I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: sometimes the best creations are the ones you don’t set out to create!  This might be my new favorite thing.  It’s the perfect easy, throw-together, family style dessert for summer.  I did a local tv segment this week and made my Baked Cinnamon Chips and Fruit Salsa. When I got home I had a bag full of cinnamon chips left over and started snacking.

Then my boys walked in from the back yard with handfuls of strawberries from our garden and I started thinking about how chocolate covered strawberries sounded so good right then

because my first thought when I see any sort of food product is how it would taste covered in chocolate.  Especially this extra dark chocolate.  It does happy things to me.

So I chopped up those berries and let them sit in a spoonful of sugar for a bit.  Just so the sugar dissolved and formed a nice light syrup.

Then I sprinkled them all over those crispy cinnamon-sugar coated chips.

I grabbed some chocolate chips, and ate a few.  Then I put some in a bowl to melt in the microwave.  Then I ate some more.

Adding just a touch of vegetable oil or shortening to your chocolate makes it nice and smooth for drizzling.  It doesn’t alter the taste at all so don’t be scared.  It’s the secret to good dipping chocolate.  (You can see the basic proportions we use here.)

When it’s nice and melted, you can start drizzling.

in an artistic-meets-haphazard sort of way

chocolate + strawberries = good.

The finishing touch is a few dallops of whipped cream.  Or a few squirts of a spray can.

Holy Frijoles.  Amazing.  Seriously the best combination; we actually licked the plate.  Like, for real.

These work great on a big platter, where you can just set it on the dinner table at the end of a meal and let everyone dig in.  Or you can arrange single servings on individual plates.  Fresh mint makes it look extra pretty, or you could even mince some on top.  Mmmmmm.

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