I’ll go out on a ledge here and say that I had some reservations about posting this recipe. It’s one of those that I’m crazy about, but I’m not sure how others feel, you know? In an effort to ensure its blogworthiness, I enlisted the help of 2 18-year-old girls, one with foodie tendencies and one who is hopelessly picky. I adequately warned the picky one about the mustard in the dressing and she was willing to try it and…this is the world’s best testimonial here…both she and the foodie loved it. Ask me how relieved I was? Um, super relieved, especially since I didn’t have a backup plan for today!

This vinaigrette is dressing a salad that I’m posting on Monday, but in the meantime, it’s a great marinade for chicken breasts as well as a perfect topping for a side salad of mixed greens, thinly sliced red onions, cucumbers, and homemade croutons (and hey, if you’re feeling really wild and crazy, you could toss some of that grilled chicken onto the salad and make it a meal!)


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