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Okay, so maybe it’s more like weekend update plus the week before, plus the weekend before that, plus the month before that, plus one more weekend before that.  Whew!  All I can say is that it’s good to be home.  Kate and I keep posts up here regularly so there’s always something for you guys to check out, but behind the scenes, things have been crazy busy around here! I thought I’d do a little re-cap so you can see a few of the fun things we’ve been up to.

First of all, if you check out page 12 of the July issue of Better Homes and Gardens Magazine, this is what you’ll see:

That’s us!  And our BBQ Bacon Sliders! To see them on the pages of such an iconic magazine is totally surreal for us.  Thanks to all of YOU for voting for us in the Blogger Cook Off last fall!

Last month we got to hang out with some fellow food bloggers.  Some were old friends and some were new, and they were all amazing!

Top row (L-R) Robyn from Just a Pinch, Brooke from Cheeky Kitchen, Kate, Sara, Sandy from Reluctant Entertainer (Bottom L-R) Tessa from Handle the Heat, Maria from Two Peas and Their Pod, Amanda from Kevin and Amanda, Anne from fANNEtastic Food, and Irvin from Eat the Love.

I’m totally going out of order here but that doesn’t really matter 🙂  We had the amazing opportunity this past week to be speakers at the Newel K. Whitney Summit at Brigham Young University in Idaho.  I have to show you this picture of my hotel lobby because I was totally blindsided by its awesomeness.  It was just a little SpringHill Suites by Marriott and it was so cool inside!  The rooms were funky too; great hotel.

The Summit is a yearly event for BYU-I’s School of Business and Communications.  We were among the company of some great business moguls (you can read their bios here).  We sat in a panel with the 3 other guest speakers and answered questions from the students, and then we broke out into separate sessions.

Kate and I spoke on developing web-based business strategy.  We explained our story about how we turned a little home-grown hobby into a profitable business.  We did 3 sessions to 3 packed rooms, so we thank everyone who came!  The students and faculty at BYU-I couldn’t have been better and it was a genuine honor to participate.

Since we were in Rexburg we decided to squeeze in a couple of book signings as well.  We did one signing at Deseret Book and one signing at the campus book store. The crowds there were extra wonderful and we had SO much fun meeting everyone!  Seriously.  And hey, if you’re bummed you haven’t been able to make it to a signing and you’d like an autographed book, then hop on over to The Cupcake Diaries.  We met the darling Allison, and signed a book for her that’s she’s giving away today!

We also met Susan Bell, author of Gluten-Free Cooking Made Easy.  If you’re looking for gluten free recipes, check out her book; it looks beautiful!

Random side note:  Want to know something interesting?  At every book signing someone brings us water bottles and every single time Kate pulls out her sharpie and writes her name on hers.  I think she’s afraid I’ll contaminate it, so this time I labeled mine too just to help her out, haha.

Last week we were in Seattle, which was especially fun since it’s my home town and the home town of Kate’s husband.  We had a great book signing at Deseret Book and the staff (below) was wonderful!  We loved going to Beehive Books in Edgewood, WA as well.  They had a such a cute little shop and comfy couches for us to sit on, which was a nice change of pace!

One of the best parts about our Seattle trip was that our families came along.  Kate and I have been blogging together, from opposite sides of the country, for a little over three years now.  And in all that time, our families have never met each other!  Crazy, right?

We were so excited to get everyone together so we had a big bbq at my parent’s house.

The two blondies (yes, including the crazy face) are mine and the two dark haired kiddos are Kate’s.  These four kids became instant pals, which was so fun for us to see.

Our oldest boys bonded right away over Doritos

and were inseparable thereafter.  They ran around building, jumping, and exploring all night and spent lots of time discussing important things like Legos and Star Wars and Lego Star Wars.  If Kate and I lived near each other, these two would be BFF’s for sure.

With the older brothers out of the picture, Kate’s daughter and my middle son spent hours palling around and speaking in a language I could not understand.  It was completely adorable and according to the cutie in green, there may be a marriage in the future.

I love this picture so much.  What can I say, he’s not used to girls!

Are you noticing how almost everyone matches up?  I keep telling Kate she needs to get with the program and produce a buddy for my baby.  I mean, it just makes sense, right?

Kate also did a signing in Houston and I know she loved meeting all of you Texans!  The staff at Blue Willow Book Shop was wonderful.  I snagged this picture off of our facebook page, so thank you to the reader (Kristine!) who posted it!  By the way, are you all Facebook Fans??  If not, then get your little booties over there and click that lovely “like” button.  That’s where the party is!  We’re getting close to 30,000 fans and we’re thinking maybe just maybe we should give something away to celebrate 🙂  So share it with anyone you think would enjoy it!

We’re finally back at home now, at least for a little while!  We’re trying to get caught up on emails and continue planning fun stuff for the summer.  And speaking of summer…one lucky reader gets to go on a little summer shopping spree!  Thanks to all of you who entered the World Market Giveaway, the lucky winner was comment #561, KJ! Congratulations!


  1. YEA! So excited we made your blog. I even ran out and bought the magazine with your article in it so I could scrapbook a layout of our entire book signing day. It was so much fun. Thanks again for coming to Houston. Hopefully we will get to meet you, Sara, next time.

  2. Thanks again for sharing the link to my giveaway! I’m so glad I was able to get two signed so I could keep one of these gems for myself and then share one! Thanks again!

