Summer Entertaining with World Market {Plus a Giveaway!}

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My love affair with World Market started when I was just a kid.  I think I was in 6th grade when my friend and I would sometimes get dropped off at the mall to hang out and we’d always walk over to World Market.  They used to sell the most amazing little rose-flavored candies.  Yes, roses- as in the flowers.  They were so so good.  To this day every time I walk into a World Market store, I keep my eye out for them.  Now that I’m grown up and actually have use for the amazing household items in the store, I buy more than candy!  I buy much more than candy.  I love World Market like Kate loves Target.  We’re talking serious business here.  Some might classify it as an obsessive relationship.  I mentioned in a photography post that I did a while back that a huge number of the dishes and table linens you see in my food photographs, including the photos in our cookbook, have come from World Market.  They sell an amazing selection of cookware, dishes, and specialty items.  Remember the adorable little mugs you all were raving about in my hot chocolate post?  Yep.  World Market.   They also sell a great selection of furniture, housewares, gifts, jewelry, accessories (see the cute floral headband I’m wearing in the next pic?  World Market!), over 500 international wines, gourmet foods and specialty drinks imported from more than 50 countries.  It’s seriously one of my most favorite places, which is why I jumped at the chance to host a party compliments of World Market and Foodbuzz.  I had the perfect occasion this past weekend while I was in my home town of Seattle; my favorite sister (okay, she’s my only sister, but for reals, she’s my favorite) was having a birthday!

That’s my sister Becca.  She’s awesome.  She’s an amazing cook (I actually photographed her making something this weekend that I’m going to post soon)  She’s insanely creative (we’re talking like, she built a to-scale replica of my parents house in gingerbread last Christmas. Okay, and she has a college minor in art, but seriously the gingerbread was sweet) and she does crazy cool stuff like rescue orphaned animals and train them to release them back into the wild.  No joke.  She taught a half-dead bird how to eat.  And then fly.  She’s like an animal whisperer.  She’s also single.  In case you know someone.  Just sayin…

I had a perfectly lovely backyard meal in my mind and I found everything I needed at World Market.  Sometimes when you envision outdoor entertaining you immediately think of paper plates and plastic tablecloths.  I love to mix and match and bring some of my indoor things out.  I started out with a crisp white tablecloth, and added a bamboo table runner.  I love how the bamboo is kind of rustic and fits in with an outdoor theme.

Then I used some plain white plates.  This is a fabulous thing to have.  World Market sells a lot of these buffet sets; plain white dishes in all sizes that come in these nice holders.  They’re affordable, and great to have on hand for big group meals.

I didn’t want them to get lost on the white tablecloth though so I used these awesome chargers.  Aren’t they fantastic?  This is my most favorite color so I couldn’t resist.  They’re a heavy duty plastic so they’re super easy to clean too.  I love these.

On top of the white plates, I placed these fun melamine dessert plates.  They’re light weight and inexpensive; perfect for outdoor entertaining!  I love the colors in them, and found cloth napkins in a matching color too.

One of my favorite things to do on an outdoor table is light candles.  There’s something about a breeze, and summer weather, and flickering candles, that makes you want to stay at that table for hours.  I LOVE these purple glass lanterns.  Those things are big, and only 8 bucks!  They matched the purple in the plates perfectly.

World Market has a gazillion different styles of little votive holders.  I’m madly in love with these blue square ones.  I grabbed a bunch of different styles and colors and scattered them around.  All the colors tied into the plates so they all matched when put together.

See those cute drinks?  One of my favorite things.

World Market Italian Sodas.  They have a bunch of flavors; my family loves the Blood Orange.  The Mango Passion Fruit is yummy too.

The personal sized bottles look so cute on a dinner table.  Sort of casual-chic.

My sister bought her own flowers (okay, and she made  half of this meal herself too.  She’s rad like that.)  How crazy beautiful are these peonies??

Seriously I couldn’t stop staring at them.  I love fresh flowers on a dinner table, especially an outdoor one.

Just make sure when you’re entertaining that you use shallow vases or bowls so you don’t block people’s faces.

Okay I’ll stop swooning over the flowers.  Back to food.  For an appetizer, I grabbed a great pesto, and also a Piquillo and Artichoke Bruschetta spread.  Both were amazing.  I could eat that artichoke stuff with a spoon.  Okay I sort of did.  Both came from World Market.  Did I mention they have food there?  Food from all around the world?  Ya, they do.  And lots and lots of chocolate and treats too.

I need to make a knock-off of that artichoke spread asap.

My family also loves these chips.  They taste similar to those Pop Chips that are popular right now.

My kiddos love ’em!  They also have lots of fun trinkets, toys, and novelty items at World Market.  My kids beg for stuff every time we go there and I usually say no, so this time I grabbed a bunch of toys to keep them busy while the grown-ups ate.  It worked brilliantly.

We also grilled up (and by we I mean my husband) one of my all-time-favorite summer meals, Italian Chicken and Vegetable Skewers.  Per my sister’s request we (and by we I mean my sister) also made  Caramel Toffee Fruit Dip.  (Are you starting to wonder if I cooked anything at all??) And a yummy Pear and Gorgonzola Salad.

My sister also made an awesome Orange-Teriyaki Steelhead, which I’m going to share her recipe for soon!  Heaven knows our Seafood Section can use all the help it can get.  I’m thinking I should have her do a monthly fish feature!

For dessert (seriously I made this one myself.  I mean, I bought this one myself.  It counts, I swear.) I picked up some Seattle-famed Trophy Cupcakes.  I have to be honest and say that when it comes to gourmet cupcake shops, I’ve been disappointed way more times than I’ve been pleased.  But Trophy came through!  These babies were amazing.

All in all it was a gorgeous night with fantastic company.  Nothing better than friends and family on a beautiful summer night at a beautiful summer table!

Since I had so much fun on my own little shopping spree, I thought I’d share the love!  Kate and I would love for one of  you to get to have a shopping spree at World Market as well so we’re going to give away a

$100 World Market Gift Card

Holla!  Take a look at the World Market e-catalog right now and you’ll find a $10 off $30 coupon you can use right now.  To enter to win the gift card, just leave a comment below and tell us what you think you’d spend it on.  Food?  Jewelry?  Furniture?  Dishes? BBQ supplies?  A little of everything??  For extra lucky-dust, click the links below this post to share this on Facebook and Twitter! (And make sure you like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter to keep up with all the fun!)

Note the only way to enter this giveaway is by leaving a comment on this post.  Entries via email will not be counted.  If you are reading this post in a feed service or email, click here to be directed to the post where you can leave a comment to enter.

Giveaway will be open for one week, winner announced June 20, 2011.  Open to US residents only.  Disclosure:  I received the funding for the products in this post compliments of World Market via the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program. The opinions expressed are my own.  Gift card giveaway provided by Our Best Bites.


  1. Oh, I LOVE World Market!! I have to limit my trips, though, or the bills would end up past due LOL

    It’s such a fun place! I would probably use the gift card on either kitchenware or food… they have amazing goodies, and they’re so hard to resist. IF I could resist either of those departments, I’d end up getting some cute linens…which they have tons of! Seriously… one of the best stores ever!

  2. I would love to win, but I also know a few nice guys in Eastern WA where I live. Maybe she could get a group together to come this way? We’re in Tri-Cities. I don’t know how old she is, but I know plenty of very nice, LDS guys (you’re LDS, right?) in both Young Singles and Mid Singles. =) You can email me if you want to.

  3. If I got the gift card I would definitely use it on decorations and things I need for my upcoming wedding as well as our condo we just bought and are going to be decorating soon! You can never have enough wedding decorations, right? 🙂

  4. i would spend it on everything….i’m new to the whole hosting dinners and parties and the like, but i’m inspired every time i get on here 🙂

  5. what a wonderful gift card! This would be great to give to my son and daughter-in-law that are newly married and entertaining supply challenged. They didn’t send out many invitations for their wedding so they don’t have much to spice up the table for company.

  6. This store looks fantastic!!! I would love love love more dishes and kitchen supplies for entertaining. Being newly married is awesome, but it’d be even better if I had more stuff so people could come over and hang out! I could also use a cute little dresser for the cute little baby that’s coming in September! I love this blog- you girls are so fantastic. The food is so good and easy to make; my husband loves it when I make something from here 🙂

  7. Okay, so by accident I left this comment on another post…not sure how that happened…

    First off, I would buy that blood orange soda. I used to live in Italy and blood oranges are AMAZING!! Then I would try to find food from other favorite places around the world, Brazil (where hubby is from), New Zealand, Germany, etc! Then buy some cool dishes…

  8. I think I would purchase $100 worth of those Italian Sodas. Seriously, my mouth is watering! Ok, I’d probably buy some cite dishes, too.

