Easy Acorn Treats {Two Ways!}

Before we get to super adorable and ridiculously easy fall-themed goodies I just have 2 things to say:

1.  We’re on our way to Phoenix today!  Some of you will see us at the event we’re speaking at this weekend.  We’ve had lots of people ask if we’ll sign books at the event and the answer is yes!  Gladly!  We’re always seated in the front row, just walk on up during breaks and/or lunch and we’d love to meet you; we’ll be there all day on Saturday.  For the rest of you Arizonans (is that what you’re called?? lol)  We’ll be doing a book signing in Mesa TONIGHT!  That’s Friday, Nov. 2nd from 6:30-8 pm.  It’s at the Deseret Book Store at 1350 S Gilbert Rd #4 in Mesa.  Hope to see you there, please spread the word!

2.  I almost didn’t do a recipe post today (yes, I am in fact calling this post a “recipe”.  Don’t fight it.)  As I was getting out all of my stuff to photograph I had the news on with coverage of Hurricane Sandy.  A silly little food post seemed like such a completely frivolous and unimportant thing to be talking about with everything happening on the East Coast.  I guess I just want to send my thoughts and prayers out into cyberspace.  I hope all of our readers who have been affected by the devastation are safe, I hope everyone who has family and friends in those areas are feeling comfort, and I hope everyone and everything can be safe, dry, and warm very, very soon.

Now.  Let’s talk treats.  Easy treats.  Delicious treats.  Adorable treats.  Halloween came and went so fast.  My family took to the streets on Wednesday as a bunch of Avengers (thanks to suggestions from you guys!)

My 2 year old kept at least one giant hand on all night.  I was amazed.  I’m always surprised at how quickly we switch holiday gears after one is over.  Time to start thinking about Thanksgiving and fall treats.  I always need little things like this (ie: easy, cute, yummy, quick) for school treats, little gifts for friends and teachers, and fun things to make with my kids for our weekly Family Night.  I have a thing for acorns, I just think they’re so darn cute, so I’m going to show you two different ways to make some edible ones.

You’ll need an assortment of deliciousness for this first one (okay, and for the second kind too, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves!)  Three of my favorite things:  Nutter Butters (the mini kind), Hershey’s Kisses, and mini chocolate chips.


You can use any kind of Hershey’s Kisses, just keep in mind you’re pairing it with peanut butter, so stick with something that won’t taste funky with that.  I used dark chocolate ones, mmmm…

You’ll need just a bit of frosting to glue everything together.  You can make a little “paste” of your own with a little softened butter, powdered sugar, and cocoa powder- really, you need very little.  Or, I usually have one of these around for little crafty-foodie projects like this:

Just use a dab of frosting to attach a Kiss to each cookie:

And then pop a little chocolate chip on the top.  I’ve found it works best to have your frosting in a Ziploc bag with the tip cut off and then you can just scrape your little chip across the opening to get a tiny bit of frosting on it and stick it on there.  You can also use regular sized chips, or peanut butter chips here, I just happen to like how the mini’s look.  You can also use a mini Nilla Wafer instead of a Nutter Butter (great option if you’ve got nut allergies at your house) but again, I like the Nutter Butters because they have that cute criss-cross pattern on top.

It’s easy to make a bunch at once and look how adorable they look when you’re all done?  Bonus: no dirty dishes.


These make clever little gifts if you fill a cute jar or treat bag.

I need a cute little saying to go with these…someone creative come up with a play on “acorn” for me!

Alright- acorn #2’s.

These ones start with doughnut holes.  Side note: Anything that starts with a doughnut hole is already a winner in my book.

Since doughnut holes can be funny shaped sometimes, I often slice the very top off on one end to make it flat.

Then you’re just going to dunk the one flat end in a little melted chocolate and then in a topping of your choice.  I’ve used sprinkles, mini chocolate chips, toffee bits, chopped toasted coconut, and more.  I’m using coconut here.  And then just use a little piece of a pretzel for the stem.

Ta-da!  Instant cuteness.

These are fun for party food, or nestled in a cute box for a little gift.

PS: Doughnuts dipped in chocolate and toasted coconut are amaaazing.

