Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

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These rank at the top of our list when it comes to the Best Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe. We recommend scooping them large so they have time to develop buttery crisp edges and retain their soft centers.  We’ve found that everyone has their “perfect” chocolate chip cookie and since many factors (elevation, humidity, personal preference) influence what is “perfect” for YOU, we recommend trying a few to find your favorite!  Our two other favorite recipes are these Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies and also the famed NY Times Chocolate Chip Cookies.  If you love this recipe below, it’s also the inspiration behind our beloved GIANT Chocolate Chip Cookie, and in bar form, these Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars!  If you want just a few cookies, try our little Small Batch Chocolate Cookie Recipe, which makes just 6-8 cookies.

Scroll past recipe card for step by step photos and instructions!


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Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

  • Author: Sara Wells, slightly adapted from ATK


This cookie is a perfectly chewy, bakery style chocolate chip cookie– crisp on the outside and soft in the center.



2 cups plus 2 tablespoons flour
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
12 tablespoon butter (1 1/2 sticks) melted and cooled until warm*
1 cup brown sugar (light or dark)
1/2 cup granulated sugar
1 large egg plus 1 egg yolk
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1 1/2 cups semi-sweet or bittersweet chocolate chips


*You want your butter melted, but not hot.  It’s best when it has a milky look, not clear yellow.  Your dough will be quite loose if you use hot melted butter and you’ll need to wait for it to harden a bit before scooping your dough.  I recommend melting slowly at half power until all the pieces are almost melted and let residual heat finish melting it.  It should be just warm to the touch, not hot.

Heat oven to 350 degrees. Adjust oven rack to middle position. Mix flour, salt, and baking soda together in medium bowl; set aside.

Beat butter and sugars until thoroughly blended. Mix in egg, yolk, and vanilla. Add dry ingredients; mix until just combined. Stir in chocolate chips.

Scoop into balls* and bake until outer edges start to harden yet centers are still soft and puffy.  Baking time will depend on the size of your cookies.  I think the texture of these cookies are best when scooped large, about 3 tablespoons of dough, each, which will bake for 9-12 minutes.  Cool cookies on cookie sheets. Serve or store in airtight container.

*alternate scoop method:  This recipe as written from ATK suggests rolling 1/4 cup dough into a ball and then breaking it in half, placing the broken side facing up on the cookie sheet.  The craggly texture of the top creates a nice shape and texture to the baked cookie.  That being said, I almost always just use an extra large cookie scoop and skip the breaking part because it’s quick and easy and they still turn out amazing. 

Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

How to make Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

You want your butter melted, but not hot.  It’s best when it has a milky look, not clear yellow.  Your dough will be quite loose if you use hot melted butter and you’ll need to wait for it to harden a bit before scooping your dough.  I recommend melting slowly at half power until all the pieces are almost melted and let residual heat finish melting it.  It should be just warm to the touch, not hot.
Melted Butter

This recipe relies heavily on brown sugar, which is something that helps give it a warm caramel flavor and chewy texture.

Another main component in achieving a good texture is the addition of an extra egg yolk.

egg yolks

You can use any chocolate chips you like.  I personally am always a fan of semisweet chocolate chips in cookies, and most desserts. I love Ghirardelli brand, but use whatever you have and like!

Size Matters!

I prefer the texture of these cookies best when scooped large, in a ball of about 3 tablespoons dough.  A scooper works great!  Don’t flatten them down after placing them on the baking sheet.

cookie dough

Bake Your Cookies

I’ve learned you can under-bake them by quite a bit because they set up well and get more crisp around the edges as they cool.  So don’t wait for them to get browned, just set.  Once they come out of the oven, let them cool for a few minutes and then transfer to a baking rack.
Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies





  1. I’ve made this recipe so many times. I think it has the best flavour because of all the brown sugar. The only problem is.. there is so much moisture that the edges don’t stay crisp!

  2. That is my absolute favorite recipe for chocolate chip cookies ever. I like it with dark brown sugar. They are so chewy. And they never last long around our house.

  3. I LOVE this recipe. I have adapted it some, even tried it with part whole wheat flour. I make the basic version of this all the time.But I agree, I just use my cookie scoop when I make them.

  4. It is too funny, that last night I made some CC cookies and they turned out flat and not too appetizing. This morning I was talking to my husband and said, “that’s why I never make CC cookies because they turn out like this, I don’t know what to do.” He responded, “Maybe you need a new recipe.” So I thought I would hop on over to your site to see if I could locate a recipe and usually some tips or tricks on technique, Then VIOLA! That was today’s post — I am thinking I was meant to be a great cookie maker after all. It’s fate! I can’t wait to try these out!

  5. How funny Ellen, we must be in snyc! I hope you like these. Check out the other chocolate chip cookie recipe we have posted on our site too- it’s fantastic as well. Now that you’ve got 2 good ones, you’ll never make flat cookies again!

  6. What?! Farm eggs are colored? I knew there were white and brown but green and pink and other pastel colors? The picture looks like you colored them for Easter.

