Orange Teriyaki Salmon

I’m a pretty organized person. People sometimes ask me if this blog thing takes over my life, and for the most part, my obsessive organizational skills keep that from happening. I plan way ahead of time, prepare my photos before my deadlines, check my calendar 50 times a day, etc. But then there are those rare occasions when life just takes over and my blog brain slips away for a little while (which is often a good thing!). Today was one of those days.  My husband and I went out with friends and stayed out later than my thirty-two year old body is used to.  It was totally worth it though, especially seeing as it ended at Applebees at 11pm (seriously, why are there not more places open at 11pm??) where we won the late-night trivia game with answers to questions like, “What’s the abbreviation for trinitrotoluene?” “What’s considered the luckiest number worldwide?” and “What is 15 feet high, 26 feet wide, and 1500 feet long?” (TNT, 9, and the Great Wall of China in case you’re wondering) We pretty much rocked it and won first place and after awarding us with our grand prize $10 off coupon (yessss) they made a special announcement that there was “talk” of cell phone usage. Seriously, we had no idea that wasn’t allowed. Wasn’t everyone googling? Okay, probably not the girl who named the “Caribbean ocean” as the largest lake in the world. But I digress. It was midnight when I yawned and noted how tired I was and my husband casually said, “It’s not your turn to post on the blog tomorrow, is it?” Doh! So here I sit at 1 am in my nice warm bed on my nice soft pillow as my husband snoozes and I write about fish. What’s that you say? Why don’t you stop blabbering about Applebees trivia and just get on with the recipe? You could have been done with the recipe by now and had your head on that nice soft pillow? Okay, got it.

Remember this post where I told you about my amazingly awesome sister Becca? The one where she made her famous Orange Teriyaki Steelhead for our bbq after our Seattle book signing? Just say yes. I know you remember. I followed her around the kitchen taking note of everything she did, and totally annoyed her by making her actually measure things. Thanks Becca!

This is a great method to know for cooking fish.  You’re basically going to create a sealed foil tent so it can steam inside.  Use heavy duty foil because it’s larger and stronger.  Place one sheet across the width of the pan and one sheet across the length of the pan like you see here:

Make sure to leave quite a bit of overhang because you’ll be folding all of those up.

The marinade comes together really fast. It’s got both orange marmalade and orange juice in it which gives it a really well rounded flavor.

And a punch of green not only adds to the flavor, but makes it look pretty too!

Rinse off your fish under cold water and pat dry.

Then place it skin side down on your prepared baking sheet.

Grab that yummy sauce and pour it all over the salmon

And then pull up the edges of the foil to make a big pouch.  This is why you needed the overhang on your baking sheet- you want to make the big tent of foil so it can fill with steam to cook the fish.

Pop it in the oven, and after only about 30 minutes you can crack open that foil.

Spoon juices over the fish to serve…

and eat up!



  1. This sounds wonderful!
    (And I know it was 1am, but I really do think the Great Wall of China is a little longer than 1500 feet.)

  2. I’ve come to rely way too heavily on the “try it with this…and this…or this” on y’all’s posts. I now serve lime cilantro rice or mushroom rice with everything… Got any other suggestions for this one?

  3. I love salmon and can’t wait to try this tent thing! Awesome served with Jasmine rice and a asparagus! followed by the Mississippi Mud pie of course!

  4. This looks so good and I have every single one of the ingredients in this recipe! I know what’s on the menu for tonight! I’ve never cooked salmon by steaming it in a tin-foil tent. We eat a lot of salmon though – so this might become my new method of choice!

  5. Looks delicious! Any special instructions for doing this on the grill? When it’s 108 outside, I won’t turn the oven on for even the most delicious of fish… 🙂 But I probably will for Mississippi Mud Brownies. I know, it’s a total double standard. 🙂

  6. does this method of steaming fish in the foil tent work for other types of fish? unless we’re talkin’ sashimi, i’m not really into salmon. but the marinade sounds delish!

  7. My hubby loves salmon and is always looking for new/different marinades. I’ll show this to him. 🙂 Thanks!

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