  3. Yay…my 41st birthday “girls day” made the OBB blog!! That was such a fun day! Now you girls need to come to Dallas so we can meet Sara too! Kristi & Kristine can come up and we’ll go to Costa Vida for lunch!! BTW…made the mint brownies yesterday for Father’s Day. Amazing!! Getting ready to harvest my basil so I can make your pesto!

  4. I’ve only heard about you gals and I can’t believe that I’ve never come over to visit! After just reading 2 posts, I’m a devoted follower!!! You girls are amazing! Thanks for sharing all that you do!!! 🙂

  5. I LOVE you guys and your awesome blog!! We live in Rigby Idaho and I totally wanted to come see you in Rexburg…but we had a repair man coming right at that time and my hubby wasn’t off work yet…uggg. I was so bummed! I would love to win one of your cookbooks–I just popped over to cupcake diaries and that is a great blog too! 🙂 Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful recipes and favorite blogs!!!

  6. I’ve never seen “cupcake diaries” before – thanks for the intro! Your summer looks like its gotten off to a bust start; hopefully you can sit back and enjoy some of your fabulous cooking on a patio at some point!

  7. Looks like you’ve all been having fun. I would of love to come to a book signing but unfortunately line in the middle of no-where Nevada. Guess I graduated from BYU-I 5 years too soon. (Oh my goodness, that was a long time ago)

  8. We got our Better Homes and Gardens mag in the mail this weekend and both my husband and I FLIPPED OUT when we saw your picture and the sliders! So excited for you guys!

  9. Sooo excited about the giveaway! It’s too bad that there aren’t any Deseret Books in Orange County, California anymore because my foodie and friends and I would sooo be there if you ever came to visit! BTW, I tried your caramel popcorn recipe last weekend and nearly ate the whole batch by myself in one day! Fat and happy, baby.

  10. Cupcake Diaries sent me over but I have been an avid lover of your blog for a long time now! I just made the “World’s Best Dinner Rolls” last night and they were a big hit with my family! I can’t wait to try out the cinnamon roll version!

  11. I love looking at your post and thinking… Hey I took that picture! And hey I was there with you while you were giving those presentations. And hey I had the pleasure of eating lunch with them! Thank you for the great experience!

  12. Thanks for writing about “Cupcake Diaries.” I originally checked it out to hopefully snag the giveaway cookbook, but I’m definitely going to be following the site now. Her stuff looks delicious!
    P.S. Have you ever thought about writing a book about your story? I think it would be great for women who blog to learn how to turn blogging into a source of income.
    P.P.S I’ve only been following your blog for a short time now, and I’ve LOOOOOVVVEEEDDD every recipe I’ve tried and so has my hubby. That never happens. Kudos.

  13. Okay I went from OBB to Cupcake Diaries- oh I have found a great new blog, thanks!- Back here to OBB to let you know I came from Cupcake Diaries and would love love love an autographed copy of your book. I think this may be my only chance unless you’re going to come to Memphis to have a book signing.

  14. thanks for the heads up on the give away. love making cupcakes…so keeping my fingers crossed.
    enjoy your blog so much.

  15. Just poppin’ over from Cupcake Diaries to give a shout out! I myself am a food fanatic, in fact, I went to Culinary School in Orem Utah. I was looking through your cook book at a friends house just last week and was thinking I gotta get one of these! It’d be fun to get an autographed copy 🙂 Love your stuff, keep it comin’!

  16. I came over to your blog from the Cupcake Diaries to say hello! I love your blog and my family is accustomed to your wonderful recipes! Thanks for all of the great meals! I look forward to many more wonderful recipes from you two amazing ladies!

  17. Love your blog! So many great recipes. I’m visiting from Cupcake Diaries and am hoping to win one one of your cookbooks! Thanks for your awesome recipes and food ideas. It’s so great to have so many yummy things at my fingertips when I’m looking for meal ideas.

  18. We loved, loved, loved your presentation in Rexburg. Thank you for being examples of real women that are wives and mothers, and of course, for the great recipes! Had your pepperoncini beef sandwiches on Thursday. Threw everything together that morning, received a house full of company, worked part day, attended your lecture, and then came home to a delicious dinner that was put together in minutes. So easy and so good!

  19. This post is full of awesome stuff! I need to see if I can find a copy of the BHG issue!

    Congrats on all the great news/happenings! You ladies deserve it all!

  20. So excited for you guys and all your book signings!!! So fun:) I became a follower of the cupcake diaries…good stuff!!! Thanks for sending them my way!:) Happy Summer.

  21. you gals are fun to follow. 🙂 PS – I just came over from Cupcake Diaries, thanks for sharing their website – excited to try some of their stuff too!!

  22. I was bummed to see that Portland wasn’t on your list of book signings. (It’s just a 3 hour drive from Seattle.) 🙂 Do you think you’ll make it our way anytime soon?

  23. I also just entered the giveaway on Cupcake Diaries….I’ve been a follower of your site for a while! I love all you do…my families favorite this month is the breadstick dough recipe….we love homemade pizza night and it has made a huge difference in my hubbies love for it as well ;). Thanks!

  24. So fun! Maybe one day you’ll make it to Southern California to our Ensign Book Store in Cerritos! Too bad you’re not closer…my boys seem to be the same ages…5.5, 3.5, 1.5 and boy number four to join our family in November! Thanks for lots of fun recipe to feed all of the hungry mouths! 🙂

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