  7. Mmmmm these look amazing! I love the colorful eggs, too. Were you still at home when I was working at Kelsey Creek? They had the coolest chickens that laid all sorts of colored and speckled eggs. I used to bring home the really neat ones and blow them out to use as Easter decorations. They would be awesome as chocolate filled eggs, too!

  8. When we make cookies at our house we call it “warm dough”. I love them barely cooked an doughy. That is if the ever make it to the oven.

  9. Oh no, I’m torn! After I tried Kate’s recipe (the first recipe I ever tried from here and the one that fully converted to your blog), I swore I would never use another chocolate chip cookie recipe! But, now, I guess I’ll have to be unfaithful and try this one out–it’s just too tempting.

    So what would you say the difference is between these recipes? I mean, in the results, of course.

  10. I like the green egg comment, I did not know what they were until culinary school, since I did not boil eggs often enough, but the cookies rock!

  11. Chocolate Chip Cookies are my favorite treat. Up until now, sara, you and I have been like food soul mates, but I find this recipe…well, abominable. I made it only once.

    surprising from the test kitchen, but I thought these cookies needed more salt and the texture just wasn’t right to me. Even worse, I could taste the extra egg yolk in there, which was weird.

    I swear by the New York Times cookie recipe from july 2008. To me, it is perfection! apparently, perfection is in the eye of the beholder!

  12. Holly- I’ve yet to try the NYT recipe. It’s been in my file for months. I kind of resisted since it was so ‘trendy’ in food blogger world. Stupid, I know! And how on earth can you taste an egg yolk?? You must have some sort of super sense! Hopefully we can find a way to still be food soul mates, haha.

    Lindsay, like I said, I think chocolate chip cookies are completely about preference. I think the main difference is that this cookie is chewier. The margarine in Kate’s make them a bit softer all around and the full butter in this recipe gives a crispier outside/edge (the centers are still really soft though). They definitely have a chewier texture over all though, so if you love Kate’s, then this one might not be the texture you like. But there’s only one way to find out! Do you really *need* an excuse to try cookies? haha

  13. So I want to try this RIGHT NOW but . . . do I have to use parchment paper? I have those heavy pans mentioned in Kate’s recipe that I usually use. I don’t have any parchment paper. Though a trip to the store at 10 o’clock at night isn’t entirely unwarranted in the case of a pregnant mama with a craving, is it?

  14. Wow, this seems to be quite the divisive cookie! I will have to try it and weigh in…I have to say my cc cookie recipe hasn’t been the same since we moved. I’m not sure if it’s the humidity or the elevation or just an all-around sense of evil, but I’m not happy about it.

    Oh, and Who Knew? Seriously, this very morning I was thinking, “Hey, what ever heppened to her?! Did she stop reading our blog??” I’m glad you’re still here! 🙂

  15. Kate- no I wouldn’t make a trip to the store just for parchment. I bet your pans work just fine!

    I mentioned in my post that cookies just turn out different for so many reasons. What may be the “perfect” cookie for someone somewhere may be a total flop for someone else. I had recipes I loved in Seattle that just don’t work here in Idaho. I tried Alton’s Brown recipe, which I’ve heard a lot of people rave about and they turned out horrid. And don’t even get me started on the Tollhouse recipe. So who knows- this may be “the one” for some people (like my husband!) and not for others.

    I only have one other recipe that I use a lot and love and I think at some point I may post that one too. It’s been a “no-fail” for me. If anyone wants it, you’re welcome to email me to get it!

    1. Sara, I would really like your other chocolate chip cookie that you mention in this comment. I too have a difficult time with getting the cc cookies to be crisp on the edges and chewy (but cooked) on the inside. I really enjoy your website sooo much! Always look forward to your emails. Thanks! Jane

  16. I’ve made this cookie, and it is definitely a keeper!! I value the same cookie qualities as you do – crispy exterior and chewy center. Melted button and brown sugar seem to do the trick. My cookies do not come out as thin as yours… not sure why. I think I would prefer thinner cookies. Alton’s also worked very well for me, though they were also relatively thick.

  17. Alrighty, you’ve convinced me. I’m starting them, even though we’re now going on midnight. And I’d love to get you started on the Tollhouse recipe. It boggles my mind. It worked great in Virginia. Upon moving to Utah, I produced nothing but flat horribleness. I still can’t make them work here in Texas, but my husband can–he refrigerates the dough overnight. I don’t have time for that.

  18. This is quit similar to my cc recipe I use but it is a whole egg rather than the yolk. I will have to try this. I also enjoy doing mine with m&m's. So yummy! You did a good job with your post. For a minute I thought I was watching Good Eats.

  19. Whoa – I had no idea eggs came in so many different colors. How is that possible? Your cookies look great and I bet they did taste better because of their farm fresh eggs.

    Chew on That

  20. Thanks for putting on a print recipe link. That’s awesome. It saves me from having my laptop open in the kitchen (which is a stupid thing for me to do)since I’m too lazy to just write it down.

