CD Envelope Cookie Pouches + Free Printables!

CD Case Cookie Case introThe other day I was watching the movie Home Alone with my little boys when one of them very curiously asked, “Mom, what’s a ‘VCR‘??”  That’s the moment I realized I was old.  Or that the times change way too fast.  My kids have no clue what a normal phone looks like.  They wondered why Grandma had a funny stretchy cord on her walkie-talkie on our last visit there.  Recently I was rummaging through loads of unorganized boxes in my garage (from 12 months ago when we moved into this house and I set them there so I could unpack and organize them never another day) and I came across a huge stack of CD envelopes.  I don’t even know where the hundreds of CD’s I own even are.  Music has changed so much and pretty much all of ours is now digital.  We plug the digital into our car, we stream digital onto our home stereo, times have certainly changed since I was younger and I got in trouble after buying the Vanilla Ice CD in 6th grade for my enormous CD playing Boom Box (remember when bigger was better instead of smaller is sleeker?)  Anyway, being the craft supply hoarder I am I started thinking there must be another use for those clean white paper envelopes and then it hit me- they reminded me of the cute little window boxes you can buy to package up goodies.

White CD Envelopes for CookiesThat round cellophane circle looked like the perfect spot to display a cookie.

Cookies in a CD Case_Our Best BitesSure enough!  Perfect Fit, and boy do they look cute.  You can buy packs of these envelopes for ridiculously cheap, and even in fun colors.  Slip your favorite cookies right in there.

Cookies Slipped into CD Cases_Our Best BitesOne thing I would strongly suggest is cutting out a piece of waxed paper or parchment and sliding it in under the cookie so the butter doesn’t soak through the paper and look messy.

Cookies in CD Cases_Our Best Bites

How cute are those?  Don’t answer that, because they’re about to get even cuter.  At the bottom of this post you’ll find a downloadable file for these adorable labels.  You can use double-stick tape, or do what I did and print them on sticker paper (available at office supply stores, my pack was actually labeled shipping paper“).

Cut Out CD Labels
Not only do these darling labels have cute designs on the front, they have room on them to write a to/from,

Labeled Cookie in a CD Case
or a little message, or to label the type of cookie that’s inside.

Labeled Cookie Labels

Just fold the wrapper right over the top.

Cookies in CD Envelopes Our Best BitesThis project becomes even quicker and easier if you grab your cookies at a bakery (Costco cookies work great!)  The Fred Meyer bakery actually baked mine, shhh… no one has to know.  Except for the millions of people around the world reading this right now. But no one has to know about yours.

Use a CD Envelope for Cookies! From Our Best Bites
This is such a fun and classy way to dress up a single cookie.  It takes something simple and instantly turns it into something special and personal.

CD Envelope label for cookies from Our Best Bites

It’s the perfect thing to pack in a basket and take to work to share with co-workers, or drop off at school for your favorite teachers, or take to church to share with friends.

Black and White Printable for CD Treat Envelopes

You could also use a round cookie cutter and cut out something like a brownie or a rice krispie treat.

CD Case Cookies from Our Best Bites

Anyway you cut it, this is a brilliant and creative use for an inexpensive little paper envelope (if I don’t say so myself!)

Brilliant idea to use CD envelopes for treat pouches from Our Best Bites!I couldn’t decide which image to give you for pinning, so you get both!  Hover over an image to make the Pin button appear!

Great idea from Our Best Bites! CD Envelopes for Cookie Pouches

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  1. You really think of everything, like placing a piece of wax paper under the cookies…you’re too smart! These are adorable, thanks for sharing!

  2. I LOVE these! the labels are darling and I am going to be using those for the 200 leftover cd sleeves I bought in June. We did this for our father’s day ‘gift’ at church for all of the men and it was a hit! I had to buy a pack of 500 and so I seriously have so many leftover. thanks so much for the printable!

  3. such a cute idea! it makes me a little sad how times have changed. Prank calling your latest crush in elementary school is kind of impossible now. What has our world come too!

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