  9. So many beautiful things..I found a beautful table cloth that would definitely bring summer into my kitchen..thanks for the chance to win.

  10. Love World Market! There are so many things I miss about Europe that I love to find in there. Anyway, I’d use the $100 on English candies and some fun dishes.

  11. I’d buy all sorts of new table linens for our outdoor table as well as our dining room. I’d also pick up some new picture frames too.

  12. I like tiny bowls and World Market has lots to choose from! I’d go for more little bowls and the Japanese candy – my kids love Japanese candy!

  13. I would use it for bread pans that I so desperately need! I also love the Tiki Arc Spheres Floor Lamp and maybe the Amber Dinnerware Set! Oh, the possibilities! 🙂

  14. I would use it on some outdoor entertaining items, like the table cloths and plates that you showed up above. I also love their food and baskets, so it would be great to win!

  15. I would definitely buy entertaining supplies. We’re in an apartment now, but are moving into a house this summer! There will definitely be entertaining going on 🙂

  16. Yeah, World Market! I have loved going there for so long! My living room curtains were the most recent purchase, and I totally love them. I think I would use the gift card to get some home decor items, I need some new curtains upstairs, and I love their selection of little decor things. Oh, and the food, yeah, I’d have to get some food too! Thanks for the giveaway!

  17. I LOVE your website! So many of my meals come from your wonderful ideas! I LOVE World Market. I was introduced to it after moving East. I would buy a little of everything.. you can’t go wrong with anything you buy there! My husband especially loves the soda in the old fashioned glass bottles.

  18. I just discovered the amazingness that is World Market last month! I’d love some cute outdoor dishes, or maybe a new umbrella for the patio – they have such pretty ones!

  19. I would probably spend it on some new things for my kitchen/dining area – a table cloth, some plates, maybe some new mixing bowls.

  20. If I won the gift card, I think I would spend it on some cute summery dishes and those adorable votive holders you showed on your table setting. So cute!

  21. Oh I could do so much damage with $100 in WM! 🙂 I am redoing my bedroom this summer so maybe some pillows or bed linens…or I love their outdoor furniture and accessories too. And dishes. And fancy drinks. And…Too much to choose from!

  22. I’ve only been to World market once, but would love to go back and but some new tableware to spruce up my fine paper plate collection. 🙂

  23. Love,Love,Love World Market. We just put on a new screened porch and I see new dishes in my furture! Also love their hard to find soda and foods.

  24. I am ashamed to say, I have never used chargers. After seeing what you did with them and how well they anchor a table, you now have me inspired! I need to shop there more! I would use the shopping spree to get chargers to make my table look a bit more finished!

  25. First off, are you kidding me that I would have to narrow it down!? There are way too many things I’d love to get with it but probably would spend it on kitchen/dining stuff. I need more colorful bowls, chargers, serving stuff. So, yeah, probably that.

  26. Dishes! Most definitely dishes. The only ones I own are plain and boring and I’m ready to get a little more (washable, unbreakable) beauty into my dining.

  27. My husband and I just moved to our new house on the farm and we love the front porch life. I would use the gift card for sprucing up our outdoor retreat! 🙂

  28. Wow I love those plastic chargers! I would spend the gift card on tableware. World Market is such a fun place to browse. I almost always find something I would love to have.

  29. My daughter and I love World Market. We like to get glassware from there and paint it. So we have functional and pretty. We also like to look at the dishes, kitchen stuff and accessories for around the house. I honestly think if I won the gift card I would just turn it over to my daughter so she can more stuff for her new apt. She loves to decorate and does a wonderful job. That doesn’t come from me. I think it skipped a generation. By the way, the votive holders in your post make me want to go right now but alas I cannot. They are not open yet.

    Thanks for sharing.

  30. Everything, I’d spend a giftcard on everything! I never buy stuff that I love, I buy stuff that’s functionally useful, and well, that’s no fun.

  31. I miss World Market-we used to go all the time when we lived in Las Vegas. I would so love to get some of the votive holders and dishes. They are gorgeous. Thanks.


  32. I would definitely use it to throw an awesome outdoor summer party for my friends and all our kids. Because that’s what summer is for, right?! Thanks for the chance.

  33. I LOVE World Market!! That $100 would NOT take long to spend at all for me!! I would use it on kitchen dishes and tableware!!! I would also pop over to the soda section and pick up some bottles of Birch Beer for my husband – he LOVES that soda from when he was a kid in PA and we always get some when we go into World Market which is 2 hours from here but well worth the trip every time!!!!

  34. What a great post on all things available. I have never been in a world market. thanks for the incentive to try it out.

  35. Oh, it would be soooo hard to decide what to buy. There are just so many pretty things. I definitely think I’d get some cute new table linens and probably a pretty lantern or some votives. Or I might use it toward something big like a pretty rug. I don’t think I’ve ever actually bought any of the food there, so I might have to try out a couple of things!

  36. I’ve never been in a World Market! It looks like they have a lot of neat stuff though. We have a new home so I’d probably put the $100 towards home decor.

  37. I love fun and unique serving dishes, so I’m pretty sure I would spend the giftcard on something like that. Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  38. I would get some outside friendly dishes since we just finished our patio and every time we eat outside I cringe thinking one of my kids is going to break the dishes!

  39. I’d invest in some new tableware. What a great giveaway to start the new week! Thanks for the giveaway!

  40. What a fun giveaway! I love World Market, they have so many great things to offer! I would get some unique dishes and of course, all the wonderful they have to offer! Thanks for the opportunity!

  41. Oh what wouldn’t I buy! I love world market. With a 100 dollar gift card I would probably buy a whole new set of dishes! 🙂

  42. There is a dining room table and chairs at World Market that I’ve been drooling over for months – $100 towards that savings pile would be awesome!

  43. I love World Market! I’d mix it up – some new dishes and servingware, and food to put on them. Hubby loves the beer and wine selection too.

  44. That big purple lantern. I really don’t think I would ever leave my patio table (it is hard enough as it is).

  45. WOW – The pictures are phenomenal. I LOVE LOVE LOVE World Market. Unfortunately, I did not discover it until I was an adult. I am happy to report – there is one less than a mile from my house!

  46. If I won, I would buy a little bit of everything–food, dishes, entertaining supplies. I love the World Market and every time I go my husband has to limit what I purchase otherwise I would buy the entire store!

  47. I’d go for the dishes. I have 2 cheap sets of dishes, both with only 4 matching plates. I would LOVE to have those plain white ones as well as some jazzy colors to mix and match!

  48. I have just discovered your blog and LOVE IT! Thanks for all the great posts! (I also ordered your cookbook and can’t wait for it to get here.)
    What would I spend at World Market? I Dont’ know–I’ve never been, though I have wanted to. I would probably spend it on a bunch of different things, but something in there would be for the kitchen.

  49. I love World Market too! I would have to get some new dessert plates for sure and maybe a couple of serving trays. It would be hard to decide between kitchen and home accessories. Now I am wanting to go shopping. 🙂
    Your table turned out so fabulous!

  50. Going to World Market is a huge treat of me. I love love love their buffet dishes and wide variety of decorative serving dishes. I helped my daughter decorate her new apartment with a couple dishes to hang on the wall. Pick me and I promise to spend the money wisely (haha). Oh, and the chocolate is yummy too.

  51. I have an ongoing love affair with World Market too! It is seriously one of my favorite stores for home decor (and jewelry too!). I would be beyond thrilled to win the gift card. We’re moving and I’m redecorating the entire house so I could use the gift card a million different ways. Thanks, Sara!

  52. Food! They always have the coolest selection of yummy goodies & we love trying out new stuff. Plus their wine selection is to die for. Wish I could set up a table like you, that looked so pretty!

  53. Hmm, I think I’d spend it on snacks and dishes! We don’t really need any more snacks (but I just can’t resist), but our dishes are old unattractive hand-me-downs … we could use an upgrade!

  54. I would definitely get a little bit of everything! I love World Market’s kitchen stuff, I love their food section, I love their jewelry and housewares…I love it all! 🙂

  55. Wow-great giveaway! I can’t decide, I need some new towels, something in home decor maybe. We are moving soon and sprucing up our new place would be wonderful. Thank you for the chance!

  56. I have never been to World Market, I am going to the website though when I am done here. I would probably try a little of everything and then some. Thanks for the giveaway.

  57. I’d love to own some white dishes for better food photography. I’m learning so much about pictures on your blog, plus to die for recipes. Your table is ravishing. Blessings.

  58. I would love to win, world market is also my favorite store! I would use a gift card on pretty and unique home decor.

  59. Oh my….there are only about a MILLION things at World Market I’d love…but I’d use the gift card towards new patio furniture for our new outdoor patio area (the small bistro table isn’t cutting it!). Thanks for the chance to win!

