Beignets {Happy Mardi Gras!}

So first of all, if you’re seeing this post, that means that you’re also able to see our new blog design!  If you’re using a reader, hop on over to to check out our shiny new look!  For all of you who have cursed us in weeks/months/years gone by about our sucktacular recipe index, you can find any recipe in just a few clicks.  We have to give a huuuuuuuuge shout-out to Susie at Zee Studio for her amazing work on our new look!

So you guys, I think I might have forgotten how to write a blog post.  To say it’s been a crazy couple of weeks would be a major understatement.  Thank you so much for your patience while we worked on this as well as some other massive behind-the-scenes projects (*cough* 2012 calendar with all brand-new recipes *cough cough*)! Believe it or not, our trip to Utah this week for the book launch will be a welcome break!

Before I moved to Louisiana, I had no idea how big of a deal Mardi Gras is here.  Um, yeah, my kids are out of school.  My friend Becky in New Orleans has a kid who’s out for 10 days.  10.  During the last few years, I’ve really come to love Mardi Gras (lots of fun, very little work on my part–totally my kind of holiday!), so the kids and I were pretty bummed when our parade got rained out on Saturday.  To make up for it, we watched The Princess and the Frog, made beignets (pronounced ben-yays, JUST in case you might be wondering), and I stopped just short of throwing beads and plastic cups at my kids and my cat.

I love this recipe because these babies are not just super, super delicious, but they are so easy, the dough can be made the night before and refrigerated, and they only require one short rise.  For the dough, you’ll need flour, salt, sugar, cooking oil, yeast, an egg, and milk. Yeah, the egg didn’t make it into the picture–wanna fight?

In a small saucepan, you want to heat the milk, sugar, salt, and oil until small bubbles form around the edges.  Remove the pan from heat.

While the milk is heating, place the yeast in some warm water with some sugar and let it stand for about 10 minutes until it’s bubbly.

When the milk has heated, add it to some flour in the bowl of a stand mixer and mix, scraping often, until the mixture is smooth.  Add the egg and mix until well-combined.  Add the yeast mixture and mix well.  Then you want to add enough flour to make a soft dough that slightly sticks to your finger.

At this point, you can do one of two things.  Option A is to spray a bowl with non-stick cooking spray and place the dough in the bowl, then spray a piece of plastic wrap with non-stick cooking spray and place it over the bowl, then refrigerate the dough until you’re ready to use it (up to a day).  The other option is to turn the dough onto a lightly floured surface (I use my giant wood cutting board)…

then roll the dough into a large rectangle that’s about 1/4″ thick.  Using a pizza wheel or a small, sharp knife, cut the dough into rectangles that are about 3″x4″.  Totally approximate.  We’re talking fried pieces of sweet carbs here dusted in powdered sugar; there are bigger forces at play here than exact size!

Separate the pieces a little and then cover with a clean cloth and allow to rise for 30 minutes.

When the dough has been rising for about 15 minutes, heat 2-3 inches of oil in a large skillet or saucepan to 325 degrees (use a candy thermometer) over medium-low heat.  It should take about 15 minutes to reach 325.  As far as the oil goes, I really recommend peanut oil for frying pastries because it has a high smoke point and is almost flavorless–while canola oil is great because it has a high smoke point and it’s good for your heart (um, am I talking about heart health in a post about deep-fried treats?), it can take on kind of a fishy taste, especially at high temperatures.  So unless allergies are a factor, peanut oil is the best way to go.

When the oil is hot, carefully place a few pieces of dough in the hot oil and fry for about 90 seconds-2 minutes on the first side, or until it puffs up and the bottom side is golden.  Flip the dough pieces and fry another 90 seconds or until the other side is golden.  Carefully remove from the oil and place on a paper towel-lined baking sheet.  Repeat with the remaining pieces of dough.

Place some powdered sugar into a fine mesh strainer and generously dust the beignets with the powdered sugar.  By “dust,” I’m talking light piles of powdered sugar, not some pansy smattering of powdered sugar.  This is a messy operation.

Eat ’em immediately while they’re hot.

