Island Inspired Food: Anguilla

I gleaned lots of important information after yesterday’s post:  no one really cares about ArieChris needs to go, Jef-one-f is a keeper, and Sean might be the perfect human.  I found our discussion both enlightening and thought provoking and we shall continue it next week when we can psychoanalyze everyone’s families.

You can follow more of my Anguilla content and other great travel content from different bloggers on Sea Cuisine.  Keep up with them on Facebook, and follow the #GetInspired tag on Twitter.  Have a happy Friday- I hope it’s as bright and sunny as Anguilla!

And for those of you asking, Kate and baby are doing well.  I’ll let her give you all the details-  she’s promised a baby update (with pictures!) on Wednesday!

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Questions & Reviews

  1. I love this post. I live in Anguilla and it is wonderful to see this. So if anyone is ever in Anguilla and like to cook and eat your own stuff then you can check out my wife’s website and read about Jerry, a farmer that sells stuff grown in Anguilla.

    By the way I love On Da Rocks crayfish

  2. I’m pretty sure I just spent the better part of my workday researching flights to Anguilla.

    Thanks for a great read! So jealous of your vacation!

  3. Just my input on the Bachelorette (can’t believe I’m admitting I watch it). I read up a lot on the men (spoilers, background info.), and the reason I don’t like Arie is he’s a total player/cheater and pretty much a jerk in actual life. Some acquaintances of mine knew Jef a while back, and while he has had some rough moments, he’s a much better pick than Arie. I have learned nothing but amazingness about Sean, so yes. I think he’s probably the perfect human. 🙂 Lol.

    Oh, and I still need to try that buttermilk caramel – it’s been on my to-cook list forever.

  4. Stunning photos, will have to put this trip on my bucket list for sure. Jef says “like” too much, it’s sometimes every two or three words. I don’t see him with her, just doesn’t seem “masculine” enough for her to me. I think it comes down to Ari and Sean. I think it will be Sean only because they have shown her with Ari so much more, it will be their ending twist.

  5. After a horrible week at work, I’m insanely jealous of you right now (I’d even consider switching places with in labor Kate). These pictures are gorgeous! I’m immediately adding Anguilla as a must visit in the next few years. I think the kids would be able to just live on that beach!

    1. Oh, girl. If you’re willing to trade places with Kate you must have had quite a week! Lol Here’s to hoping the weekend is better!

  6. What an amazing trip! And also, YUM. Oh but Team Jef all the way! I grew up with him and his family, back when there were two ff’s. :)lol. I can’t wait for Monday night! His parents are missions presidents right now and one of his sisters is on a mission too (not china of course!), so it’s too bad they won’t all be there. But still, it’s going to be awesome. They are such a great family!

  7. LOL I love the much alcohol. My friend and I had a similar experience on our cruise right after we graduated high school. We had virgin everything on the boat, no problem. Then got off in one of the ports and ate at a restaurant and kept tasting our drinks, thinking, these are kinda sour, they taste weird. It took 3 different trips (the last one finally by my friend since the waiter was having a language barrier issue) to get them with NO alcohol. LOL I really think you should take me to Anguilla next time. I would TOTALLY appreciate the pulling over at the French bakery and listening to the French accent thing with you. 😀

  8. Much alcohol? Huh-larious. Same thing happened to me in Italy when I ordered a pineapple dessert. Apparently “dessert” translates into a Italian as “fruit soaked in alcohol.” Thanks for the great recipes and pictures.

  9. The pics and food look great.

    Really, people like Jef?? I see him as a big kiss butt with a horrible hair cut. What am I missing because I don’t get it!

    1. Oh and I forgot the fact that he has entrepreneur down as his job which to me screams unemployed living with my parents . . .

    2. I was surprised there was so much Jef support too, Mindy! I thought it would be all Sean and Arie. I actually think Jef seems like a really nice genuine guy, but I totally don’t see them together. I think there’s a lot of hometown support around here though, we have LOTS of readers in Utah! lol

  10. Such gorgeous pics Sara! I agree, things just taste better when served with a view like that. 🙂