  60. The world market by my house recently closed. But there is another one 20 min away. What would I buy? Oh my, the possibilities… I always liked their seasonal stuff. It is so unique!

  61. What a great give away. I love World Market as well, but eyes are always bigger than my wallet : ) I would love to buy some cute serving dishes!

  62. I’d probably buy a little bit of everything. I don’t get there often but it is a seriously fun store! I can always find something I want there.

  63. I would totally spend it on those amazing looking dips and then lots of cute plates! I can never justify buying a new set of plates, so I would splurge. And I have a weakness for pesto and brushetta, so lots of that too!

  64. I would use it on furniture for our new place, (and also food. Because we just cannot resist good food in this house 😉

  65. I’d love to buy a nice chair to sit at my sewing machine. I love World Market’s furniture and I don’t love my folding chair.

  66. When I discovered World Market in junior high, I thought I’d stumbled on to a treasure trove. 🙂 I still love it. Would LOVE a gift card to splurge on something for our new condo decorations.

  67. OH we LOVE World Market especially the food. I lived in Germany as a child and have shared my love of foods with them. I am afraid I would end up spending the majority of the gift card of sweet little delicacies to stock our pantry.
    And thank you for reminding me!! Our youngest turns 12 this week so I think I see a trip to World Market is in store. It is almost an hour drive away but he LOVES it as much as my husband and I do!!

  68. how fun!! i am also mildly obsessed with world market! i think i would buy a little bit of everything….there is just too much to choose from!

  69. Well I’m about to buy a house & send my oldest off to college so I’d probably split the card between prettying up the house & a dorm room. Thanks

  70. I would use a gift card on dishes and linens that I could use on my blog, too. My kids would have to pick up a few of the toys and some snacks, too.

  71. Oh I love World Market. I’ve only been once and I did not buy anything for I feared I wouldn’t be able to stop once I started. How I would love to win a gift card so I could buy some new table settings and fun accessories. Thanks for posting the best recipes ever! I make one every night!

  72. Oh I LOVE World Market! Such a fun place to explore! They have the coolest stuff. I would spend the gift card on a variety of things- probably mostly dishes and kitchen stuff! Your table decor is so inspiring!

  73. I love the World Market! Growing up we always got the best stocking stuffer from World Market. Now I go in a swoon at many items wishing I had money to spend. June 20th, is my wedding anniversary. Just saying it would make a great gift!

  74. I’d buy fun containers for homemade spa products, stuff to wrap them with, and some great cloth napkins in hopes of breaking the paper napkin habit. Thanks for sharing — your ideas are always awesome!

  75. I’d definitely spend it on some new plates/silverware for entertaining… we have 6 in our family and only 7 dinner plates (our originals from our wedding 10 years ago minus the one I broke ;o) Whenever we have company we have to use paper since we don’t have enough for everyone! This would be awesome! Thanks!

  76. Colorful serving dishes…and food…and jewelry…and whatever else I find! In fact, I’m going to go check out World Market this morning as soon as they open! I haven’t been since I moved from Oregon! What a fun morning! Good idea!

  77. This is the first time I am commenting on a post, but I have been a quiet, loyal fan for a while now. 🙂 Love your recipes, and am a little obsessive with my new-found love of cooking.

    I also love World Market. If I won the giftcard, I would definitely spend at least a small portion of it on some cool kitchen gadgets, even though I really can’t fit much more in our tiny student apartment drawers (because let’s face it, I have a problem… and the drawers aren’t big to begin with). I would also love to get some cute dishes and cute home decor. I love, love, love cute stuff like everything pictured in this post, but haven’t bought any yet since my husband and I are just about to embark on a 4-5 year Pharmacy school adventure, and sometimes cute dishes/decor money is better served as tuition payment… haha (though, sometimes I have to practice some serious restraint (: )! And any remaining money, I would buy some cool foods to try from other countries, because I love food, especially if its something new.

  78. Yes please! Yes please! What wouldn’t I buy? I could spend hours in that store. Love!

    Such a pretty party and gorgeous flowers!

  79. I could totally use some cute dinnerware!! With 3 small kiddos, what pieces I have left definitely leave something to be desired. It would be so fun to have an actual set!

  80. I would buy a little of everything! I’m getting married in 6 months, and I’m sure I’ll find something I “need”. Love your blog!

  81. I confess I’ve never been inside a World Market! So I might just go crazy after seeing your pics on “a little of everything”!

  82. I’ve been going there a ton looking at dining room tables. With a new addition to our family recently we need a new table desperately and I love their style!

  83. I usually get myself in trouble whenever I set foot in World Market. It’s my go-to place for great gifts though…love their jewelry, frames and dishtowels. Not to mention their great basket selection! I would use the gift card to get new dishes…my kids are getting old enough that maybe, just maybe, we can move past the plastic character plates and bowls. I think I’m going to have to hang on to the princess spoons though or my 3 year old princess just might revolt…

  84. Hey Ladies, I think I need inspiration in all areas. I am hosting an family reunion this summer and the gift card could be really handy. Thanks! I love your blog!

  85. Wow! I can hardly decide what I would buy…Our dishes are all mismatched, so probably some of those plain white beauties! Thanks for the giveaway!

  86. We recently (last fall) had a deck added to our house. This spring, when it warmed up, we purchased some extremely some furniture that fits in our space, but isn’t necessarily beautiful. Going more for furniture that would stand up best to the weather (as well as cost effective) and I could make it beautiful with other accessories, that I could take inside to store. Our outdoor space is in need of cushions, dishes, lanterns, and railing planters – or perhaps food for our best dinner party of the season..

  87. You’re post got me all excited about my birthday. In two weeks we’re planning a similar shindig to celebrate, and I would spend a gift card to World Market on fun decor for the BBQ!

  88. Pick me! I’d definitely look for new dishes – those plastic chargers you found look amazing! Then I might wander over to the bedding and see if I could find something to freshen up my bedroom 🙂

  89. My husband and I plan on buying our first home together this summer. We will be going from a one-bedroom apartment to a 3 or 4 bedroom house… so needless to say, a World Market gift card would be amazing! I would use it on decorations… and chocolate (for the times when I just can’t unpack one more box without filling my sweet treat!). =)

  90. I’d wander the store for hours, wanting to buy everything. Then I’d either settle on art or dishes. Or patio furniture cushions. Or coffee. Or scarves. I love World Market.

  91. I adore World Market and would have no problem spending the gift certificate. The table setting and flowers are gorgeous!

  92. I don’t even know where I would start. I love dishes and linens and lanterns and glass and probably everything. Your table design was soooooo wonderful and fun and summery (is that a word?) How fun it would be to have $100 to spend at such a cool store. The bamboo runner really made everything fit together. I would probably buy everything that you used on your table and I will definitely try the soda and recipes that you show. Thank you so much for your blog and great ideas.

  93. Yes, I’ve always loved that store too. It’s hard to narrow down what I’d buy but probably some home decor and some gourmet food!

  94. I have never been to World Market, it sounds amazing. I have been wanting cute serving dishes, so that is prolly what I would spend it on. Keeping my fingers crossed:) Thanks!

  95. oh! for the love of world market! i am a huge fan of world market and can never plan a “quick trip”. i need time to drool over all the gorgeous home decor, dishes and fun kitchen gadgets. if i had all the money in the world i could do some serious damage…i love to buy the torani syrups and make flavored lemonade
    ALL summer. raspberry lemonade here i come!

  96. I would use the giftcard to purchase fun decor for my house. Maybe some summer-y dishes, or table linens. The options are endless at World Market! Love that place!

  97. Oh I love World Market! Ours is far enough away that I am not tempted to go there every day, but this gift card would be an awesome excuse to make the trek!

  98. I would use it to “pretty up” my backyard deck. It so needs color…pretty pots…outdoor tableware…Thanks for the opportunity!

  99. I LOVE World Market and make a trip almost weekly! We have quite a bit of furniture from there and I LOVE their cute entertaining pieces!

  100. World Market has everything! I am in need of some outdoor objects for my back deck so that would be a start. And then i would spend some on the food. and then wall decorations. and then some jewelry. Oh, i don’t know. I guess honestly, i would spend this gift card on a little of everything.

  101. I love Target – and spend way too much money on things I don’t need there. I’d probably do the same at World Market.

  102. I’d buy pretty plates! I’m looking to expand my collection so that I can introduce some variety on my blog :).

  103. I would buy dishes. I alwasy ogle their dishes everytime I go in. They have such a great variety in terms of color, shape, and style. Love it!