That’s all for today- I have to go unpack my suitcase from last weekend so I can pack it again for today.  Hope to see some of you this weekend-  Happy Fall, Y’all!

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Questions & Reviews

  1. I made these tonight for a bake sale at my daughter’s school. I like to scroll through comments to see if anyone else has made them and if they have any feedback, but I didn’t see any here. I thought I would share that these are super easy and really cute. I put them in a candy box with double chocolate dipped Oreos and nut clusters. They made the contents festive. And, of course, my husband and I sampled them as well. You can’t beat peanut butter and chocolate. Yum! Thanks for a fun and creative “recipe”.

  2. Thank you for sharing these wonderful, tasty treats. I cannot bake anything no matter how hard or how many times I try but I can make these!!! Happy autumn! Happy Veterans Day! Happy Thanksgiving Day! Happy me thanks to you both!

  3. I love the little acorn idea. My favorite are the doughnut holes! I can’t wait to make those for Thanksgiving this year!

  4. How easy to prepare! Also love that donut hole acorn idea. Both would be so nice with a cup of hot chocolate right about now.

  5. How about “Squirrel this away for when you want to go nuts”? I can’t take credit for it. It is on a stamp set from Joy’s Life. It made me laugh when I saw it. Then, ironically, I saw your acorn post and thought, what a perfect match!

  6. Soooo stinkin’ cute….love them! BTW do you have a recipe for those doughnut holes? They look perfect! Yummy!

  7. Cute! I’ve made the kisses one but will have to try the ones with doughnut holes—they look yummy! When I make the kisses/Nutter Butter version, I just melt chocolate chips to use as the glue—works great!

    1. I should clarify… How freakin’ adorable are your kiddos AND your acorn treats!

  8. Oh my goodness! SO cute! I am with the others and vote for the doughnut hole ones. You ladies are awesome and always have such fun great ideas to share.

  9. I remember hearing an old proverb that says “Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn sometimes”. I have always found this to mean that we are all very blessed and we don’t necessarily need to have sight to be blessed…we just need to be able to realize how what we find in life is a blessing that we have been granted by a loving Heavenly Father. Maybe you could use that as a tag for your acorns!

  10. Cute and fun! The kids will love them, not that they have ever seen a real acorn…that part is for me :). Have fun in Arizona!

  11. I agree with Lacey- the donut holes are super-duper cute! And I love the Nutella idea but I think using Biscoff spread would be a great idea too!
    Have fun in Mesa. I hope my daughter, Karen, comes to get her book signed!

  12. They’re both super cute, but the donut hole ones get my vote. They look more like the real deal.

  13. If you like the version with the kisses, but can’t do nuts in your home, I’ve also seen it done with Nilla Wafers instead of Nutter Butters.

  14. (I submitted a comment that didn’t go through, so sorry if this is a duplicate.)

    My kids are out of school next week for teacher work days and they were out two days this week for the hurricane (we are in VA so we had crazy wind and rain, but no damage) and I’ve been trying to think of something fun to do with them. This will be a perfect activity for Monday — then we can have them for our family night treat. Both are cute, but the doughnut holes are my favorite. Thanks for another great idea.

    p.s. I finally had time yesterday to watch tofw from last weekend. I laughed and cried through your whole talk. Loved it!

  15. You forgot the magic for the donut hole acorns… NUTELLA! because we all know that everything tastes better with Nutella on it! 🙂 And I am going to have to make these for my husband to give out to his staff… they will read “from acorny boss” haha! It will be great as he is the master of the pun! Thank you so very much for sharing!!

  16. Here’s “a-corny” way to say Happy Thanksgiving.
    When you decide on a saying, will you make printables so I can give them to my visiting teachees? They would be so cute in a can too. Then you could say something like “Poppin’ in to wish you a-corny Thanksgiving” or something a little less lame.
    Cute costumes!

  17. Love the doughnut holes! Due to a strange twist of fate, my kids expect doughnuts for breakfast every Thanksgiving. They’ll love these! Thanks for the “recipe” 🙂

  18. Super cute, easy, and yeah-I’ll bet tasty!
    What about “from acorny friend” ?
    The acorn-ucopia was really good too!