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avocado egg salad sq

First of all, Sara and I are gearing up to head to Utah for our big book launch! We’re so excited to see so many of you–if you want to come see us, our schedule is over here on this post, but we’ll also post it again before we head out.  Remember, if you’d like to come to our awesome event this Thursday (we’ll have our Olive Oil Shop open for biz!) please RSVP right now before you forget!  And if you haven’t picked up a book yet, there will be plenty for sale at the events, or you can bring your own if you order it online. We’re also going to be on a lot of the morning/daytime news shows in Utah throughout the next two weeks, so keep an eye out for us!  And for those of you in BOISE, Idaho!  Sara will be at the Deseret Book store in Boise *tomorrow* (Tuesday, April 7th) from 6-7 pm.  Head over there and say hello.  You can pick up a book there, or bring one you’ve already purchased, she’d love to see you!

So I don’t know what your eating situation looked like yesterday, but at my house, it was pretty much a steady diet of Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs, Mini Cadbury Eggs, and Starburst Jelly Beans with an occasional broccoli floret thrown in there for good measure. I can handle the Halloween candy and the Valentine’s Day candy, but dear heavens, there’s something about the Easter candy that is impossible to resist.

So if you’re feeling a little blah today and feel like you need to get things back on track, PLUS use up all those hard-boiled eggs stinking up your fridge, this one’s for you!

Avocado toast is all the rage, and I’ll admit that while I don’t often ever document it via Instagram, I do eat it fairly frequently. If you’re not familiar with avocado toast, it’s basically a piece of toast with mashed avocado on it. I like to add a little lime juice, some salt and pepper, sometimes some green Tabasco sauce, and if I want to add in some veggies, I’ll add cucumber slices, grape tomatoes, red onion slices, some baby spinach, and alfalfa sprouts (the sprouts are actually my favorite part…is that weird?)

Even with all that, sometimes I want something with a little more staying power. Enter the hard-boiled egg. If egg salad is a little too strong for you, or if avocado toast is a little too weak for you, this is the perfect compromise. The avocado mellows out the hard-boiled egginess of it all and the protein in the egg gives the avocado a little more oomph. This is one of my favorite lunches (or heck, let’s be honest, breakfasts…and dinners if my husband is stuck at work).

You’ll need peeled hard-boiled eggs, 1 medium avocado, some low-fat mayonnaise (some of you have asked and Sara and I ONLY use Hellman’s/Best Foods mayonnaise. I’ve tried ’em all!), chopped green onions, a tiny bit of garlic, the juice of 1/2 a lime (plus more to taste if you want), and green Tabasco sauce to taste.

avocado egg salad

Chop the eggs and place in a small mixing bowl.

avocado egg salad

These are actually not chopped enough…I like to mash mine with a fork. Is that weird?

Add the mashed avocado and 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise and mix until combined. Add green onions, garlic, lime juice, green Tabasco, and salt and pepper. If desired, toast the bread, then add a layer of baby spinach leaves, egg salad mixture,

avocado egg salad

then top with desired toppings like sliced cucumbers, tomato slices, red onion slices (no one said you were going to be kissing anyone after eating this), alfalfa sprouts, and bacon (I like that Hormel pre-cooked bacon–2 slices for 35 calories! Can’t really beat that!) Serve immediately. Makes 4 open-face sandwiches.

Avocado Egg Salad from Our Best Bites


  1. Sounds wonderful. I will be trying this one for sure. Hey, on the Mayo thing (only Best Foods)… have you tried Costco’d Kirkland brand mayo? I think it is almost exactly like Best Foods and a much better price. Might want to check it out.

  2. I like the idea of the extra flavors here (the lime, garlic, tabasco) and yours looks so much prettier than any avocado-egg mixes I see on Instagram! This looks awesome!

  3. Oh yeah, fellow avocado-toast girl here. We usually do a simple avocado & tomato combo, sometimes with salami or bacon, but I think the eggs are a great addition. = )

  4. I use a pastry blender to chop both eggs and avocados. When my daughter was in 8th grade home ec class, the teacher held up different kitchen tools that were “new” to the kids. When she held up the pastry blender, my daughter said, “That’s a guacamole maker!” The teacher told her that was a great idea.

    1. Great idea for an otherwise practically useless tool(especially after you start making pie dough in the food processor!). Thanks for the tip!

  5. If anyone else shares the aversion to mayo that I do I made this recipe and subbed the mayo for hummus. it gave it a delicious creaminess! I’m sure Greek yogurt would work so. So good and an awesome healthy recipe, thanks ladies!

    1. I was just going to ask what a good substitute was for the mayo. Hummus is a great idea, and I always have that on hand. Thanks for sharing!

  6. My name is Christine and I’m a Reese’s Egg addict. I have consumed 2 bags by myself and just received two more for Easter. I hardly ever eat sweets but Reese’s Eggs get me every year.

  7. The only Hormel pre-cooked bacon I could find was twice that amount of calories ~ 2 slices for 70. Did you mean to say 35 per slice? Either way, that’s pretty good!

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