Although hey’re still pretty irresistable when they’re not hot…not that I’d know from any kind of firsthand experience! 🙂


  1. I had beignets for the first time last May at Cafe du Monde in New Orleans and loved them too. I’m excited to try making them, so thanks for the recipe! Great job on the new layout, too you guys! I love the picture index 🙂

  2. love the new look. love your recipes. have tried several and mmmmm delicious. keep coming back for ideas when my meal plan seems to lack something. thanks ladies, love you.

  3. A) the new website is amazing! great job!
    B) I am totally addicted to your recipes
    C) I can not WAIT to make these little guys rock!

  4. Love the new look! Have loved your blog for a LONG time! Just got your cookbook & it’s awesome! Keep the great recipes coming!

  5. I Love the new site! My daughter has been after me to make beignets since watching the Princess and the Frog. So today, I shall attempt! Thanks for making her little girl dreams come true!

  6. I love it! So happy you expanded the pretty color scheme! The sunny, tropical feeling definitely matches the giddy feeling we get when a new post pops up!

    What do you girls like to deep fry in? I feel a little more comfortable knowing what temperature to fry at and approximately how long it takes to get there but it still makes me NERVOUS! I’m considering my Dutch oven pan but am very fond of it!

    1. Brianne, deep frying can be scary at first, but seriously, if you babysit it and use a candy thermometer, you’ll be totally fine. 325 isn’t hot enough to burn peanut or canola oil, or even to make it splatter. Dutch ovens are perfect for frying–my dad would always make fried scones in his on the 4th of July. You can also use any heavy-duty stock pot or skillet. You’ll do GREAT! 🙂

  7. Ummm…can’t wait to make these! Ever since we took the kids to see Disney’s The Princess and the Frog I have been wanting to make them! I found one recipe and it was way too doughy so yay for Kate! I can feel my hips expanding just thinking about making these suckers! Love the new website too!

  8. YUM! Just had my first beignets at Disneyland a few weeks ago (Mickey shaped ones!) and have been craving them ever since! I’m scared about frying things, but this might be a good place to start.

  9. Okay, quick question… and I guess you can’t go into too many details… but…

    When you say 2012 CALENDAR… do you mean you’re actually making a calendar (like… to hang on your wall?)

    The reason I ask, is because currently, there’s only one calendar I buy… and it’s from FlyLady. I can hang it on my wall, and it has HUGE squares so I can fit everything on it in my busy life, and I can see it from across the room. (I don’t work for FlyLady, but you could go to their website if you wanted to see what I was talking about

    So… if you’re going to be selling a calendar, will you please make the squares huge? Because I’d love to buy your calendar, but I need fat and chunky squares!!! (Maybe make an XXL version of it? :))

    If you’re not selling calendars… then just forget what I said and keep working on your awesome recipes. 🙂

    1. Ailene–We’re working with our publisher (Deseret Book) on the calendar and they’re handling all the layout and everything. We’re just providing the recipes and pictures, but we can definitely pass along the message that people are interested in big squares! 🙂

  10. Wow, I LOVE the new look! The recipe index is spectacular 🙂 I got my cookbook in the mail last week and I have a whole new lineup of dinners to make this week! Can’t wait! Thanks so much!

  11. Yum! My first time having beignets was at the Cafe de Monde in New Orleans. They were great. I know that it is very traditional to order them with hot chocolate (and so I did and it was very worth my while). I have relatives in LA but haven’t actually been there during mardi gras. Sorry about the parade! Thanks for sharing this recipe!

  12. Its a very big deal over here in Belgium as well. They have shut the school down for a week. Alot of people take the opportunity to go ski but there are a ton of festivals and Carnivals for Fat Tuesday and all that crap before lent lol! We don’t celebrate lent (southern baptist here) but it is fun to go watch people jabber in French and act like fools =D We are American military so its just different. I may try these pretty soon though.

    1. Ashley,
      (sorry for butting in here gals but I just had to “talk” to Ashley!!)
      We are a military family in Indiana but my mom lives in Louisiana (southern baptists) so they are in the same situation as you. but I must say I love me some beignets. We had them oddly enough in Europe as well when we were stationed there when I was a kid…. Belgium, huh? Wow!! 🙂

  13. Love the new site!! Looks so bright and fun!!

    As for the beignets…YUM!! I had some at a brunch place this weekend…they serve them with lemon curd and whipped cream!! Amazing. For serious.

