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So yesterday was kind of one of those days. First of all, it was a Monday, which is never good for anyone. Second, because Thanksgiving is next week,  my kids have a short school week, which means that on Thursday morning, we are leaving the first real family vacation (like where we’re not shoehorned into someone’s spare bedroom/couch) we’ve taken in 6 1/2 years (so pretty much my kids’ whole lives). As excited as we are to go, there is so much that needs to be done before we go. I need to make sure y’all and all your Thanksgiving needs are taken care of, my dog swiped my toast this morning while I wasn’t watching and then decided to un-house-train herself, my house is a disaster, my children didn’t go to bed until 9:30 last night because we were watching the last Harry Potter movie, meaning this morning, my daughter had the horrible realization that she couldn’t eat her breakfast because she didn’t like the length of her pants.

One of the things on my to-do list was to bake with my kids. I’m participating in the Foodbuzz Tastemakers Program and we were provided with some Nestle products to help us get bake-y in the kitchen. I had visions of these chocolate chip cookies, or these chocolate chip cookies, or these toffee chocolate chip cookies, or chocolate chip cookie pie. But first, I needed to work on the posts that are going up while I’m on vacation. Turns out my little girl wanted to help…

(please excuse her less-than-model-perfect hair–again, one of those days. Also, I’m not a neglectful mother, it really is warm enough outside for tank tops and shoelessness).

As much as I was trying to hurry things along, she reaaaaally wanted to help measure and pour.

I was stressing out. I may have kind of yelled. See that dusty mess on the table? Imagine that all over my house.

Then we picked up my little boy from the bus stop. And he had had a really bad day. By the time we had settled the fact that math isn’t the biggest deal in the world, we had time for cookies, but I knew it was going to be stressful and I really wanted to not be mad and yell-y while we were doing it. Enter…refrigerated cookie dough. Believe me, when the cookies matter, I’m a 100% believer in homemade cookie dough. But when memories and quality time matter and time’s short? Refrigerated cookie dough all the way, baby.

See where we’re going with this? Pizzookies, anyone?

By the time we scooped ice cream…

and drizzled chocolate and caramel sauce…

all was forgotten. I even forgot about the pretzel dust all over my dining room, especially when I realized that my little girl helping me crush and measure them was the whole point–baking up love and memories. Even if it was messier and took 3 times as long, it was so much more fun to have my little helper in there with me rather than doing it all by myself. Sappy enough for you? Go brine yourself a turkey and you’ll feel better, I promise… 🙂

Disclaimer: Nestle provided me with chocolate chips and cookie dough, but the opinions and memories are all miiiiine.


  1. Adorable! Makes me wonder about some of the opportunities I may have missed, because I shoo’ed my kids out of the kitchen, because I had to do it “my way”

  2. This makes me feel better. Instead og making sugar cookies from scratch or ginger bread cookies like I did two years ago with 4 kiddos, I’ll do this with my six I have now and my five month pregnant body. I want to make memories but want it to be perfect and I just can’t do it! Refrigerator cookie dough is just what I need. Thank you for making me to feel less guilt!!!!!

  3. We nearly made Pizzookies last night, but decided that eating the caramel apples we’d made that afternoon was dessert enough (we’ve made the apples four times since Sara posted them last month…can’t get enough!).
    Have a blast with Mickey and friends!

  4. Yes, I baked cookies with my 4-year-old yesterday. I had to keep repeating in my head, “Keep this FUN and relax” as she wanted to measure everything. So…making cookies took basically FOREVER, but she loved it. I managed to relax, but yes–a lot of cleaning up afterwards!

  5. I seriously love this post because it makes me feel better that I get frustrated in the kitchen with my kids too. They love to help me, but they’re only 3 and 21 months. Sometimes I just don’t have the patience for it, but I LOVE them helping me most of the time.

  6. Having been there-done that, I can guarantee that years from now you will not remember the pretzel dust or messy house and neither will the kids; but none of you will ever forget the memories you make. While it is a little cliche’ all you really get to keep is the memories you make. Someday, when you see your kids doing these things with their kids, you will see what it is that really has an impact on them. Time goes by quickly – savor it!

  7. I’ve always told my husband that men and women have total different perceptions of vacation. Before…after…and even DURING is SO. MUCH. WORK!! I hope you take a vacation from vacation when you get home!!

  8. So sorry to hear you had one of THOSE mornings! I can totally relate;). LOVE the cookie dough dessert! YUMMY! I will have to make that very soon. THX! Have a wonderful vaca!

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