  21. Those eggs are cool!!!
    Great.. I give up chocolate for Lent and you’ve got the perfect recipe for chocolate chip cookies.. just a few more weeks to go and then I’ll try them out 🙂

  22. Those eggs are cool!!!
    Great.. I give up chocolate for Lent and you’ve got the perfect recipe for chocolate chip cookies.. just a few more weeks to go and then I’ll try them out 🙂

  23. Okay, so I just tried this recipe and my dough looks nothing like yours. It turned out very gooey looking. I think because my “warm” butter may not have been warm at all, but a little more than warm. I am putting it in the freezer to harden. Always second chances!

  24. Mmmm. These are perfect. PERFECT.

    I didn’t use all the batter that night so I just tried them today after it was refrigerated and they are still perfect. Even after a few hours in an air-tight dish, still soft and chewy!

  25. I made these cookies and didn’t tell my family it was a new recipe and my husband commented that these were the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever made, needless to say there weren’t any leftover for the next day 🙁 Thanks for the recipe!!

  26. I heard from Gabe’s that you have great recipes. I am trying to make Starbuckish almond toffee bars do you have any tips? Do you love them too and already have a toffee bar creation, could I be so lucky?

  27. OK, so I made the cookies yesterday, and they are AMAZING! YUM! I wrote at the top of this recipe, “it’s a great one!” The kids were impressed and my husband even wanted to take some to work! YEAH!

  28. Is there any way you have this recipe in some metric form? I’m from the states, but I’m currently in Austria. 🙁 I miss American food so badly, but using a coffee cup and soup spoon aren’t cutting it as measuring tools. (As evidenced by my chewy pancakes.)
    And they don’t have cookies here. At least not this delicious kind.

  29. I tried it… and YUM! The only thing is, I think that there’s too much butter. Yeah, I know… how can there ever be too much butter… but I think 1 stick was enough. They were soooo soft though. YUM! Absolutely loved, and so did the fam.

  30. I have always been really bad at making CC cookies, but this recipe made me look like a pro! Very delicious, even my picky hubby loved them. Thank you so much!

  31. I find it interesting that this recipe was taken from the Cook’s Illustrated one, because there’s one appreciable different; this one contains nearly a cup more flour than the Cook’s one, and that turns out to be the difference between a moist, delicious cookie, and a cookie that leaves globs of grease on your fingers when you touch it and might clog all your major arteries. I followed that Cook’s recipe to the letter and the cookies were gross! 1 3/4 stick butter to 1/34 cup flour??? Never again. Thank God I found this recipe and turned it all around. I made them exactly as suggested and they came out perfect. Thanks so much!!!

  32. WOW! These cookies turned out perfect even in my very funky Bosnian oven. I also had to use Muscavado brown sugar (its all I can find here) thats really dark which I am not a huge fan of at all, but they were still delicious. I just ate one for breakfast (Shhh!) and I thought for sure since it was the day after and I had just left them sitting on the counter all night that they would be all crispy, but no…it was AMAZING! Still so chewy and moist. I couldn’t believe it. Thanks for a fantastic recipe once again.

  33. Can I just say how much this recipe failed for me?

    Yours look so BEAUTIFUL! I was actually excited on my way home from school today to start these cookies because I knew my mom had gone to the store to get chocolate chips.

    But once I had mixed all the ingredients, exactly how I was supposed to, the dough was very sticky(I guess from the melted butter?) and hard to work with. So I added about 1/3 cup more flour, but it was still pretty sticky. And after they were baked, they lacked the attractive brown color that yours had, so they seemed undercooked, yet the edges weren’t crispy–they were rock hard! The center was soft and chewy as promised, but the edges were extremely messed up.

    Where did I go wrong? 🙁

  34. i was just searching around for some recipes &&i picked yours(=

    i mean they look delicious; but i'd like to see how the other from CI turned out too.
    i guess i could just try some when i bake them, lol.
    nvm then, ill bb for an update on how they were!

  35. okaie, so those were reallie great cookies! my brother didnt like the cookie dough, but i thought it was fantastishh! =D

    when i put the cookies on the sheet i did them both ways you wrote about; i took pics of them afterwards to put on here but it wont let me put it in a comment =/

    anywhoo, my mom &&i liked the normal ones while my brother liked the ridges on top. so now imma have to make them both ways, lol; alreadie having to make chocolate chip dough &&whatever my dad wants in a smaller portion of dough [like white chocolate or butterscotch chips], so its a lotta work!! but soo worth it!! =D

    when the alarm went off i was just itching to eat those cookies! when i took them out i knew i shoulda waited to put the cookies onto the rack, but i couldnt! lol. luckily onlie one cookie broke – &&just a littlie bit! i was hoping more would brake off so i could burn my mouth with its goodness, haha. well when i ate that little piece of cookie without a chip, it tasted kinda sugar cookieish; which is a plus with mi familia(=

    good recipe! DEFF using it again.

  36. I made these cookies- and they were the best choc chip cookies I have ever had. They are very chewy, but that's what I love about them! Just perfect.

  37. YIPEE!!! now i finally have the PERFECT chocolate chip cookie recipe! i've never been successful with chocolate chip cookies for some reason. it's been completely frustrating! but these turned out PERFECT and they are the TYPE of cookie that i love. texture is to die for! thank you thank you thank you! i feel like i've found the pot of gold!