  14. I am so excited to try these – Thank you!! We just finished watching The Princess & The Frog last week and I actually dreamed about these – thats how bad I have wanted to try them. LOL!
    Thanks again.

  15. Love the new look! I am a newbie to the blog, but I have already tried a few things and I am super impressed! Good luck with all of the new crazy and exciting things happening in your lives! Thanks for getting me back in the kitchen!

  16. These look fabulous! And so does your new look! I only wish the 1st post picture was bigger though. I loved coming here and boom! seeing the finished recipe right off. But, that’s just my humble opinion… Thanks gals!

  17. I Love your new look! It’s very well designed and chic!!! This recipe makes me want to watch Princess and the Frog! lol! I’ve never tried these, thanks for the recipe!

  18. I don’t do change well but I LOVE the new blog look! Also wanted to let you know that I was checking out other cooking blogsites this weekend and yours is by far the best! And I’m not just saying that to get a free cookbook….I love mine and use it all the time! And a calendar….can’t wait until next year! You both are aweseome! I’m hoping to make it to the Bountiful book signing! Thanks for all your hard work!

  19. Love the new site! I got sucked into this post immediately and so now I will go back and explore it a bit more!

    Due to being overly busy I had just decided it was ok to let go of the idea of celebrating Mardi Gras this year. Now you show me this fantastic looking recipe and I’m jumping right on it! Thanks! (said sarcastically and absolutely truly meant). 😉


  20. First of all, I LOVE the look of the new site. Fabulous! And I can’t wait to try this recipe. No more trips to the O-Town bike shop Cafe to get them anymore. Yay!

  21. Congrats on the new look! It is a huge improvement over your last design! Better hierarchy, better color scheme, and less graphic at the top (I really loathe blogs with huge graphics at the top of the page that make me scroll to get to the good content).

    Way to go you all – and Zee Studio! 🙂

  22. AWESOME!…New site! Just love the colorful look and the easy navigation to great food ideas and clever seasonal food tips! Your new site and all your wonderful recipes are such an inspiration. I did the Easter eggs last year, using men’s old ties, and they were adorable. May do more again this year to WOW the grand kids. Keep up the good work!

  23. The new design was worth the wait. It’s lovely. Carnival is a big deal in Trinidad where I’m from as well. A month of festivities culminating in 2 big parade days. Best part like you mentioned work grinds to a halt for this giant party.

  24. I love the new look!! It’s a cold, rainy day here in So. Utah, so I’m making some yummy soup for dinner and these will be just wonderful with some hot choc. for a FHE treat tonight!! Thanks. Oh…When I clicked the print button, nothing is happening. I can’t get it to print. 🙁 Do you know why??

    1. Jesica, it might not work with all browsers. If you have a different browser installed on your computer, try printint it out with that. Otherwise, you can use the print button at the bottom of the post and delete anything extra you don’t want or you can copy the recipe (the one that’s in the dotted lines) and paste it into a word processing document.

  25. I’ve already said the site looks FANTABULOUS on Facebook (’cause well, it seriously does!) but these little sweet treats look totally delish!

    I am having fun re-introducing myself to your website/blog and with the ease of finding tips & tricks, recipes and all the different ways you have stuff sorted, it’s SO easy! I can’t wait to try these. They almost seem like a light and delicate donut pastry thing-a-ma-jig.

    Not so low-calorie though for a diet…. hrrmmmppphhh… *pouts* Will have to make them for the family and try not to indulge!

  26. I’ve loved all your Louisana recipes-it’s so fun to explore regional culture through food! I was just wondering which one of you is going to move to a new area so we can embrace foods from other regions? 😉

    Thanks for the great recipes!

  27. What a nice surprise to wake up to!! Your site looks awesome and the thing I’m most excited about is that I’m finally able to leave a comment!! For some reason my computer hated the old format. Congrats on everything!!

  28. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I enjoyed beignets and iced coffee at Cafe du Monde in 2004 and have been trying to find a good beignet since. This should be a treat. Gorgeous new blog, enjoyed the last version but I’m really liking the new features now. Keep up the great work!