  104. I adore World Market! In college I had a roommate that worked there and would bring home all kinds of amazing things. I would probably get a little bit of everything

  105. I LOVE thier furniture, and since we are in need of some outdoor stuff…I believe I would go for putting the money towards one of their cute outdoor dining sets. Maybe the old fashioned bistro style ones???

  106. Ohh! I love the World Market. Probably dishes. Maybe jewelry. More dishes would be fun. Definitely some chocolate…and some dishes…

    Great give-away!

  107. If i won the gift card, i would use toward the dining table my wife and i have had our eye on. We just bought a new house, and need a bigger table fir family get-togethers.

  108. World Market rocks!! I would spend a gift card on kitchen/cooking accessories. . .and those darling polka dot coffee mugs!!!

  109. First of all, love the blog! I just found it and have already made a ton of your recipes–so, thank you! As far as World Market, I would buy fun home decor and cute storage options, I think.

  110. I would definitely have to get some of the different European chocolates and candies. I’d also probably need to get some cute dishes and housewares.

  111. I would have to buy a little of everything! I wouldn’t know where to start in a place where I can buy cute tableware AND food. Oh the decisions I would have to make. 🙂

  112. I would spend it on furniture, even though it wouldn’t go very far! I have a major obsession with World Market too! Just can’t get enough of that place!

  113. oh my goodness please please please me!! i am in desperate need of cuteness for sprucing up my place!! i havent bought any decor since me and my husband moved in together about 5 years ago and that consisted of a a table cloth and some picture frames eeeek. cause all our money was spent on actual furniture. Oh and i love you ladies and all your recipes ive made so far have been total hits!! Love you ladies!!

  114. I think I would just use it on a little bit of everything. I love the plates though that you used with the cut-out edge. So cute.

  115. Just bought curtains there last week. I definitely need more things. Like a beautiful piece of art I saw when I was there. And whatyaknow? It’s $100.

  116. I just got new dining room furniture so I’d spend the money to create a tablescape with lanterns and smaller votive holders similar to the one you featured on the table. Perfect for summer!

  117. I would have to say kitchen stuff. I love having a well stocked, cute kitchen. What can I say? I’m a stay-at-home-mom, I practically live in the kitchen. I love you guys! So does my husband since I started branching out my cooking skills under your tutelage! THANKS!

  118. I’d spend it on home decor, for sure! Probably a new lamp, and maybe a fun door hanging to spruce up our front porch. And a gift for my mother-in-law, who loves World Market too!

  119. We’re almost finished building a deck in the backyard. I’d love to be able to get some fun things to add some color out there once we’re done!

  120. I LOVE World Market and am sad because I don’t have any stores near me. I found out about them on a trip down south. I have to choose what I would buy??? Probably home decor or kitchen and dining…although I loved those cute sodas in this post too!

  121. can i tell you that i have never even been to a world market store? i know, hard to believe, right? my friends have, but i have never lived close to one. i think it is time!

  122. I just went to World Market for the first time last week! I was visiting my family in Las Vegas and my sister-in-law took me. They always find the cutest things there. I got some good salami and some ramekins. If I won I would get more and some cute dishes.

  123. I have never been so I can’t say for sure what I would buy. But I k now I would have a great time looking! This would be the perfect reason for me to check them out.

  124. I have never been to World Market. But I love what you did with that party. My husband and I finally are living in a house and we want to entertain outside this summer, but we don’t have much. So I’d probably use it on that, entertainment things for the backyard. Plus, I need some table cloths as our table got very damaged in the move. I’d also get plates, oh those are so pretty. I’d just go crazy, is what I really mean to say.

  125. I love World Market! I was just there this weekend and loved everything! Especially these purple and gray floor pillows for my new nursery!

  126. Can I copy you and say I would get those adorable plastic plates? I love plates like those. They look expensive but aren’t. Oh please pick me!

  127. I would put it towards the kitchen table I have been dreaming about at World Market. Love it! Or buy lots of fun little things 🙂

  128. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! I have SO many things I would want to buy! Definately serveware…..some candles….some house decorations….some jewelry….some wall decor….some food (especially candy)….it is such a cool store there are just so many things to choose from. Too bad we cant just package up the store and ship it to my house, that my friend would be AWESOME!!!!

  129. I LOVE this store… a gift card would be the perfect excuse to treat myself to some new chargers and the votive candle holders to create my own outdoor party! Love all the ideas in this post!

  130. they have the most awesome dishes and glasses. i’d definitely spend it on cool glassware. something to brighten up the table. thanks for the giveaway!

  131. Wow! I’d use the gift card on EVERYTHING! (Especially if I had your amazing talent for decorating) I’ve never even heard of World Market until this post (sad, I know) but I’m loving all of this. (Plus your flower headband is so cute, I want one just like it!)

  132. I LOVE World Market! The last time I was there I saw a gorgeous TV stand/hutch that I would love to get. They also have adorable patio furniture that would brighten up our boring porch!

  133. I can’t believe I have never been to World Market – they have such cute stuff! I would spend the money on new plates – mine are looking pretty sad these days.

  134. ooh count me in. I am sad to say I have a Wold Market about 5 miles from my house and have never been there! I need to go!

  135. There are so many things I can think of that I could buy at World Market with the gift certificate, kitchen stuff, food, outdoor items…!

  136. Oh World Market…love it! I would definitely use that gift card on home decor. I’ve got my eye on some clocks! Oh to have those clocks! 🙂

  137. no question….I’d definitely spend it on food because every time i go there i just can’t make up my mind which little treats to get as they are all so exciting and yummy looking!!!

  138. I love World Market!! Its one of those stores you can go into and just spend hours in. I would probably just get a little bit of everything, but I thinking most of it would go into stuff I could use in the kitchen!

  139. I know there are a million things I am interested in at WM. I will try to focus my shopping energy on outdoor entertaining items, but I definitely will not limit myself! I will also try one (or two) of those Italian sodas!! Thank you for the give-away!!

  140. Without a doubt I would get stuff for entertaining. Our patio has just been redone and now it’s time to invite and party all summer!

  141. I would probably spend it on something for my walls. We moved recently and now I have huge empty walls and nothing to put on them!

  142. I have always found such wonderful things on line and am so sad we don’t have a store in our area. I found a really cute apron I’m getting for myself even without a giftcard. Thanks for the coupon info.

  143. I just received your cookbook as a gift. I would LOVE the gift card so I can buy pretty things to eat off when I use your delicous recipes!!

  144. What wouldn’t I use that World Market Gift Certificate on? I would buy the white plates and a plate holder, and if they aren’t over $100 I would love to try the pesto and artichoke spreads. My mouth is watering thinking about it already. But, win or not win, thanks for sharing your website! It is a bright spot in my work day when my head is aching and I want to go home, I escape to Our Best Bites for a quick visit to the feeling of home! Thank you!

  145. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to World Market. You’ve definitely got me wanting to go. I’d probably spend my card in the kitchen area, but don’t know.

  146. oh my, you girls amaze me everyday! I can’t believe your creativity. That table was gorgeous! It makes me want to host a party tonight! Love your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  147. I would use it to buy dishes for sure! I just love all the beautiful and bright colors. And I might have to pick up a few of those lanterns as well!

  148. I LOVE World Market but there isn’t one anywhere near me. My husband and I make a special trip to one near his parents twice a year. If I won I would buy all the gourmet cooking ingredients I could find!

  149. I LOVE world market! I would probably use the money to buy everything you had for your outside dinner party. lOVE the lanterns, plates, and every other little detail! I’m crossing my fingers since I can only dream of nice things until my husband graduates…

  150. I would invest in a new dutch oven or (since I am a german girl living in the hot south of Louisiana) would keep my eyes open for some good german comfort food that I can get nowhere else but at World market

  151. I would use this to purchase something (or things) snazzy to spruce up my apartment. I have lived there for almost 4 years now and haven’t done a thing with the place because you know we are renting, I hate the tacky 80’s wallpaper, etc. But it looks like we will be in said apartment for another 3-5 years so I think it’s about time I put my mark on the place.

  152. I feel out of the loop. My first time entering World Market was just 4 months ago. I wandered the aisles for about 3 hours dreaming of what I could create. With the weather finally warm and inviting I would LOVE to create an outdoor living space. We love to hang outside at nights as a family.

  153. I’m so glad you introduced me to World Market! I’ve heard of it but never been. I would totally buy dishes. We never found ones we liked for our wedding, so three years later we still have a mismatched bunch of sets. New ones would be awesome!

  154. LOVE the table setting. I would probably buy the exact same stuff to create that gorgeous table and maybe throw in some foreign chocolate! Love that store!

  155. I love WM’s selection of new-to-me international treats…snacks, drinks, candies, spices. I would probably pick up some summery tableware for enjoying fun snacks poolside, some interesting treats for the kidlets and a selection of wine and imported beers for the adults (not to be consumed while watching the kidlets poolside, of course.)