  38. So, after reading all the commotion for the other Choc. Chip Cookie about high altitude, vs, sea level, this cookie was made by Sara, who is in Utah, and so it should work at high altitude??? Do I have everything straight?

  39. They are delicious! I added some dried cherries and used chocolate chunks instead of regular chips. divine. I am up here in the Seattle area and I had to cook them for 2-3 more minutes than the recipe called for, but no biggie. They are DELICIOUS! Thanks for a new favorite! I finally found a recipe I can do right! My sister in law has an amazing recipe that I seem to mess up all the time, here is to "my" new cookie!

  40. I have made this recipe twice now in the last week. I have a 'party' I'm going to tonight and I was positive I wanted to bring these cookies ….SOOOOO good!

  41. These ROCK! Mine came out perfect and looked like they came from a professional bakery! Used parchment paper, and cookie scoop to mold the cookie dough! YUMMY!

  42. these tasted delicious, but they didn't turn a pretty brown or flatten like yours. Not sure why?! My husband raved about them–thanks!

  43. These turned out perfectly! Once again, you guys have blown me away by the amazingness of your recipes. I shared these cookies with one of my best friends, my boyfriend, and my roommate. They all loved them.

  44. I was scared to make this recipe because every batch of CCs I make turns out terrible, but I nailed this on my first shot! I gave them away to ladies from church who both said they thought I bought them from a bakery!
    Also I think this recipe trumps my MILs, whose recipe my DH swears by.
    I am tempted to make more today! (And I made 2 batches yesterday_)

  45. I have been on this never ending search for the perfect chocolate chip cookie and vioa-la. I found it! i should've known it wouldn't disappoint, i made the mint frosted brownies on here and those were terrific too! I added 1 c pecans bc my friend ordered them that way. These were insane! i dont there's any left and i just made them last night too!

  46. LOVE this recipe!! I live in Maryland sea level and I didn't have to make any alterations at all. They were perfect. I've actually made quite a few of your recipes and I've loved them all!! Thanks for the wonderful recipes.

  47. What do you mean by moving the racks to upper and lower middle positions? Which of those two do you suggest baking the cookies… both? Two trays at the same time? I'm sure the recipe would work with one tray at a time on either, but I was just wondering.

  48. Lor, that just means if you bake 2 sheets at a time, put them both in the center of your oven. You just don't want to use the very top, or the very bottom rack. Does that make sense?

  49. Thanks Sara! I've never baked 2 sheets of cookies at a time, successfully. They were a hit last night, and are nearly gone now! Chewy yumminess! I learned to trust that even if they aren't browning by the 13 minutes maximum, take them out anyway if you want them chewy! Your recipe IS 'the one' for us!

  50. I have been searching for the perfect CC cookie recipe from the time I started baking thirty years ago with my grandmother. This one has become the ONLY one I use since I found it on the Sur La Table website a few years ago. I do one thing differently, though. Extensive taste "research" led me to refrigerating my dough for 36-48 hours instead of baking it right away. After chilling, I let it sit at room temp until scoopable and then bake away. Letting the dough rest allows the flavor to develop fully and gives the cookies a richer taste. Try it and you'll never bake immediately again!

  51. Oh, goodness. This is quite possibly the best CC cookie recipe EVER! The dough was odd to work with…I'm used to using softened butter and having the dough be more, well, dough-like. But holy cow, were they delicious! I made one addition…added a little bit of decaf instant coffee granules. Weird, yes, but they add a great richness to the cookies! Well done, the perfect chewy cookie!

  52. YUM! I just made these.. infact the last batch is in the oven. I've already had two! I'm very picky about my cookies and rarely bake. I have an amazing oatmeal chocolate chip recipe but we're out of oatmeal! We're snowed in here in OK today and these are perfect to add to the day! Thank you so much!

  53. So I made these today for dessert and I think I've made myself sick <eatting the batter, plus 3 nice and gorgeous and warm lovely cookies. A bowl of spaghetti and meatballs and an enormous amout of chocolate chip cookies/batter, do not go together!! My goodness I think I'm going to pop!!!

  54. I honestly don't know why I tried this recipe because I love my recipe. But I was curious about the melted butter, I didn't love the dough (which is good because it means there are cookies to eat) but the cookies are scrumptious! Truly.

  55. My husband is a cookie monster and I have tried many chocolate chip cookie recipes. He’ll eat any cookie but I haven’t always been happy with the recipes I’ve tried. In search of a new chocolate chip cookie recipe I searched your site and tired this one. It’s perfect! I love the flavor – the strong vanilla taste, the perfect amount of salt, the carmel-y taste from all the brown sugar. I love the texture. I have made this recipe twice already – which has allowed us to have fresh-baked cookies every night! They’re addictive!

  56. The kids really like it. I’ve been making this type of chocolate chip cookies for months now and they still asked me to make it every week.

  57. Thank you so much for this recipe! I made these for my husband last night and he LOVED them! He also felt like this recipe was THE CC cookie recipe. I also have purchased your cook book and I absolutely love it! Thanks for sharing your talents and tasty recipes!