  29. To Funny! My mom is Pennsylvania dutch and has been making these for me since I was a kid, except we always called them Doe-Does. Now I make them for my family. Esp on fat tuesday

  30. I love the new site, new cookbook, and this recipe. In my youth, I spent time in Louisiana and have missed beignets. Gonna have to get some peanut oil so I can make these puppies. Speaking of puppies, do you have a favorite hushpuppies recipe? I LOVE them and miss them immensely. You guys are wonderful and I’m giving a shout out to you guys and your new and improved website today.

  31. Fairly new reader, but LOVE the new look of the site. It’s so much more appealing and professional. Nice work! I’ll be back often!

  32. LOVE your new look!!! And I’m so going to make these this weekend. My hubby is dieting right now, but the weekends he takes a “free” day so I think these are just the things!! 🙂

  33. Oh, those look so yummy…one of the things I LOVE about this blog is you make things look so easy to make!
    Was at Costco in Wa and DID NOT see your book….not sure if they are testing a market or something…will ask them about it next time I am in…we were there AFTER closing, so I did not think it was such a great time to ask…

    A friend of mine is adopting a boy from an Eastern European Country. The cost associated with that is staggering. To help raise the funds needed to bring him home, she is raffling off a Nikon Camera…
    Would you please consider sharing this on your blog?

  34. Hey Sara and Kate! Cute new look! :)) (Although, I have to admit it’s going to take me a bit to get used to it, as I really did love the old one, too!) These Beignets looks YUMM-O! :)) Wish I could reach through the computer screen and grab one!;P

  35. Thanks for sharing! I was actually in NOLA over the weekend with my husband for a business trip. I’d never been before, and it was WILD (we were staying in the French Quarter, too). We caught a couple of the parades and went to Cafe’ Du Monde and I’m now a beignet addict. Thanks for sharing. . it’ll come in handy when our boxes of beignet mix run out. . 🙂

  36. I forgot to ask this in my comment before but is a candy thermometer a must for this recipe?? I don’t have one and am wondering if it’s possible to make these without!

    1. Not a must, but SUPER helpful! 🙂 And they’re way cheap, like just a couple bucks. It’s just an easy, fail-safe way of making sure you’re on the right track, you know? The hard thing with oil is that there aren’t really many visual cues to help you know if it’s ready or not–it doesn’t boil or simmer, so if you don’t know the temp, it’s easy to over- or under-cook the beignets.

    1. You can, you just need to make sure the smoke point is high enough that you’re not going to burn the oil. The best oils for frying in terms of smoke point are canola and peanut, but canola can give an off taste to the food, which is why I recommend peanut.

  37. Here I am again! lol I should just write an email. Wanted to give my two bits on Mardi Gras, as I noticed two of your bloggers commented about Mardi Gras and Lent. The celebration of Fat Tuesday, was originally a Catholic thing…years ago, Catholics gave up all dairy (milk, cheese, eggs, butter), and meat during the entire 40 days of Lent (excluding Sundays, as those aren’t considered part of Lent). Catholics are no longer asked to give these things up, but are encouraged to give up other things (or those things if they want)during Lent. Anyway, back in the day, the Tuesday before Lent was the day that Catholics would make sure and eat the things they had in the house that they were giving up for Lent~so as not to waste food. So, they would bake things (to use up their milk, eggs, butter, etc) so they wouldn’t have all that good stuff hanging around when they couldn’t have it! Unfortunately, over the years, Fat Tuesday turned into Mardi Gras and became more of a paganized type festival more then anything else. Just thought I’d pass that on, as so few people know what the real origin of Fat Tuesday really is! 🙂

  38. I LOVE beignets!! My mom used to make them when I was growing up and then I got to eat one at Cafe du Monde in The French Quarter years ago. Then I made them for book club a few years ago. I totally didn’t even realize it was Mardi Gras tomorrow, but I will definitely be mixing up a batch of these tomorrow now!!!

  39. I’ve been thinking of making beignets since I saw them on the Princess and the Frog! Ha ha Having never lived in the South, I had never heard of them before that. This recipe makes them look really doable. I think I’ll pick up some peanut oil this afternoon when I hit Safeway.

