Island Inspired Food: Anguilla

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I gleaned lots of important information after yesterday’s post:  no one really cares about ArieChris needs to go, Jef-one-f is a keeper, and Sean might be the perfect human.  I found our discussion both enlightening and thought provoking and we shall continue it next week when we can psychoanalyze everyone’s families.

You can follow more of my Anguilla content and other great travel content from different bloggers on Sea Cuisine.  Keep up with them on Facebook, and follow the #GetInspired tag on Twitter.  Have a happy Friday- I hope it’s as bright and sunny as Anguilla!

And for those of you asking, Kate and baby are doing well.  I’ll let her give you all the details-  she’s promised a baby update (with pictures!) on Wednesday!


  1. I love this post. I live in Anguilla and it is wonderful to see this. So if anyone is ever in Anguilla and like to cook and eat your own stuff then you can check out my wife’s website and read about Jerry, a farmer that sells stuff grown in Anguilla.

    By the way I love On Da Rocks crayfish

  2. I’m pretty sure I just spent the better part of my workday researching flights to Anguilla.

    Thanks for a great read! So jealous of your vacation!

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