  58. Thank you so much for sharing this tasty recipe! I was so excited to try it and it lived up to all the hype! 🙂 I am definitely going to make these again and again. I used half wheat flour and white. They turned out perfect! Thanks again! 🙂

  59. I have never made chocolate chip cookies before by myself and I saw these and thought I would give it a try… My friend from home makes cookies and they’re okay but these were AMAZING. I am in college and am on a very tight budget being out of state and everything but all your recipes look perfect, so I spend my money on food instead of anything else. I cannot wait to try everything. Thanks!

  60. I live in New Zealand and tried these cookies and they didn’t work out (because of sea level and humidity, I think). So after 4 attempts I finally figured out how to make them chewy and gooey at sea level. I took different suggestions from your different recipes and here is what worked for me. So I did 10T melted butter and 2T shortening and mixed really well with the sugars. I also added 1/4-1/2 cup more flour to this. When I used the recipe amount for flour it didn’t work where I live. Maybe this will help those that live at sea level. Thanks for the yummy recipe! 🙂

  61. Wow I made these last night and 6 of them got gobbled up by my boyfriend before I even got to put them on the cooling rack. This is amazing as my boyfriend doesnt usually eat sweet things so I could not beleive my eyes. Oh and the tip about splitting them in half and leaving the rough side up worked perfectly 🙂

  62. Best cookies ever! I have made them several times, but today they were better than ever. They might just be the death of me.

  63. Ok I admit I was skeptical. Every Choc. Chip cookie recipe I have ever made with butter they are flat, hideous cookies (like tollhouse). Even while mixing it wasn’t looking like it was going to work. Then…the timer went off and voila! The cookies were NOT flat they were beautiful little chocolate chip cookies sent from heaven. Ok maybe not sent from heaven but you know what I mean! They turned out PERFECTLY! Thank you!

  64. I was afraid the cookies wouldn’t turn out because of melting the butter. They turned out perfect. The cookies were gone before the day was over. Another great recipe! We have chickens and so I was able to use fresh eggs as well! The colored eggs are pretty neat.

  65. Tried these today! I made the base recipe as instructed, then split the dough in half (one half used semi-sweet chips and the other milk choc chips). Then each half, I baked 2 different ways. The first was the tear and bake as given in the recipe. The second way was 1/4 scoop, place on parchment tray and refrigerate for 20 mins, then bake. Although in the end these were not my favorite CC cookie (blander outside, inside like a blondie and too much vanilla), I would recommend the milk chocolate, scoop and refrigeration method. The cookies are much prettier and more uniform. I had no trouble with recipe as written and couldn’t begin to tell you my elevation ;). Btw, even though these are not my favorites, I had no problem eating them! Thank you for your site!!

  66. Just made these today…. My hubby said they were the best cookies Ive ever made! (Not that that says much ;)) But I am glad to find a cookie recipes I dont ruin! yay!

  67. I was so excited about these…maybe too excited because I “read” 1 1/2 c. butter… not sticks… double butter…BAD COOKIES. Will attempt again.

    1. Second attempt was WONDERFUL… I was a little worried because I doubled it and didn’t have enough eggs, but 2 eggs and 1 yolk worked fine. delicious 🙂

  68. Am making these now – first visit to your site, was in need (!) of a new c.c. cookie recipe. Mine came out more golden looking than yours and seemed to spread more but the taste is superb. Such a flavorful cookie and mixed up so easily. Will try these again soon with other add-ins. And I’ll be stopping back for more yummy recipes.

  69. I don’t know if anyone is still checking out this old post, but I must say that this cookie was fantastic! I just made them, literally, the first batch just came out of the oven. I am chewing one as I type. They are moist, and chewy, and absolutely perfect! Thank you thank you! No more Nestle recipe for me!

  70. These cookies look divine!!! One question though.. is it possible to use this recipe to make freezable cookie dough logs for baking at a later stage? Thanks for all the GREAT recipes! Everyday Cinnamon rolls are a family favorite!

    1. You can with most cookie doughs, although I have frozen these before and the texture is not nearly as good as they are fresh.

  71. I”ve used this recipe multiple times, and every single time they turn out great! At my house, we usually save half the dough just to eat raw (sometimes because it tastes better than baked cookies) but, with this recipe, it tastes good no matter what!!!!!

    1. Oh Robin- I think the title of your picture says it all, lol! I’m sorry, burnt cookies are no laughing matter 🙂 It definitely looks like you’re oven is not cooking evenly or at the right temp because the bottoms are totally burnt while the tops don’t look very done. Did you follow the recipe exactly? I only ask because the cookies don’t look exactly like they should- they look like they have too much flour, did you add any extra? Might just be the photo though. Another thing you could try is using parchment paper, or a lighter aluminum pan. Often those dark pans heat up more and overcook things like cookies. I hope some of that helps- how frustrating!

  72. They did come out really soft so he wasn’t able to shape them right, I thought he followed the directions right but then again I read most of it too him while he was in the kitchen. We’re thinking of getting some Airbake cookie sheets.