  156. I LOVE World Market. I usually get lost in the food items and the kitchen ware If I were to win, I would spend the gift certificate on a variety of kitchen items for the house my daughter is buying. gotta have new entertaining things 🙂

  157. I’m thinking I could use a little bit of outdoor flavor. Our house is tiny, but our patio is divine. Outdoor eating is our favorite summertime family activity – so why not make it more festive?!

  158. I LOVE World Market! I’ve been going there since it went by Cost Plus (World Market is a much better name). I would probably spend most of it on food. My husband and I love the food there. And my Ghiradelli chocolate chips are a lot cheaper there than at the grocery store.

  159. Oh Heavens!! It’s so close to my birthday (June 24th) I think I would go crazy on some awesome dishes like the ones you have pictured, and of course a TON of fresh food to cook my way through your cookbook. It’s kinda like when you’re young, and you think that $10 will make you a millionaire, but hey… $100 in World Market WILL stretch for a ways. 😉

  160. A World Market just came to SLC! I went last week and spent too much, but I wanted to spend so much more. I would use the gift card on more dishes and table linens. Can one have too many?? I think not!

  161. Dinner and table looked fabulous! I can’t wait to try the chicken/veggie skewers! Would love to win the gift card too! 🙂

  162. If I win, I would buy some fun new summer toys & treats for my two boys and some of their awesome wine for my husband and I to share! 🙂

  163. I would buy some cute serving dishes for entertaining!

    As I may not win this little contest – I’m not the luckiest girly around…when it comes to contests I just want to let you gals know that I love your talent and this blog. I can’t wait to get your cookbook….oh I would have by now If it weren’t ALWAYS sold out 🙂 everything I’ve made from your blog has been divine!

    We had our first ‘start of summer’ cookout last week & I made your fresh herb & watermelon-feta salad *YUMMY*

    Thanks for sharing your talent – it’s inspiring.

  164. Ever since your gourmet hot chocolate post, i’ve been drooling over the cute mugs and dishes they have at world market! would definitely be getting some dishes if i win! thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  165. Well, $100 of Italian Soda sounds good to me. Blood Orange is my favorite flavor as well, over ice with a little heavy cream. Or a new rug, or accessories, or dishes, or kitchenware. I love World Market!

  166. What a beautiful outdoor meal! It looks right out of a magazine. I would probably get a little of everything. Some dishes, decorations, and maybe some food? Who knows. I love that store!

  167. Oh, man! I could spend so much in World Market. Right now I have my eye on some new curtains and throw pillows for my family room. Then again, I LOVE their outdoor stuff and could definitely use some new cushions for my patio furniture.

  168. I love this place! I would spend it on a little of everything. Sounds funny… but I love their hand soap. lol!

  169. We just moved to our first house and things are a little sparse, so I would use it on furniture or a little decorative flare!

  170. We just moved into a new house, and I have my eye on many things at World Market! I would use the gift card to buy a rug for my living room!

  171. The dishes we have are from World Market so I would probably buy more of those. I love the bowls particularly! And then get some of the fun food they have! Thanks for the chance to win!

  172. We just found the kitchen table of our dreams there. Took us months to find. And such great prices on baking stuff. Enter me, please!

  173. I love world market! I would buy some cute dishes. Love what you did by the way. The colors you used to decorate the table are so pretty and it looks like you had a great time!

  174. I’ve never been to a world market before but it sounds amazing!! I could really use some new dishes or maybe BBQ stuff for dad?? Thank you!!!

  175. Are you kidding?!?! What wouldn’t I spend it on. I would probably head for the table wear and food first…but where to stop…where to stop…

  176. I LOVE World Market. I must admit, I’d spend it on a little of everything. (How could you not?!) A little food, some summer dishes and decor 🙂

  177. I would use the card toward the Mason computer desk. Being a (newly graduated) graduate school student and married to a phd student, it would be wonderful to have a nice desk to do our work at.

  178. Wow! That table is pretty! I love World Market too! During Christmas they have the neatest ornaments. I like going there to find inexpensive but nice gifts for people. Anyways, I would probably end up purchasing some nice tablecloths and maybe some drinking glasses.

  179. Ok, there is so much at World Market I love that I know I would have no trouble spending it, I would go with a plethora of cute home accessories for sure!

  180. I would spend it on some home decor, more specifically for our bedroom. It needs some personality! And/or window treatments for the living room! …or tableware for entertaining…hahah I just don’t know.

  181. I have always had a deep, deep love for World Market!!! I can spend hours in there. :+) With the gift card I would buy a little bit of everything…why not!!!!

  182. We need a new kitchen table and I LOVE their furniture! This $100 gift card would really help make it fit into my budget! Thanks for the chance to win!

  183. I love World Market. I have a whole Pinterest board filled with their stuff, but I would definitely start with napkin rings–I’ve been looking for good napkin rings since we were married four years ago!

  184. I love world market. Some fun new dishes or a shower curtain would be awesome. And, of course some yummy British candy.

  185. Oh gosh, I’d probably be absolutely overwhelmed and spend it on a bit of everything. Actually, I’d probably focus on stuff I could bring to college with me – it seems like the sort of place I could find all sorts of cool dorm equipment!

  186. I love World Market furniture! However I would probably soend it on kitchen stuff, I love their dishes too. Actually I am like a kid in a candystore in that place. I am pretty certain if you gave in $100 I would spend well over $100 haha! Oh well evertime I go in there is like there is a $100 cover charge!

  187. I would use it on decor for my house! I recently got married and we just moved into our new house and it is BARE! I LOVE World Market!

  188. The outdoor tablescape you set up is HEAVENLY. I’m a sucker for turquoise too…and those chargers and dessert plates make my heart melt. 🙂 There are so many fun things at that store, I’d have a hard time deciding! I’m always a sucker for anything that for the kitchen, though.

  189. I love World Market too! I need some new dishes so I can set a beautiful table like you do. And I’m going to see you later today at the book signing in Houston! Love your blog!

  190. I would so get dishes. I need (okay it’s really want) a whole set of dishes for entertaining, especially for BBQ’s. The italian sodas wouldn’t be too far behind on the list either!

  191. I love World Market too! I have my eye on some of their artwork right now so if I win I would buy something beautiful to hang in my house. 🙂

  192. I want a new kitchen table! They have the most fabulous giant sturdy tables at World Market. And I love that they all come with bench options, so that’s what the card would go towards. (as a side note, our World Market is right next to a Target, so both of you best biters would be in heaven if you lived over here 🙂

  193. I’ve always wanted to shop in the food section & buy the different marinades, oils, snacks, treats, etc… but I always end up buying home furniture or decor items & can’t afford more! If I won the giveaway I would most definately buy a table cloth that I have been coveting since march & then I’d use the remainder to dabble in the food section.

  194. I would use the World Market gift card on a little bit of everything! It’s so hard to choose jsut one thing in there-they have such amazing stucff! 🙂

  195. I would LOVE to win this. I have plans to go to World Market this week to stock up on some food items. I think I would use the gift certificate to get some pretty new decorative knobs for our cupboards, chocolate (in a bunch of different flavors!), and Sweet Tea Wine. Oh I hope that’s back in stock for the summer. I’ve been impatiently waiting.

  196. World Market is an awesome store with all kinds of goodies, so I don’t know what I’d spend it on, but I’d find something great!

  197. I too LOVE World Market!!! I browse through the whole store but usually end up spending the most in the back of the store with the different dips,spreads, sauces, candies, chips, etc. I am a foodie…what can I say?!? Lol

  198. oh my gosh, i love that store. i never go in there with any particular plans, and i always leave with a cart-full. they have fantastic tea and wine options, not to mention really fun candy. great giveaway!

  199. I LOVE World Market also! I would use the gift card to buy some fun summer entertaining dishes and outdoor decor (love those lanterns!).

  200. I absolutely love World Market too! I can spend hours just walking through the store. I would probably buy tableware or decorative items I can to use for outdoor entertaining with a giftcard.

  201. I love World Market but I have only been there once. I spent a couple hours in there, just looking at everything! I’d spent the money on a little bit of everything–the fabulous ethnic snacks, home decor, and jewelry!

  202. I would spend it all on food and candy! Yummy! I love that store!! I discovered it a few years ago and I think it’s the greatest place!

  203. I would completely use it on a little of everything. Their stuff is wonderful, but we are tight on cash so I rarely buy anything there. Just wander the isles and dream.

  204. If I won the gift card, I would use the money to fill my new house 🙂 or I would fill my cart with those lanterns & votive holders….they are my collection obsession!!

  205. I would love to win this Gift Card! I am a teacher and I have been looking for Cultural items to hang in my classroom. World Market has a ton of things that I could use! (I might even have to use a little of it for home decor too!) What a great opportunity!

