned the most Halloween-y pea green — and was delicious.

  2. I was sitting in the Walgreens parking lot in downtown salt lake waiting for my husband and son and I saw a family getting into the car next to me. I was looking at the mom and thinking, man she looks familiar but I can’t think how I know her. Maybe I photographed her family? No… then as the family started pulling away it finally clicked. It looked like you! So I checked the blog and sure enough you are in Salt Lake!

    1. That’s so funny Sarah! We were totally just at Walgreens and I saw you sitting in the car next to us! That’s so funny you recognized me! We had time to kill waiting for our Cafe Rio order to be ready and I needed pedicure supplies after remembering I brought peep-toe heels to wear tomorrow and my nails are hideous, haha.

  3. Sara you are looking so great! Not that you ever looked bad, but you must totally be proud of yourself for all your hard work on toning up. Can’t wait to see the live feed for TOFW! Good luck ladies!

  4. Love Studio 5! 🙂 I was so excited to see you on the show! And I totally have to agree with Alicia… you look awesome! Congrats:) I will be watching the live feed of TOFW. My sister-in-law saw you guys at the Logan TOFW and she said you guys rocked it and both of you were hilarious. I’m still bummed I missed it 🙁

  5. I must say the popcorn looks yummy (love peanut-butter-cup-anything!!) and YOU look amazing! That side-shot of you with Darin Adams? Talk about a flat tummy and toned arms! Keep up the good work!

  6. Looks like it was ana mazing morning for you. how cool.
    I LOVE Darin Adams. I haven’t seen his since he left Pocatello! I wonder if he still does “Darin’s Doodles”? You’ll have to ask him next time you see him.

    1. Darin’s Doodles?? I will have to ask him now! He’s such a nice guy, we always have a great time with him.

  7. Great job on your segment, thanks for sharing it with us. We love your new cookbook as much as we love your first one. You ladies are awesome!

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