  40. I have been waiting forever for you to change up your site to make the recipes easier to find. I LOVE your site and have made ever so many delicious things from it!! Thanks a million! (And my mom always raves about your baked potato soup!)

  41. YUM! These look very similar to the scones I grew up eating. In fact, we just had them last night. I got your cookbook last week and tried your Smokey Bean Soup with Ham and Bacon last night as well. My husband is actually not a big fan of bean with bacon soup from a can, but he loved this! Thank you!!

    I’m also trying your dinner rolls tonight, and I’m excited! I am really starting to love working with dough, thanks to your recipes and tips. (And I’m not afraid of it anymore!) I accidently dripped a little water on the page while mixing the rolls together, though, and immediately felt really sad because I usually like to keep special things really nice and new. But then I realized that rippled and tattered pages are a sure trademark of a tried and true favorite cookbook!!

    Totally loving the cookbook and new website!!!

  42. These sound great and I’ve wanted to try making them since I saw that movie too. I just wish my kids liked the movie a little better so I could watch it more often. Ü I think we might have the same friend Becky—did she move from Des Moines? Can’t wait to give these a try. Dinner for tomorrow is planned!

  43. I just popped over to check out the new blog design and, although I love it, I have to say the heart-shaped lemon slice in your graphic doesn’t make much sense. If that was on a fork, how on Earth could anyone manage to hold the fork and take a bit out of the side of it like that? Shouldn’t the bite be on the other lobe of the heart? Not criticizing, mind you, just curious . . . I noticed it IMMEDIATELY, but then, maybe I’m just picky and overly-observant: )

  44. I absolutely love your new look, but then again I loved your old look too! I just wanted to let you know that I tried to print the recipe by using the lone ‘print recipe’ button above the recipe and nothing printed up (well I got a sheet with the date and your web address on it, but surely not the recipe). I tried it twice with the same result. I then tried the ‘print recipe’ button next to Kate’s picture and that worked just fine. I’m sure it was something I did, but just in case it wasn’t (which would be amazing) I wanted to let you guys know so you would be on top of it! Thanks for all of the wonderful recipes!

    1. Heather, it might not work with some browsers. If you have another web browser installed on your computer, try that. If it doesn’t work, the Print Friendly button (the one you used) should still work, it’s just not quite as pretty! 🙂

  45. I ADORE the new look! It’s so happy and fun! These look really good, too. We were watching “The Princess and the Frog” the other night and this looks like what Tiana’s specialty is!

  46. I make these for our Christmas morning brunch every year in honor of my first grandchild who was born in New Orleans. Love them!

  47. YUM! I think the new layout is adorable, but I can’t find the search recipes option. Did you get rid or it? Or am I just a moron? Got my cookbook . . . LOVE IT!

  48. Ladies – I say again, GREAT job on the cookbook. I have been enjoying making new stuff and revisiting old friends published there and hubby and I are really enjoying it. The little Brazilian Cheese Rolls are becoming a weekly event! 🙂 Thanks again and keep on cookin’

      1. I love that I know who MomChops is! I like Lolly’s site as well.
        I have a sidenote question– I have looked in a couple different places and I am having a hard time finding tapioca flour. Any questions?

  49. Beignets are one of the things I miss most about growing up in Louisiana! A tip for people worried about making a huge mess with the powdered sugar – my parents always put a GENEROUS amount of powdered sugar into a double lined brown paper bag (lunch bag) and dumped the beignets in there straight from the oil. The kids got to take turns shaking the bag and taking the coated beignets out, which kept us out of trouble, and it was one less mess on the countertop for my mom to clean up!

    1. Ali,
      I was just going to comment about the paper bag method. This is what we use here on weekend mornings when I can’t bother to make things super pretty and clean up extra mess. 🙂

  50. These look amazing! My mom used to make sopapillas that looked very similar, but we would bite the top off and fill it with honey instead of the powdered sugar. YUM!

  51. Hey! I follow your site on google reader, but since the change it has not been updating on my feed. I thought I would just let you guys know in case it is a glitch. Love your site though!

  52. YUM! These look delicious! You’re new design looks FABULOUS! Love it! Congrats girls on the new book as well. Can’t wait to get it… hopefully for my anniversary. 😉

  53. I am in love with the new layout, ladies!! I really like the recipe index. I find it much easier to navigate now and I have found recipes that I never knew were there before. I also really like the nutritional info added to the recipes!