  73. I just want to say how much I enjoy your site and I love how your personalty shows through everything you do, Some are rather humorous and makes me smile, I just made these cookies and I have to agree they are addicting I think I have already had 4 All I can say is get the milk and thank you!

  74. Super yummy cookies, my husband loves them! I tried them with margarine first and they came out super sticky. I then used butter and they turned out perfect! So to all those people saying they are too sticky, be sure you are using butter. Thanks for the great recipe!

  75. Tried your recipie and kates recipie today, both turned out great. I had people do a blind taste test and reviews were split right down the middle! It really depends on how you like your cookies. Everyone who did my little taste test said these ones were denser and chewier than the others. Hit it right on the nose! Thanks fo the recipie!

  76. Yay Im going to try these this afternoon and take them over to eat at with a bunch of friends! They look great!!! Best recipe yet! Sky xox

  77. Hi again…
    Just wanted to say I have been trying to make chewy delish cookies for a long time but they never ever turn out just right….:( Im gonna try these soon so Im really really excited!

  78. The nice thing about these cookies is that you don’t have to remember to set out the butter ahead of time, since you end up melting it. The dough is indeed stickier than what I’m used to, but I just put what didn’t fit on the first cookie sheet in the fridge to harden a little. These cookies are really good! Thanks for the recipe 🙂

  79. I bake a lot of cookies, and am always willing and eager to try a new variation of chocolate chip cookies. My family told me that these were the best cookies I have ever made!

  80. I am always looking for the better CC Cookie recipe! Actually, I had been searching for a few years for a wonderful sugar cookie recipe, when last month your post on sugar cookies and icing sent me right to the kitchen… I was not disappointed one bit! They were wonderful! I haven’t been disappointed yet with any recipe I have tried (or craft for that matter…LOVE the Tulle Wreaths.. I have made three now) so I will be trying this one for CC as they are my partners fav! Oh, and those Green and Blue Eggs… that look like Easter… they come from an Americana Hen. We started our own back yard flock this last year, and she is our favorite… but ALL the fresh eggs, for whatever we use eggs for, only come from our hens…THEY ARE AMAZING! Thanks for all your posts! LOVE THEM!

  81. this cookie recipie sounds great.I think I will have to try it this week. As my husband loves chocolate chip cookies , and has my aunt bring him some back from Australia each year . They are soft and chewy and melt in your mouth. Sounds like this recipie might just fit the bill.

  82. I love Cook’s Illustrated too. They are so beautiful, have yummy recipes and they are so informative. I love your website! Thanks for all your hard work. I gave my daughters (and myself) OBB calendars for Christmas. 🙂

  83. Oh, these are my favorite, too! I’ve been making them since the recipe first appeared! In fact, I have about 3 dozen in the freezer right now.

  84. So I have made these several times and now have figured a few things out:

    – The original recipe from CI says to break the 1/4 cup of dough in half and then squish those two halves together. These make really big cookies (although that didn’t stop me from downing 3 out of the oven…) so I would stick with Sara’s way and just do the halves

    – Oddly enough, the dough seems to work better mixing by hand (don’t know why?!) but the good news is it is really easy to mix by hand

    – The dough usually seems runny even after mixing in the flour, but by the time you measure out the choc chips and dump them in it is more dough-like. Still really sticky, but more like cookie dough. Like Sara said, DO NOT ADD MORE FLOUR! Chill or just have faith that sticky = chewy

    – I am in Utah, and even after chilling or freezing the dough for a bit, mine tended to bake really flat (although still yummy and chewy!) I read on a CI message board to chill for an hour or more in the fridge (I usually cut it down to 15-20 mins in the freezer) and then bake at 375. Obviously shorten your time from the original recipe, but that seemed to help, they were more bakery like after that.

    YUM! I love me a chewy cookie.

  85. So, I’ve just found a new Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe….This one!! WOW!! It is SO yummy and SO easy!! I even baked them with my two daughters (ages 9 and 4), and they turned out!! Thanks again for yet another wonderful recipe!! 🙂

  86. Made these two weeks ago and they didn’t last long at all! I plan to make more tomorrow! Best chocolate chip cookie recipe ever!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  87. I’m trying this recipe asap! I like a soft cookie not chewy, gooey, nor cakey. I can’t really explain it but I hope this recipe is just what I need. I will let you know how I liked this recipe…
    P.S. What’s Kate’s recipe?

      1. Oooooh! Thank you Sara!!! I can’t wait to try these ! I just threw my batch of chewy chocolate chip cookie dough in the oven my kiddos love the chewy, I may like Kate’s recipe better I haven’t tasted anything yet though but I will let you guys know!

  88. Hi, can someone give me a tip or two? I attempted am attempting to make these awesme cookies, but the step where I am wondering if I did right is mixing the 1 1/2 cups of melted butter with the 1 cup of brown sugar, then I added the vanilla extract and the 1 egg + 1 yolk , ok at this stage my brown sugar would sink and it seemed as though the butter kept separating from the brown sugar no matter how fast and long I mixed it for( it didn’t look like pasty like on the picture posted at all) so I shrugged my shoulders and figured maybe after I add the 1large egg + egg yolk it will improve well it did but still did not look right. But it may workout in the end. Ok so I added the flour mixture and I put the “cookie dough” mine looks more like gooey paste consistency so I put it in the fridge to harden it a bit so that I can shape them put on the sheet. I’m still waiting for it now, but someone please give me a tip

    1. Perhaps you had a mis-measurement somewhere? Did you use real butter? It should come together with no problems so I’m not sure!

