BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Okay, so I think I’m about to be mocked here. I’m all Miss Foodiepants and everything, but up until about a year ago, it had never even dawned on me to put coleslaw and pickles on BBQ pork sandwiches. Seriously. I was at one of those roadhouse-style restaurants where you can pick your own steak and throw peanuts on the floor and I ordered the pulled pork sandwiches on a whim. And I nearly died of food happiness. I like BBQ pulled pork, I like coleslaw, I like pickles…but together, it was on a completely different plane of food awesomeness. Turns out I was kind of in the dark and that this is a common practice. I felt like I did in 4th grade when everyone else was singing “Step By Step” by New Kids on the Block while my parents made me listen to Judy Collins and Art Garfunkel.

For the sauce, we recommend using your favorite BBQ sauce–Cattleman’s is a great, inexpensive national brand, or you could try picking up some from your favorite local BBQ joint.


  1. I just made pulled pork yesterday and will have to get some of this to try on my sandwich. Pick me, Country Bob!!

  2. Pulled pork sandwiches are my favorite! I've never had one with coldslaw but then I don't really like coldslaw. I would love to try Country Bob's sauce!

  3. I don't normally like to mix my food so trying this would be way out of my comfort zone. But for food I will be a brave girl, of course I need some Country Bob's to make it happen!

  4. I've never tried country bob…I'm willing. The thought of coleslaw on pulled pork is a new one for me. There is a lunch place in my town that makes a panini with corned beef sliced thin topped with cheese and coleslaw that is way better than it sounds. I will have to give yours a try.

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