Unlike a lot of foods requiring oil frying, these little beauties are SO easy and they won’t totally trash your kitchen. They’re awesome on top of salads or burgers, or for a topping on casseroles or even just to snack on.

You’ll need three bowls. One with an egg and a little milk, one with some white flour and seasonings, and one with your sliced onions. You can slice your onions however you like. I slice them about 1/8-1/4″ wide and then quarter the slice of whole onion so the pieces are only an inch or two long. (ya, ya…forgot the picture of that one…)

Take a small handful of onions at a time and dunk them in the egg. Lift them up and let any excess egg drip off. We don’t want to deep fry clumps of egg here. Actually, that would probably taste good. Pretty much anything deep fried tastes good, but that’s beside the point.

After they’ve had a dunk in the egg, then just toss them around in the flour mixture until everything is coated. This is where you can personalize these little bits of yumminess. The recipe here is the most basic one, add seasonings to your heart’s delight.

The next step is to pop them in a pot of hot oil, for just a couple of minutes.

Take them out when they’re golden brown and let them drain on some paper towels.

Now eat one warm. And if no one’s looking, bust out the ranch dressing and give it a dip. Just to be naughty.

Let them cool to room temp and then you can use them on salads (they’d be seriously awesome on this salad), to top casseroles, on burgers or sandwiches, or just to snack on!


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