Surprise!  This is a little bonus post this week.  And it’s actually kind of a cheater post because technically this recipe is already on the site.  This is my favorite mint brownie that my Mom has been making since I was a little girl.  It’s the brownie I turned into Peppermint Candycane Brownies on this site.  Because those are holiday themed, I think they get skipped over in the index during the rest of the year, so I wanted to have a place where the plain ol’ Mint Brownie could shine!  I’m slipping them in today because I think it’s a fun thing to make if you’re looking for a treat for St. Patty’s Day.

This recipe starts off with a super rich, fudgy brownie.  Look at the ingredients in that picture; mostly eggs, chocolate, butter, and sugar with just a little bit of flour.  That should tell you right there that this is one fudgy brownie!

You’ll start by melting the chocolate and butter together.

And after you add everything else in and bake your brownies you want to let them cool to room temp before moving on.  Once they’ve cooled you can whip up your peppermint frosting.

I spike it with quite a bit of peppermint because it’s a very thin layer of frosting.

After the frosting is spread on evenly, you top it with another melted chocolate mixture

Pop them in the fridge, and once the chocolate is hardened, you can slice them up.

And how perfect are these for St. Patrick’s Day?  Ya know, because they involve the color green, not because they are in any way authentically Irish like the bread I posted yesterday!

I love little containers like this.  You can find them at craft supply stores.  Add a few stickers and a ribbon and you’ve got a darling little treat for your lucky leprechaun!

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