If you’ve been reading the blog for awhile, you probably know I have a thing for eggs. And when I say “thing for” I mean “hate them.” Well, “hate” is taking it a tad far–I don’t hate all eggs, just most eggs, and it doesn’t take much for me to hate them, especially if I have to cook them myself. I want to like them so badly because I actually do think they taste good, but they just make my throat want to close up.

We-ell, this past April, Sara and I came up with the idea of making breakfast taquitos. I left Sara to the taquito recipe experimentation because, all together now, “Kate hates eggs!” So imagine my surprise when I loved. Loved. LOVED the eggs in her taquitos, especially when there was a buffer of other ingredients and the crispy tortilla.

As we’ve read through the comments about how people like to use feta, we’ve seen a number of people say they love it on eggs. So I sucked it up and whipped out my frying pan. Since 9 times out of 10, my omelets flop (nearly literally), I usually end up making some kind of egg scramble and then wrapping it up in a tortilla or a crepe (how I can make crepes and not omelets is beyond me). I knew I wanted to use something similar to Sara’s egg filling for the taquitos, but I wanted it to be a little more Mediterranean, so I swapped out a few ingredients. Guess what? I totally loved it. And really, the key players are eggs, salt, pepper, and feta cheese–you can add as little or as much other stuff as you like. But this is what I did:

Like I said, though, you can add anything you want in there. The feta adds a light, salty tanginess that I think offsets the less desirable flavors eggs can sometimes produce (kind of like citrus juice and fish)–way better than that heavy, overwhelming flavor that you sometimes get from adding cheddar to scrambled eggs (I’ll give you 1 guess on how much I love cheddar on eggs. Yes, I was the weird kid growing up.)
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