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If you missed this earlier, I started adding some local restaurant reviews to the site.   I get a lot of questions about dining in my area and I’d love to have a place to point people to as I also have fun discovering great new finds.  Once I add enough to this section, I’ll create a nice guide that can be easily browsed depending on the specific area you’re looking into.

Grit in Eagle, Idaho

Today’s featured restaurant is Grit, in Eagle Idaho.  I live in Eagle, so I love that this quaint suburb of Boise has been churning out some really great eateries.  It’s fantastic to not have to make the trek downtown, OR to the crowded busy Eagle Road area closer to the freeway.  Grit is the product of a great partnership between a chef from the popular 10 Barrel Brewing and the owner of another one of my most favorite places in Eagle, Porterhouse Market.  I had a night out with some girlfriends and thought it would be the perfect time to try it out.

front doors at Grit

Restaurant and Location

360 S. Eagle Rd
Eagle, Idaho 83616

It’s tucked in an inconspicuous little spot around the corner from Albertsons right next to the Mongolian Grill.


American.  Check out the full menu, here. You’ll find upscale twists on classic dishes like Mac n’ Cheese, Fried Chicken, and burgers, and unique salads and starters like Farro with Cranberry Vinaigrette and Crispy Cauliflower and Pumpkin with Cashew Yogurt Dipping Sauce. Browse the menu and you’ll see what I mean.  It’s upscale American in a comfortable, casual environment. The restaurant itself is fairly small, so it might get pretty busy on a weekend. We went on a weeknight and were seated right away.

Interior of Grit

kid friendly factor
While I’m not aware of a kids menu, they do offer some kid friendly menu options like fried chicken, pizza, and grilled cheese.  I personally wouldn’t take my younger kids here because it’s small and my kids would mostly likely be loud and obnoxious and make a scene and I pretty much only take them to places that can have my food on the table in less than 5 minutes.  The food here is great so I’d want to take my time and enjoy it.  And enjoy it without my little humans.  Perfect for a date night or a girls night out or lunch with friends.  That being said, it’s definitely a casual vibe so kids would be more than welcome.




We loved the Hummus plate that we ordered for our appetizer.  It was plenty for 4 to share and they refilled the best part, which were Falafel Waffles.  Yes, FALAFEL WAFFELS.  They came with a big pile of hummus, Roasted Garlic, Basil Pesto, Lemon Olives, and Cucumber.  Also eaten at our table were: Steak Tacos, Pepper Crusted Burger, and two pizzas: the Prosciutto Arugula and the Pear.  That Pear Pizza might have just won the prize for the night with Pear, Caramelized Shallots, Blue Cheese, and Crème Fraiche.  It was amazing.

food from Grit restaurant

Lastly, I have a thing with Pastrami Sandwiches.  If there is a Pastrami Sandwich on a menu, I can’t NOT order it.  So I totally ordered one to go when we were finished eating, because everyone needs a 4th meal.  It’s kind of my control by which I measure all eatery goodness.  And the Hot Pastrami at Grit just slid into first place on my pastrami sandwich rating chart.  They make the Pastrami in-house and it is spectacular.  We did also order the German Chocolate Cake for dessert, too.  And while it’s wasn’t bad by any means (the ice cream that came with it was great), it wasn’t that memorable, either.  I’d probably choose a different dessert next time.



I keep forgetting to take note of server’s names and I need to because I genuinely appreciate a great server.  Our cute blond-haired waitress was attentive, helpful, and incredibly friendly.

You bet.  I’m already dreaming of that Pastrami….

Stay tuned for more of my favorites in Eagle!

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Questions & Reviews

  1. Will you try Bardenay in Eagle please? I hear the best things about it but have not had the chance to try it myself.
    Btw- this restaurant review is a great idea! I appreciate your honesty. And you have a way of weaving your words & phrasing things it just makes it very enjoyable to read. I’m almost always smiling when I read this blog. Keep up the great work ladies??

    1. Awe thanks for the kind words, Summer! And I HAVE eaten at Bardenay, a couple of times! I thought the food was fantastic, and the setting is really beautiful, near the river. My one complaint about Bardenay is that they don’t seat you; it’s all seat-yourself (at least both times I’ve been there) and I find it really stressful and annoying to have to trek around the large restaurant staking out tables, especially when it’s busy and everyone is kind of roaming around trying to see who will leave next! But aside from that complaint, it’s one of my favorites. It’s on my list of places to do an official review!

  2. My dad moved to Eagle in 1979 and I celebrated my 4th birthday in the home he still lives in. I’ll have to check out Grit next time I’m home to visit :).