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When it comes to holiday candy, Easter candy is my ultimate weakness. Starburst jelly beans? Solid Cadbury eggs? Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs (where the ratio of peanut butter to chocolate is somehow more perfect than all the other Reese’s concoctions)? I will take them all, please and thank you. Where my soul is torn, however, is Peeps. Because I think they’re adorable. And also disgusting (although not as disgusting as circus peanuts or candy corn, if we’re talking about gross candy.) So instead of eating peeps, I decided to make some Easter peeps printables instead–my version of Don’t Eat Pete (a cute kid’s game) and a Peeps banner. If you subscribe to our newsletter, be sure and check out this week’s edition, because I also included some Easter dinner placecards.

Don’t eat the peep

Click HERE for a high-resolution printable!

So this is a silly little game that kids LOVE (even older kids, if you play your cards right). You can play it a couple of ways–if you want to play in small groups, click HERE for 8.5″x11″ pages that go on tables or the floor. If you want larger Peeps that you can tape on a wall or blackboard/whiteboard, click HERE (you’ll have to cut each page in half and then arrange them on the board in alternating colors; for longevity, you could laminate those pages.)

To play the game, have one child close their eyes while the other kids choose one Peep on the board. Make sure everyone knows which Peep has been chosen. If playing with individual cards, the child then places a small item on each Peep (jelly beans, Skittles, coins, beans, etc.) When they put the item on the chosen Peep, the other kids yell, “Don’t eat the Peep!” The child then gets to keep all the items they used to put on the board.

If you’re playing with an entire classroom all at once, place the larger Peeps on a the board and use magnets to select each Peep and then when they pick the Peep, they get a Peep of their own (or another selected treat or prize.) 

peep banner

If you want an inexpensive little Easter banner, these peeps are an adorable way to go! Print out 2-3 copies of this page of bunnies, then carefully cut them out. Use a hole punch (I actually really like this horizontal hole punch for things like this) to punch each ear, then thread ribbon, yarn, or baker’s twine through the bunny ears and hang wherever you’d like to decorate!

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  1. That’s hilarious! Candy corn, circus peanuts, and peeps would also be at the top of my Grossest Candies Ever list. 😀

  2. You should try “freeze-drying” the Peeps…they are actually pretty amazing! Or just frozen the regular way in an actual freezer is also a better way to enjoy them! (We purchased a Freeze Dryer after seeing your post a couple of years ago and have found lots of unusual things to freeze dry hahaha)