  206. I love World Market and can never walk out of the store empty handed. I would spend the money on a little bit of everything. Food, Candles, Dishes, Decor, you name it!

  207. Love love love world market!!! I would definitely use a gift card to help decorate our baby’s nursery, it needs to be done by November!!

  208. I love World Market, too! I’d probably buy things for entertaining outdoors, now that we have relandscaped our backyard. 🙂

  209. Oh how I love World Market!! I can always find something there that I don’t know how I lived withou! It is my go-to place for thoughtful, one of a kind gifts for those hard to shop for people. I love parusing the food selection and all the kitchen supplies/gadgets. You could say I’m a kitchen gadget junkie, so I know that’s what I would spend my money on!

  210. What a great post! I haven’t been to World Market in a long time. I think if I won, I would use it towards some new dishes. Thanks for the inspiration!

  211. Your party looks so fun! Just beautiful.
    Are you sitting down? I have NEVER been to World Market! I know, I know. It looks like a must see though! If I won the gift card I would probably buy some beautiful serving bowls. Thanks for the chance! Jeanette at thealldays(at)

  212. I fell in love with World Market when I lived in Houston; since I moved away I am so happy they have a great online store. I think I would use the giftcard for a variety of things but mostly cute dinnerware.

  213. I think I’d spend it on a little of everything-which would definitely include those purple lanterns. I absolutely love World Market!

  214. As a college student, you really have to get creative & resourceful when entertaining on a budget. I would LOVE to get some more cute dishes, and those votive holders are calling my name!! They would really take my entertaining up a notch!

  215. I LOVE World Market! If I had $100 there I would probably get a few kitchen gadgets (love their spice racks). My dream is to someday get a dining table from World Market, which will take a little more than $100.

  216. I could spend countless hours and exorbitant amounts of money at World Market! Love that place 🙂 I’d spend the money on items to decorate my kitchen.

  217. Would love to get some kitchen and dining stuff and some home decor. So much to choose from, thanks for the chance to win.

  218. Wow! How exciting. I think I’d probably just use it on a little bit of everything! Although, I’m kind of loving those green plates!

  219. I was looking through my dishes just this weekend when we had company, realizing that I have been married for some time now and I have not updated my dishes much since my wedding. Scary. I am definitely over due for a make-over in that department, but would not turn down the opportunity to save a little somethin-somethin for an amazing assortment of unique food.

  220. What a beautiful party!

    I love World Market and acually made a note on my ‘to do’ list while reading this post to stop by there to look for a delicious red pepper dip/spread that I heard they sell! They have so many things I would love to buy there…baskets, dishes…and I really enjoy looking at their furniture too!

  221. DISHES! DISHES! DISHES! I love to entertain, but if I want to do something a little nicer than paper plates I have to resort to using 4 Christmas plates, 3 hand-me-down lovies from my grandma, and then fill in with my everyday boring plates. It’s NOT a good look! I would definitely be getting dishes. Let the entertaining begin!

  222. Your table looks beautiful! I think that I need one of those beautiful headbands. If I won I would just go crazy getting all sorts of awesome things!

  223. I would definitely use the gift card on food, probably stuff I don’t normally buy (fancy drinks, pesto, etc.), for an outdoor summer party. or maybe some party ware (i love those colorful votive holders and jars with candles in the post!) we just moved into our house last year and haven’t had a backyard party yet (blasphemy!). I’d really like to do it up right.

  224. The blood orange soda looks delicious! I don’t even know where I would begin with the giftcard…probably food 🙂

  225. This looks so chic! I would love to go shopping there for my son’s first birthday party 🙂


  226. If I won the gift card I would first find a babysitter, and second wander up and down every aisle of our local World Market and who know what would end up in my cart! For sure it would all be amazing though!

  227. I would probably get a little bit of everything! I have never been to World Market before, and it sounds amazing!!!

  228. I’m a sucker for candle holders, so I might just spend it all on those! Thanks for the chance to win. I’ve just discovered your site and made two of your recipes for dinner last night. They were great!

  229. We’re building a house and I’ve been eying the Verona Trestle Table. Beautiful table to eat beautiful food on thanks to y’all!

    And I’m jealous you got to go to Trophy Cupcakes. I used to live 2 blocks away from the one at University Village. Oh. My. Yummy.

  230. Okay. I also have an obsession with World Market. I used to buy stuff online from them all the time because there wasn’t one anywhere near me. Then we moved to Murray and it’s just down the street. This is a very dangerous thing. Last weekend I bought my parent’s (both of them) birthday gifts from World Market. Okay, I bought myself a stove top grill pan also. Anyway, I would probably have a heart attack if I won this and I would buy those darling bright outdoor wicker chairs they have right now. They would be perfect on my condo balcony by my barbeque. 😀

  231. I would LOVE to go buy a little bit of everything from World Market! (and shop in the store since I;ve never quite been brave enough to go inside.)

  232. I would buy some new dishes for company and special occasions. I only have the same plain dishes I bought when I was married six years ago. It’s time to update!

  233. I would get the Chains Outdoor Rug for sure! I’m finally getting furniture to put out on our deck and that would just make it look fabulous!!

  234. oooo…I want a little of everything but especially some of that beautiful dish sets and also I love the lemonade containers, and how much fun it would be to put together a BBQ after these items.

  235. I just got married this weekend to my best friend. I would love to use this gift card on things to decorate our lil home together. He is a great man and I would love to surprise with some new stuff for the grill or some new patio decorations! Thanks

    A newlywed, Rebecca

  236. I love World Market! We just moved into a new house, so we really need some more furniture, especially a console table or some type of bench by our front door. I love their outdoor furniture too, it would look great on our front porch. Decisions, decisions 🙂

  237. There are soo many things!!! Hard to choose! I think I would first start with the Good Grips POP Storage Containers, since I need to organize my pantry. I also loved the White Provencal Dinnerware 🙂 What can I say, love kitchen stuff.

  238. If I won, I would get some new dishes and table setting things! Probably some chocolate too, I can’t resist all the sweet treats they have at the World Market. 🙂

  239. You girls always have the best ideas!! I look at your blog every morning and it helps me decide what to make for the week, so thanks!
    I love World Market as well, and there is one right up the street from my house! If I won the gift card I would spend it on dishes, candles, and barbecue supplies!!
    Thanks again 🙂

  240. Wow, how much do I wish you hadn’t introduced me to this site!? I want everything! I think I’d use the gift card to get new dinnerware, or curtains, or a goddess beach towel, or a nightstand. I could go on and on.

  241. Ooohhh…I’m in love with World Market!! I’d buy a little of everything with the gift card. Then, when I win the lotto, I’d buy everything else!!

  242. We love to entertain outdoors and have just purchased some paper lanterns from World Market (the battery operated ones). I’d love to add a more colorful punch with a fabulous table cloth and throw pillows to cozy up our space! Thanks!!

  243. I love World Market! I typically buy jewelry, candy, and furniture there, but you have inspired me to buy food and dishes! I love the way your table turned out!

    I love your cookbook too. You guys are great!

  244. Ooh, FUN idea. I’d wander through the store looking for ideas of what to make for dinner for my boyfriend’s Mom, who doesn’t eat garlic, onions, leeks, cilantro, cumin, or coriander. And I’d spend my shopping spree on whatever ingredients I need to make a meal without those things that still has lots of flavor!

  245. I would spend it on the food & get some new dishes. We are a military family and our dishes are always getting broke in moves. I have never owned a really nice set because they always get broken.

  246. Adirondack chairs! They’d look so cute on my front porch 🙂
    P.S. What are sisters for if not to do most of the cooking when you are in town? Did she approve of the hook-up line you threw in there?

  247. Tableware, dishes and tim cascade chips! I LOVE Trophy cupcakes and it’s the thing I miss most about Seattle (after friends, of course;))!! Even in Chicago, there’s no other place that compares to Trophy.

  248. I think I would end up getting a bunch of random things- they have so many fun, unique items! But I would definitely have to get a scarf, and some food items.

  249. OOOOoooohhhhh! I LOVE World Market and since I have an (unhealthy) addiction to plates I would probably buy more plates. 🙂

  250. What a beautiful post and fantastic giveaway! I’d love to go get some of those gorgeous dishes – and yes, some of that artichoke spread, too. Yum!!

  251. I love World Market!! I would get a new table runner and maybe a small table for our patio. And I’m sure my husband wouldn’t let me get out the door without buying some new weird food.

  252. Absolutely amazing! I LOVE World Market, but I never seem to have a vision that comes together near that well or without costing an arm and a leg! I need serious lessons from you!

