10 Our Best Bites Easter Favorites


When Sara and I started Our Best Bites in 2008 (almost nine years ago–whaaat??), it was right before Easter, so some of the most favorite, beloved recipes, the ones people remember us for, are Easter recipes. Or at least recipes you can easily serve at Easter.

I haven’t included all of them, just some of my favorites. If you want to check out our entire Easter section, you can find it here. This Easter Roundup from a few years ago also includes many of my springtime favorites that aren’t included here. Also, I somehow neglected to included Sara’s Cadbury Egg Cookies, which are an absolute must-make every year!

We’re going to be sharing more frequently this week–be sure to check back tomorrow when I’ll be sharing a fun and easy egg decorating trick!

(Clockwise from the top left-hand corner)

  1. Challah BreadA little sweet, this recipe makes two gorgeous loaves that are perfect for any dinner table or for gifting! This makes incredible French toast as well as a ham sandwich that’s hard to beat.
  2. Brown Sugar & Mustard-Glazed HamThis doctored-up spiral-slice ham is our favorite holiday tradition!
  3. Bunny NapkinsSuper cute and easy!
  4. Russian CreamThis elegant dessert is so incredibly easy and a perfect way to showcase springtime berries.
  5. Chick CupcakesThese adorably easy cupcakes would be perfect for school Easter parties and egg hunts.
  6. Tie-Dyed EggsThis amazing egg dyeing tutorial makes incredibly gorgeous and different eggs.
  7. Carrot CakeThis incredible recipe takes this Easter tradition to new levels!
  8. Bacon-Wrapped Green Bean BundlesThese delicious beans can be prepped ahead of time and then finished off right before serving!
  9. Balsamic-Glazed Baby CarrotsSweet, savory, and beautiful!
  10. Cheesy Funeral PotatoesAn essential companion for any ham dinner. My family’s favorite side dish!

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