    2. Ps oops I meant 1 1/2 sticks of butter. I wrote cups instead of writng sticks. But I measured it right. My cookies came out just fine they looked awesome and had great flavor. A little cakey due to my part because while I was making this recipe I discovered I had no baking soda so I got a tip” but I’m going to do the recipe with baking soda and do it the right way!

  89. My darling husband was craving cookies so I thought I’d try this recipe. He wasn’t sure he wanted me to deviate from our tried and true recipe but I convinced him to try these and now he is SOLD! In fact he made a cookie dough sandwich with them. (some of the dough between two warm from the oven cookies). What men think of!

  90. This is THE BEST chocolate chip cookie recipe! It is the only one I will use when making chocolate chip cookies. I have made them over and over again. Perfect, every time!

  91. Yay! These cookies were so good. Especially after letting them cool off completely. My children, mother-in-law, sister-in-law and father-in-law and I loved them! They complemented me on how delicious these were. I was making more in the kitchen because they could not have enough of these and they even watched me make them and wanted to learn how to make these. Thank you for sharing this recipe!!!

  92. I live about 10 minutes north of Salt Lake and mine went flat. Any suggestions? I wonder if I should take Suzanne’s ideas (comment #125). I did try putting the dough in the fridge for awhile, then the freezer just because the dough was so sticky (not sure how long exactly). It was still sticky when I gave up and baked the cookies anyway. I used Imperial (not sure if it’s margarine or butter; it doesn’t say!) so maybe I need to try using real butter? I wonder if your other cookie recipe would work better. Also, I’m interested in the recipe you mentioned in comment #21. 🙂 I think I will try different recipes and see what works better for me at this altitude. Thanks!

    1. Andrea, the Imperial is definitely your problem- you didn’t use butter. Imperial is margarine. Try it out with 100% real butter!

  93. I have made these cookies many times. I love them. The other day instead of just melting the butter I browned the butter! The cookie dough and baked cookie were AMAZING!!

  94. These were delicious! I also browned the butter and it gave them a caramel taste, which I loved. I’ll be making these again for sure!

  95. Seriously the best cookies hands down. Thank you so much for generously putting this recipe on here. I have had so many compliments about these cookies and they are my go to give-neighbors treats. This recipe will be sticking around in my recipe book for a LONG time 🙂

  96. Thank you for posting this recipe!!!! This is the best chocolate chip cookie recipe! I’m not a fan of cakey cookies, but mine seemed to turn out like that until I found this recipe. THANK YOU!!!!!!

  97. I made these today……absolutely delicious! I love how they are so soft and chewy but just set/crunchy on the outer edges! Best chocolate chip cookies ever! Thanks for sharing.

  98. I made these tonight, and while they taste good, they’re too sweet for me! My husband and kids have major sweet teeth, they loved them.. but I think I’ll cut down to 1/2 c. of brown sugar next time! 🙂

  99. I’m so happy I found your website! I have been making this recipe for a couple of months now, but just to hop on in here and say thank you for posting it. This is my go-to choc. chip recipe now. I love that it uses melted butter, as I never plan in advance and my butter is always hard as a rock! lol! The texture is absolutely perfect!

  100. Yup- perfect cookie recipe, thanks for the recommendation to 1. cool the dough (it’s hot and humid in TX so that was a great tip) 2. to put the cookies on the broken side up. THANKS. I have used the same chocolate chip recipe for years and I am over that one and in with this one.

  101. I’ve actually tried this with Heath bar bits and they came out amazing! Also doubled this recipe and made a 16 in round cookie cake. And it baked and set really well! This is my go to cookie recipe, I literally just change out the type of chips I use and it tastes delicious! Thank you!

  102. I love this recipe, it is my favorite CC cookie recipe after a long search! However, I have had problems with it when I freeze the dough and want to bake some another day. They always turn out super flat and greasy and run all over the pan. Any suggestions about proper prep to bake after freezing them in dough ball form?

  103. I made this recipe tonight. They turned out really good, but they were still flat. I live in Breckenridge colorado and the elevation is 10,000 ft. Should I put more flour in them?

  104. Made them tonight for Santa (we are doing Christmas early) and um, amazing. Santa will have no problem-o finishing them off. Thanks for the fabulous new favorite!

  105. i made these tonight and they were wonderful; soft and chewy was the perfect title for it! thanks for sharing your talents with us!

  106. Made these yesterday and they came out amazing! So soft and chewy, just how I love them. The size of the cookies was just right too. Definitely a recipe to save.

  107. I was looking for a good recipe for crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. I will definitely have to try these!