  253. I am OBSESSED with World Market as well! My love affair started when I purchased ramekins from them… and now I want everything in the store! I would LOVE a $100 shopping spree there!!!

  254. Oh why have I never seen this store before?!!! I would totally use it to buy some new dishes… my 12 year old set that I got when I got married is now missing all the cereal bowls and most of the plates 🙂

  255. What a beautiful party! I too have been disappointed by “gourmet” cupcake shops. Maybe next time I’m in Seattle I will have to give those a try! 🙂

  256. I couldn’t narrow it down. A little bit of this a little bit of that! How great! I love your blog just bought your book and have made tons out of it already! Thanks!

  257. I’m with you on the World Market addiction. I love that place! They have the best ornaments and things at Christmas and Easter too.

  258. how fun!! i too love world market…i think if i had a gift card to spend there, i’d spend it on some of the great lanterns and votive holders! maybe a necklace or two (they are so reasonable and SO awesome!!), and maybe some plates…:)

    ps. it was great meeting you at deseret book…thanks for the fun evening!!

  259. I have my eye on those white, terra cotta rimmed dishes. Just something about terra cotta that makes me swoon! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂 LOVE your blog!

  260. I’m holding my first big BBQ in July and I’m actually taking my very first trip to world market at the end of this month so this would be AWESOME!

  261. LOVING those plastic dishes with the pretty cut outs. I would definitely get those if I won the gift card. If not, I think I’m getting them anyway! 🙂

  262. I would definitely use a little bit on a lot of different things: baking supplies, tableware, food items. They have so much to choose from! Thanks for the giveaway!

  263. So honestly, I’ve never even heard of this store before now. It sounds amazing! I’m definitely going to be checking out the website. And there is no question about what I would spend the money on. It would be dishes, I’m obsessed!!

  264. I love love love world market! I go in the week before mothers day and decide what jewelry I want, then make my husband go back and buy it for me. They have the best variety of everything. I like to just to walk around when im having a bad day.

  265. I can’t believe I’ve never been to World Market. To be honest, I had no idea what it actually was. I had always envisioned it more as a Stein Mart, so I’ve never been interested. Your post has opened my eyes, Kate!!!!! After perusing their website for an extended period of time, I can offically say that I would use the giftcard for….I have no idea. There’s too much cuteness. But I did just move and am buying my first house, so maybe I’d buy some decoration items to spruce the place up.

  266. Love your posts/blog.. and adore World Market just like you do!! I would love a gift card to spend on items for our camping trip.. I love little something to spice up the picnic table we have to use for 7days..

  267. I would love a $100 gift card to World Market! They have some of the best wine, however I would to get my hands on some of their irresistible dishes!! Thanks!

  268. I completely understand how you feel about World Market. I adore that store. I’d love some of their dishes or jewelry or placemats or food or furniture or etc. I have spent hours wandering that store.

  269. i love, love, love the world market. I am not sure i could pick one thing to spend it on. I would choose a pluthera of things 🙂 the chocolate section would definitely be on the list!!

  270. I love World Market! I go there and look, overwhelmed by everything, and then when I get home I find uses for all the things I fall in love with there! I need to get my timing right and buy when there! A nice shopping spree would be a pretty sweet way to take care of that problem for me. 😉

  271. I LOVE that store too! I would use it to buy some of their outdoor lighting, their super fun kitchen gadgets and soon outdoor dining stuff too! What an awesome giveaway!

  272. I would definitely buy some of their delicious wine, try some ethnic foods, and purchase some of their beautiful dishes!

  273. Wow.. I have never even heard of World Market until today. I would love to buy some plates, food and some home decor. I love your blog and website.

  274. I’d totally stock up on all of the fabulous outdoor “room” goodies. This season’s yellows, and turquoise-s, and corals are almost too much to bear! LOVE!

  275. Love World Market! I am getting married this coming October and if I were to win the gift card I would use it to buy entertaining items for our new home:)

  276. First off, your table looks amazing. And where have i been that I haven’t been to World Market. Oh Yeah, I live in SE Idaho. Not much like that around here. A $100 shopping trip would be amazing.

  277. wow! $100…i would definitely be spending it on items for our up coming wedding…i don’t know what exactly but maybe something for the centerpieces? or something else fun!

  278. I’ve never been to world market…apparently I’ve been missing out!!! I’d probably stock up on some dishes. Those plates are adorable!

  279. I think I might have to spend it on some dishes and maybe something pretty too! I got rid of my set of everyday dishes when we moved a few months ago and have been using plastic ones….I am gettting tired of that! 🙂

  280. I just found out about World Market a year again and now love it! We’ve bought food, wine, shower curtains, and kitchenware there. My husband is actually going there today to get kitchen bar stools. I would buy a variety of things if I won! 🙂

  281. I am sadly obsessed with cake stands, platters, and anything that can make a dinner party look amazing. I love the chargers and lanterns that you found! I seriously need to stop by the local World Market more often! Your table looked!

  282. LOVE your set-up for an outdoor dinner party. WorldMarket is my favorite for little gifts, unique jewelry, and fun foodstuff treats. Our bedroom set is from there as well. I havent tried the things you posted in your pictures, but may grab some next time i stop by. YUM.

  283. Probably a little bit of everything…but for sure it would include some blood orange soda and black licorice. Our families staples whenever we make a trip there.

  284. Oh wow…I’d definitely do it on serving dishes and dishes! We usually eat out of pots and pans because I haven’t purchased anything to serve food out of!

  285. This must be a sign from God! I was seriously in the store yesterday when I found an item I had given up hope on! It was…Marshmallow Fluff! The one in the glass jar that just says “Marshamllow Fluff.” I have been searching everywhere for this stuff (yes, I know Kraft makes a brand too, but I wanted to try this one!) I had given up hope on this when Boom! there it was! So what would I spend the coupon on…yep, a bunch of marshmallow fluff to make marshmallow fudge, marshmallow frosting for my cupcakes, marshmallow fondant, and a jar just for dipping my spoon in! In addition, since Father’s Day is this Sunday, I would buy some really cool bbq seasonings and sauces I saw there too! This store is the bomb! Oh and did I mention I also saw cotton candy cupcake mix with cute pink sprinkles? I am a from scratch baker, but even this little box of cuteness piqued my interest so I would buy that too! I would buy some of the fancy syrups and make summery drinks for my friends!

  286. Oh wow! I’ve never heard of World Market, but I’m already in love with their stuff! Everything looks so pretty for your party!

  287. I love, love, love World Market!They have great furniture, food, wine, dishes! It is definitely one of my favorite stores! Whenever I want something unique that is the first place I go!

  288. We just bought new couches that are a completely different look, feel and color than our old ones…so I need a little bit of everything to accessorize make our open floor plan feel a little more cohesive now!

  289. I’d love to buy those exact same table decorations and have an outdoor party just like yours. (Without the pear/gorganzola salad, I hate pears and gorganzola.)

  290. I would spend in on Christmas ornaments! As a newlywed we are still starting our collection and I love the glass ornaments they have! (Of course, it would be a miracle if I held on to it until Christmas! Chances are high I’d actually spend it WAY before then!)

  291. World Market is one of those places that you can’t really go in with a plan to buy something specific…I love walking around and seeing what new and cool things they have! I would probably use it for some outdoor entertaining items (platters or table decor, etc.)

  292. I need some baskets for organizing all kinds of stuff in my house, and I love their large selection of baskets. And I’d probably get a few candles, too – Indian Sandalwood is the absolute loveliest!

  293. I read your blog all the time but have never commented. I have made lots of your recipes and love them and I hold you both personally responsible for the fact that my children, after tasting your homemade tortillas, now scoff if I try to serve pre-made tortillas. 🙂

  294. Knowing me, I would spend it on food. I’m lame at decorating and making things looks nice, but maybe this would be a good chance to practice!

  295. LOVE this place!! I also love their unique foods and drinks. I am obsessed with dishes so I think they would be involved as well.

  296. I could definitely use some new dishes! There’s just something about eating a meal off fun dishes that makes it so much better than plain ol’ boring ones!

  297. Living in Manhattan, I miss World Market and always visit whenever I’m home seeing my parents. I’ve been a huge fan of their serving ware for years. Pick me!

  298. no question, I would spend it on dishes…no such thing as too many dishes?! but I think I would have to throw in some of their fun food items too!

  299. I LOVE world market. If I won I would spend it on square dishes. I have been wanting square plates and bowls for so long! When I go to world market for something specific, I can’t leave until I have looked at the dishes. I also love to get the Australia licorice. I love the black, my kids love the strawberry.

  300. I’ve never been to World Market(just moved out West and we didnt have one close by on the East). However, I know about the store and cant wait to peruse their shelves 🙂 I would most likely purchase food on my first trip since I am a food junkie

  301. I LOVE World Market! I would buy some dishes and a picnic basket that I saw there! Of course with yummy food from you website packed inside. 🙂 Yay!