  54. I’m making these today. 🙂 I just hope I can hold off on eating all of them before everyone gets home today.
    Ooooh, can’t wait for a calendar. I love recipe calendars. Will they be out and available in plenty of time for Christmas?

    ps…I have to ask because if I don’t I’ll be wondering all day…is that a little purple pepper or something in the first photo of the beignets with the powdered sugar?

  55. You forgot: serve with hot chocolate with a side of live jazz!

    Thanks for the great recipe!!! We moved away about 6 months ago and I’ve been totally craving it.

    Happy Mardi Gras!

  56. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog! The new site changes look really nice and I look forward to continuing to enjoy your fabulous recipes! Thank you! =)

  57. I must say I have been following your blog for a while
    now and I LOVE it! I love everything make and your
    bread tutorials cured my fear of yeast. Great job ladies!!

    P.S. I just saw your cookbook in my Deseret Mailer. Did I squeal
    with excitement? Yes, yes I did.

  58. It’s a shame that the only time I’ve ever been in New Orleans for Mardi Gras is when I was too young to remember. I’m sure I ate a ton of beignets though and have loved them ever since. I can’t wait to try out your recipe!

  59. Just made these – while watching Princess and the Frog! They were delicious and a lot easier and faster than I expected! I made them start-to-finish while the movie was on (with time to spare). And the cleanup wasn’t bad, either! My 4-year-old took her first bite and asked if we could make them again!

  60. Oh, and we put honey on them before the powdered sugar, just like Tiana does! They were really good that way, too!

  61. i totally meant to make these today in honor of mardi gras but it just didn’t happen. so when i make them tomorrow should i use a bread hook or the regular mixer attachment thingy (technical term)? does it matter?

  62. I would <3 to come to the Orem book signing but I have class that night. Grr…
    I <3 the balloon wreath, definitely going to try it!

  63. These look delicious! My sister and I were trying to do a “no sweets” thing for all of March, but I may just have to break that pact with these!!
    Just one question: Can I fry them in my deep fryer (fry daddy) or do I need to do it on the stove?
    Sister and I are coming to the launch event in SLC this Friday and I can’t wait!

  64. I love that you live in Louisiana and can share such great recipes from there. (I served my mission there… so I’m a fan!) I made your jambalaya and beignets last night for Mardi Gras. And they were both fabulous! I had left over jambalaya for lunch today… and yes, it is even better the next day. Thanks again. And Happy Mardi Gras!

  65. Kate! Thank you a million times over for posting this recipe…beignets have always scared me and now I’m totally going to make them (of course, when a new Cafe du Monde just got built just up the street, it’s always a little easier to just go buy them!)! I usually fail at frying things because I never use a thermometer for my oil, but no more–I’m definitely using a thermometer now! And I am loving that I got a mention here on the ol’ Best Bites blog–even if it is for something as crazy as having a kid out of school for so long for this holiday! ha ha

    But seriously…I love your blog and I am LOVING the new look! Way to go girls!

  66. I’ve used this website soooo many times for last minute supper ideas!

    The new design is ADORABLE!! I totally love it. You guys rock. 🙂

  67. I am soooo excited you put this recipe on your blog. I served my mission in Louisiana and was pretty close to West Bank (West bank of New Orleans) for a while. I have been home for many years now (not telling how many) and haven’t had a beignet since I got home. My husband had a business trip to New Orleans a few months ago and when he asked what I wanted him to bring back the only thing I wanted was beignet mix. I was all excited to make it and show everybody how wonderful they are and it turns out beignets from a box are not the same!!! So, I’m way excited to try this recipe. Also good dipped in Hot Chocolate.

  68. I was born and raised in Louisiana and Texas. I have childhood memories of having these on Sunday evenings after church. I now live in California and my kids have no idea what they’ve been missing not having these. I am so excited to have this recipe to make them for my own family! Thanks!

