Yummy Candy Cane Muddy Buddies intro I’m fairly certain the name “Muddy Buddies” is trademarked so I’m creatively naming these- but let’s be real: these are Candy Cane Muddy Buddies!  You can call it puppy chow if you want, but that kind of grosses me out.  Something so crazy delicious should not be named after dog food.  I’ve had this recipe mulling around in my brain for the last few Christmases.  Chex actually sells a peppermint muddy buddy mix, but it’s white chocolate, and I was sorely disappointed when I tried it (Target however sells a chocolate version, but not even close to as tasty as these homemade ones).  The thing that was holding me up was that one of the signature elements in not only the flavor of muddy buddies, but the texture, is the creamy peanut butter and I couldn’t find a perfect replacement for that.  It wasn’t until I tried that crazy peppermint chocolate peanut butter that Jif makes that it dawned on me that it might not be crazy after all to just include peanut butter in my peppermint version.  So I tried it out and, surprise!  They’re amazing.  So don’t be weirded out when you see peppermint and peanut butter together here.  It works.  I promise.  The amount of peanut butter isn’t enough that it competes with the peppermint.  It actually enhances everything and rounds out the flavor profile, while at the same time lending itself to the soft chocolate texture.  Just trust me and go with it.  These might change your life (or if nothing else, your jean size.)

To start off, we’ll make one of the world’s greatest creations (if I don’t say so myself.)  I figured if regular Muddy Buddies are tossed in powdered sugar, than candy cane Muddy Buddies should be tossed in candy cane sugar.  Solid thinking, right?  Place some powdered sugar in a food processor, and break up a bunch of candy canes in there with it.  I was too busy instagramming to actually take a photo of this part, but lucky for me I was so busy instagramming that I instagrammed it.

Candycanes and Sugar

Pulse that a few times to break up the candy canes, and then let that baby rip.

Blended Candycanes and Sugar





I keep it processing until it goes from loud crunching to smooth little cracking sounds.  You can tell when it’s done when you open your food processor and you have fluffy white peppermint snow.  It’s soft powdered sugar with little teeny crunchy bits of peppermint.

Peppermint Powdered Sugar

This is great on all sorts of things you would use powdered sugar for.  Try making a buttercream frosting with this stuff.  Holy delicious.

Peppermint Sugar Snow

Take a few more candy canes and put them in a ziplock bag.

Crushing Candycanes

Grab a heavy rolling pin, or a mallet, or the bottom of a heavy cup, or anything that can smash stuff.  And smash them.  You don’t need to pulverize them like we did in the food processor.  These little bits are getting tossed in with our cereal mix so you want little bites of peppermint.

Crushed Candycane

Place your Chex cereal in a big (no really, BIG- it will make mixing so much easier) bowl.  I’m showing my crushed candy canes in here, but I actually think it works better if you toss them in after the next step, so you’ll see that reflected in my directions, just FYI.

Candy Canes in Chex Mix

Now here comes the good stuff.  I love these Mint Chocolate Chips that Hershey’s makes.  These should be available at most grocery stores right now (check the holiday end caps!) but if you can’t find them (or another brand of mint chocolate chips), no worries.  You can still make these, just use a bit more extract, or preferably, peppermint oil if you have some.  There are a couple brands of chocolate that make peppermint flavored chips that aren’t actually chocolate (they’re just peppermint flavored candy coating) and I would avoid those.  We want chocolate here, so use something that is actual chocolate chips, with peppermint flavoring.

Hershey's Mint Chocolate Chips

Place those in a microwave-safe bowl,

Chocolate Chips

and add some butter, and peanut butter.  I know that sounds strange, seeing as we’re using peppermint, but trust me on this one.  If you have peanut allergies, you could use a different nut butter, or I did experiment with 1/2 the amount of coconut oil.  While my taste testers all agreed that the PB version tasted better, the coconut oil will work as a replacement.

PB, Chocolate, Butter

Melt it until it’s creamy and smooth and immediately add in some peppermint extract, or peppermint oil.  If you’re using regular chocolate chips, I would try to find some peppermint oil, and then add in extra.  You’ll have to do it to taste, and I would suggest adding more than you think you’ll need, since the flavor will be mellowed once it’s combined with the cereal.  If you use extract, I’d double it.

Melted Mint Chocolate

Dump the chocolate in with the cereal and candy cane bits.

Melted Chocolate on Chex

and mix, mix, mix.  The chocolate mix may be slightly thick, and seem like it’s not covering everything at first, but just keep stirring and you’ll soon see that all of those cereal pieces has a nice chocolatey coating.

Tossed Chex Mix

Then dump in the peppermint-sugar.

Candy Cane Sugar on Chex mix

Quickly toss everything together.  Mix, mix, mix again until it’s all dusted snowy white.

Tossed Muddy Buddies

Now stick your fingers in there and taste them.  Amazing, right?  This is the perfect little treat to package up for gifting.

Candycane Muddy Buddies from Our Best Bites

Or for holding the entire bowl in your lap while you watch your favorite dvr’d shows after your kids are in bed.

Candy Cane Muddy Buddies Close Up from Our Best Bites

You get that creamy smooth chocolate, with cool burst of peppermint, and cute little pieces of red and white candy.  It’s pretty addicting, so consider yourself warned.


Yummy Candy Cane Muddy Buddies from Our Best Bites


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