  302. I would spend it on adorable dishes like you have displayed or even pillows! I could even buy some wall art! So many possibilities!

  303. Oh how I LOVE World Market! I feel like it has amazing finds for a much cheaper price than some of my other favorite wish-I-could-afford-them stores 🙂 I really want some kitchen chair cushions, like the Avani Floral Chair Pads I found this morning. The more and more pregnant I get, the less comfortable those hard wooden chairs are – ha! Love your blog…my husband especially appreciates all of the great food he’s been eating lately, courtesy of you girls! Thanks!!

  304. I think I would use it for a little bit of everything. I could definitely use some BBQ supplies and some dishes. Thanks for the giveaway!

  305. Between your recipes and some pretty dinnerware from World Market, my mother-in-law will think I am a domestic diva when she comes to visit this summer!

  306. My husband and I love to go to World Market. We always find unique items that we can’t live
    without. They even have old-time candy that we haven’t seen in years. I enjoy shopping in
    their food and cooking section. There are so many things on my wish list– a gift card would be wonderful!

  307. Love the World Market….If I won the gift card I would give it to my mom it one of here all time favorite place to go as well and since she does so much for me (tend the little man feeds dinner all the time) I think I would have to give it to her she so deserves it. She would for sure spend it on food items:)

  308. I LOVE world market. It’s AMAZING. I love everything in that store from the food to the furniture. I think I would spend the gift card on some furniture for our new home!

  309. I need some new plates. My baby just dropped another plate today. I would like one set of dishes that matches for everyone to use. I know they sell individual plates; they have some nice ones!

  310. I would buy a little bit of everything! I have never heard of this place but found out there is one (kind of) nearby….this could be dangerous!!

  311. I *love* World market. I would use it to round out my every day dishes. I bought them at World market and need a few more pieces. Plus some food – I love exploring the fun food items.

  312. I am a World Market lover myself! I would spend this money on some new dishes for summer entertaining. I’m not a big entertainer, but would love to start. This would be the perfect way to get some fun serving pieces and dishes! Thanks for the giveaway!

  313. I just spent an hour looking at their website, I love it all! I think I would use the giftcard on the rotating sphere floor lamp for the nursery I am trying desperately to put together before this baby comes. But I also LOVE thier rugs. Thanks!

  314. Love the world market. I think most of mine would go to food, but also a little bit to some cute new dishes. Thanks for the giveaway.

  315. Yeah, you’re sister IS amazing. She cooked the most delicious-tangy salmon I’ve ever tasted when she was here last month. Hi Becca – happy birthday!!!!!

    Gorgeous table spread. . .

    I love World Market. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water for Swiss chocolate. Pick me! Pick me!

  316. I LOVE WORLD MARKET!! No question I would spend every last penny on fabulous kitchen and entertaining wares. I’m planning my baby girl’s firt birthday party right now and I could put that $100 to really good use!! 🙂

  317. Oooh, I love World Market. They have beautiful stemless wine glasses and liter carafes that I would buy if I won the card. Great post and blog! Love to read it.

  318. I love World Market! We’re moving in the next couple of months, and that gift certificate would to to helping gradate our family from college-life household items!

  319. I love World Market! Every time I go there I seriously spend an hour just wandering! I would use the gift card on food (the South African curries are SO GOOD) and some new tableware!!

  320. I love love love LOVE World Market!!!! I know I could spend way more then $100 but I would head straight to the kitchen gadgets and dishes!! They also have a buffett I would love to have in my dining room to hold those new dishes. 😀 Next, I would have to hit up the candle section and get some candles and holders for my patio outside. I would have to save a little something so I could pick out a cute dog toy for my Beagle puppy. He needs spoils too!!

  321. Oh, how I love World Market. My mom, sisters, and I went to San Francisco to stock up, before it came to Utah. I would copy you, and purchase the chargers. I have a scary addiction to cute chargers.

  322. I would definitely buy some decor for my new, and somewhat bare, apartment. I would just wander the aisles until something spoke to me (which often happens in that store). What a great giveaway!

  323. I’ve never been to World Market and I was delighted to find out just now that there are 2 stores in my area. I am definitely going to have to go!!

    I love dishes so I would enjoy spending some time getting lost in that department and I *so* enjoy trying new foods, so I’ll definitely be spending some time there as well.

    Thanks for introducing me and for a chance to win! 🙂

  324. I love everything in this post. Starting with the plates to the votive holders. I am a total sucker for a pretty table setting, so that is what I would buy with a World Market gift card.

  325. Love all the summer stuff in their e-catalog, but I really like their wall art – in store. I think I would go with the art…

  326. I’d definitely use it for outdoor entertaining. We just finishd landscaping the backyard and I can’t wait to throw a party!

  327. I would buy a bunch of little fun decorator things I think, but when I go in there I’m always drawn to things I never knew I wanted but suddenly NEED!

  328. I love their wall of pillows at the store by us, so I would probably use the giftcard to buy tons of fun pillows to put everywhere through out my house…then I would also buy some of the fun food mixes, spreads and oils. 🙂 I LOVE world market!

  329. Definitely stuff. I love their stuff. Pillows and curtains and vases and decor. Oh and chocolate. I like their chocolate. French. Dutch. English. All of them.

  330. I absolutely LOVE World Market! Such a great place! I think I would use the gift card on home decor items-I could use some! Love the $8 lanterns!!

  331. I’d definitely spend it on furniture. They had some cute black folding chairs that would be nice to have on hand. Then I could put the extra leaves in my table and sit everyone around it when we have guests.

  332. I love world market. I would use the card to by dishes or serving pieces. It’s all about presentation right! I found my first World Market store about ten years ago and it is one of my favorite places to go when I can get a babysitter. I can spend hours in there. By the way, if you don’t have a world market near you …some Bed Bath & Beyond stores have a World Market Section in their stores.

  333. I think I deserve to win since a) it’s my birthday this week, and b) you got to keep all the cool stuff I helped you pick out!

    For real though, thanks for the awesome party 😀

  334. Definitely food and/or dishes. They always have random stuff from Portugal or Brazil which obviously makes me jump for joy when I see it!

  335. I love, love, love World Market! The closest one is about 30 minutes away from me. And believe it or not, I was just trying to think of a reason I needed to go down there! I have so many things I would buy. Pretty dishes, napkins, and there are so many foods I want to try like those veggie chips and Italian sodas. Yummy!

  336. If I got the gift card, I would probably spend it on furniture/home decorating. I love decorating and never seem to have enough money in my budget to do it. 😉

  337. Love the spread! I am obsessed with World Market too. I love their Christmas ornaments…I have some of their furniture. If I won the gift card I would probably use it towards some new linens and serving utensils and maybe some of their treats.

  338. I love World Market! We used to live near one and now we don’t, but I still go online to ogle the furniture and housewares. I’d love to shop for stuff for our new house …

  339. Hopefully something for a new house…. which means that I would be getting a new house! 🙂 But, really? Probably some toss pillows. I need to change up the look in my bedroom and living room, and that’s a quick, easy way!

  340. I love your table Sara! I would totally spend it on dishes and whatnots! I love to set a pretty table using candles, charges, different plates, etc. I think it’s so welcoming to your guests!

  341. I love dining al fresco but currently have nothing to do so, so I’d definitely get something for an outdoor summer dinner party.

  342. LOVE World Market!!! I spend most of my time in the dishware/kitchen section, so that’s likely where’d I’d use the prize $$!! They DO have interesting looking food… and their gift bags are SO cute… and I LOVE those candle-holders you posted pics of… (sigh) I LOVE WORLD MARKET!!! : )

  343. Moving into my first apartment this fall, I would undoubtedly purchase the darling Russian doll measuring cups, quality pots and pans, and some fun food to begin life in my apartment with a zing 🙂

  344. Love the blog!! I’d use the gift card to spend on outdoor games for my family. We could use a croquet set and one of those huge Chess sets. Fun!

  345. Oh, I would have a hay day if I won! I have never heard of World Market but just looking at their site I can see an enduring relationship between the two of us! If I won, I would buy so many awesome things. I want the square white plates and the espresso mugs you have! Oh, and so much more!

  346. A few years back I found matching aprons for my little girl and I at World Market. They are super cute and I’m a little obsessed with aprons right now. So I would use the gift card on more cute aprons!! And on those adorable dessert plates that you shared!

  347. I would have to spend it on a little of everything! I have an outdoor birthday party I’m planning and I love all your ideas!

  348. What a fabulous giveaway! There is a World Market 5 minutes from my house and I have spent far too much money there. I’m always drooling over their table linens & dishes so that’s what I’d buy!