  69. I was at Cafe Du Monde about 4 years ago for the first time. My husband and I ate there every morning for a week. We brought back mix from the restaurant to make our own at home. Once that was gone, I haven’t tried to make them my self. Thanks for this recipe. I am ready to give it a try. I alsolove the new look of your blog. I’m a big fan. I’ve made just about all your popcorn recipes and love them all.

  70. made these with poor man’s gumbo for my husband and i a few night ago… AMAZING. i think this become a monthly thing for us. Thank you!!!

  71. beignets remind ne of the movie Princess and the Frog, My daughter is going to be so excited that I can make these !!! thanks and I love the new look!

  72. Oh oh! I am so excited! I saw these in the movie Under Cover Blues then ate them in Disney Land… soooo good! Forgot what they were called (since I couldn’t pronounce it)…saw this…and am in happy food heaven! I have a family coming over for dinner this week who doesn’t eat chocolate and now I have a dessert idea! Thank you!

  73. Question, I am not very comfortable with frying but want to make these for company coming this weekend, so I would like to be done with the frying before they come for dinner. (You know, so they don’t hear the squeals and screams as I drop these little beauties as I try to turn them and pop oil on myself.) But you say to serve right away, so any tips on keeping them great but cooking them maybe and hour or two before eating? Like can I keep them warm in the oven or something?

    Any BTW, you ladies inspire me! I don’t know how you do all you do!

  74. Oh wow, these look amazing. Beignets are the main reason why I wanna go to New Orleans. Beignets and Po’Boys, the gorgeous architecture and, well the people too! Thank you so much for this recipe…I can now bring a little New Orleans to my kitchen.

  75. Found this recipe on Pinterest the other day and made these with my five-year-old sister. They taste AMAZING! Thanks for sharing!

  76. I have a few younger cousins, who loooove the Princess and the Frog! I can’t wait to suprise them with these! (even though they don’t need any more sugar!) 😉

  77. Do you know how this would work if you used the fresh pizza dough that Publix sells in the bakery? I wasn’t sure how different the doughs were but would love to try the recipe!

  78. Made the dough last night and am excited to finish the. Off today with the family 🙂

    One thing that I didn’t realize though was that the dough would rise in the refrigerator. I put four recipes (yes, i am feeding a small army today 🙂 in one bowl, and when I opened the fridge this morning some dough had overflowed over the egdes of the bowl. i guess I was assuming the fridge would stunt the rising.

    You may want to mention this in your original recipe so that novice yeast users, like me, won’t have it happen to them. Thanks!

    Love all the recipes I have tried on your blog, and I am sure these will be fantastic! 🙂

  79. I didn’t have a chance to read through all the comments but I was wondering if these could be kept warm in the oven on a low temperature after being fried but before getting dusted with powdered sugar? I want to make some for a party I’m having at my house, but don’t want to fry them up while my guests wait.

  80. I made these this morning and I had the brilliant friggin’ idea of cutting them into heart shapes. Didn’t work out so hot. Half of them look like feet and the other half look like amoebas. Still tasty though! xoxo

  81. I made these last weekend, and they are amazing! I am going to be making these again today, but in the shape of a doughnut and add a glaze. I can’t wait to try that.

  82. Thanks for this delicious recipe – saw a Digital Layout with a little boy having these so I searched them out… thanks for your great tutorial too 🙂

  83. One of my students saw them on Food Network and asked if we could make these today. Since the restaurant was closed I said ok, remembering I saw the recipe on your website I hopped on over. They were fascinated with the process. These are freshman who are just learning so it was just the right size batch for them. The phones came out and picture were being sent to the parents to make them jealous. Thanks for your blog I love it.

  84. Wow! Just made these, only one word INCREDIBLE! They are to die for! Saw a special on cafe du monde and I’m sure I won’t get these here in India, found your recipe perfect! Although I did let them rise twice. Turned out great! Thank you so much! Satisfied the desert craving!

  85. I know I’m really late to the game, but I just had to say that I just made these tonight. Well, I made the dough last night and let them rise overnight. This evening I took the dough out of the frig, roll the dough out, cut them and let them rise for about 70 minutes. Fried them up, rolled them in extra superfine sugar and served them with homemade chocolate sauce, raspberry sauce and Meyer lemon curd. They were one of the easiest and best desserts I’ve made. Thank you so much for a great recipe.

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