    Oh, and for those mentioned the eggs. I had a couple of hens that laid the green ones. The other hens just the old fashioned brown eggs. If you’re curious look up “easter eggers”. 🙂

  108. I made these last night with my gluten free all purpose flour and they are AMAZING!!!!!! I am so happy to have found a cookie recipe that I can convert to gluten free. I’ve been missing cookies so so so much since becoming a Celiac. They are chewy, rich and probably the best gluten free thing I’ve ever baked. Thanks!!!

  109. For anyone that is wondering about freezing the cookie dough, it was my second time making these last week and when the dough was ready, I realized I was running late for something. So, I took a gallon-sized ziploc bag and stuffed it in, and tossed it in the freezer. I took them out yesterday, let the dough sit on the counter till it wasn’t as firm and baked as directed. They came out just like they did the first time.
    Now I will be freezing the dough in advance so whenever I’m in the mood for cookies, I can just thaw and bake! Thanks for such a great recipe.

  110. About freezing…
    I actually rolled the cookie dough into balls put them on a plate with parchment paper & put them in the freezer for about an hour. After that put them in a freezer bag & now you can pull out a few at a time!!! I take them straight from the freezer bag to the oven. With my oven I had to bake them at 375 for 12 minutes & they turn out perfect. You might need to experiment with your oven. This is probably one of my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipes & it’s super simple.

  111. Yay! I finally made chocolate chip cookies that weren’t flat and crispy! Thank you for sharing this recipe. I love finding hidden gems on your site.

  112. I’ve made these a million times and love them! But the last couple of times I’ve made them they have decided to turn out cake-like instead of flatter and chewy. WHY?! I’m not anything different… I don’t mind fluffy cookies but my hubby prefers the chewy ones! Someone help. 🙂

      1. Didn’t change anything… but the only thing I can think is how hot my kitchen is. I live in AZ and now that it’s getting close to 100 degrees outside again the cookies are back to the way they were before! WEIRD.

  113. Oh my goodness. I made these to take to work, and everyone loved them!! I think I am a convert to this recipe.

  114. I tried the method to make the cookies pretty on top, but found I was kinda squishing them as I tried to put the pieces back together. I found it much easier to make a ball twice the size I needed, break it in half and place the jagged sides up. Half the work! 🙂

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  116. I’ve been using this recipe for a while now. It is my “go to”! Thanks to you…. My nephew says “Sam makes the best cookies.” I grew up with a different recipe at home that everyone LOVED! But I will never go back. Hands down… My favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe!

  117. So these are seriously the best cookies. I’ve been making these cookies ever since I found the recipe. The other day I made some and doubled the batch and then of course ate a few when they were fresh out of the oven. I thought they were exceptionally good this time and even better than they usually are (which is weird, because they’re delicious). It wasn’t until today that I realized that I didn’t put all the eggs in. I doubled the batch, but still only put in one egg and one egg yolk. They were a touch crispy on the outside and nice and chewy on the inside. I even froze them and then will microwave them for about 15-20 seconds when I want one and they’re as good as the day I made them. I might be doubling this recipe from now on just so I can add fewer eggs, because they were super yummy!

  118. I’ve always had a strong preference for Imperial margarine for cooking. I just prefer the taste of it. But if margarine was the reason my cookies were coming out wrong, I was willing to try butter. My former cookies always came out puffy and cake-like (which I find horrible). I wanted more of a flat Pilsbury type of cookie (without the weird ingredients). This is now theeee recipe! 🙂

    I still prefer the smell and taste of margarine. For the first batch I used one stick of butter and a half stick of margarine. Because margarine is part water, I poured off the margarine and dumped the excess water. Then I added more until I got a half stick.

    Since these came out so well, next time I will try 100% Imperial! I’m sure they’ll be awesome (but I’ll report back when I make them). Also, since I don’t like nuts in my cookies, I used an extra half bag (probably 6-7oz) of mini chocolate chips along with the regular sized bag! I always use semi-sweet to contrast the amount of sugar that’s already in cookies! Perfect.

    Thank you for sharing this recipe! After these are perfected for margarine, I would like to mess around with using part flour and part ground oatmeal!

  119. I’m back. 100% Imperial margarine worked. And I don’t have to separate the water. I much prefer this taste over butter. I like the texture better, too. I lessened the mini-chip portion from 1/2 a bag to a quarter or third of the bag. These are the best cookies ever. My son asks for them instead of the horrid store bought cookies. I’ve made them sooo many times since my first post (above) Oh, I use a full tsp of salt because it brings out the flavors. Today I’m looking for a oatmeal cookie recipe I can use with my remaining mini-chips. Thank you again. Forever grateful.

  120. Can I just say how much I love these cookies! They have been my “go-to” cookies since they appeared on your blog many years ago. Thank you!

  121. I make these all the time but one thing I do EVERY time is brown the butter before hand. Melt butter in a pan and just swirl in a circle as it cooks and when it starts turning golden brown I remove it and stir for a bit in a measuring cup or bowl and let it cool. Makes a warm butterscotch flavor that’s insane.

  122. These cookies are my go to recipe! Crispy outside and delicious chewy caramely inside. Definitely overdose on the chocolate chips and you’ll have a perfect cookie!

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