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My go-to I-haven’t-planned-anything-for-dinner-but-need-something-quick meals involve breakfast food 98% of the time.  We eat some sort of breakfast-for-dinner meal at least once a week and it’s almost always my kids’ fave.  In fact, here are the remains of last night’s dinner.  Notice they didn’t even get full-size bowls and it’s not even pretend-to-be-healthy cereal.  It’s straight up Corn Pops.  That’s how we roll sometimes.

cereal for dinner

If you want to get a little more sophisticated than that, and break away from the bacon and eggs, or boxed pancake mix, here are some of my most favorite family dinners.  These are all things that can really be pulled together quite quickly, and paired with simple sides (or stand alone) to create a nice balanced meal.    Next time you’re pining over that infamous “hmmm…what’s for dinner…”  dilemma, think of this list!  You’ll want to pin this one!

10 Go-To Recipes for Family Friendly Breakfast for Dinner Meals!

Here’s the run-down:

Breakfast TaquitosBaked Breakfast Taquitos with Lime-Chipotle Dip
Kate and I both LOVE these.  In fact, my brother just requested them for his birthday dinner recently.  Crisp baked flour tortillas stay soft inside and are filled with a fluffy southwest egg mix.  The lime-chipotle dip takes it over the top (like, you’ll lick the bowl.)


How to Make CrepesThin-Cakes (Okay, you can call them Crepes)
If you think crepes are just for fancy French bistros, think again.  They’re awesome because they’re made from super simple ingredients that you probably have in your kitchen right now, and the stuffing options are endless.  Fill them with leftover chicken and cheese, or go for an egg scramble, or eat them sweet with fresh fruit and yogurt.


Huevos RancherosHuevos Rancheros
This is my version of Mexican style eggs.  It clocks in at only about 250 calories, so it makes a great healthy meal as well.  Pile on the toppings, or just roll them up like burritos for little hands and the whole family is happy.


Healthy WafflesHealthy Whole Grain Waffles
By the taste of these light and fluffy waffles, you’d have NO idea that they pack protein, fiber, and whole grains in there.  Even better, this post shows how to serve them 3 different ways and includes a calorie count, too.


Egg ScrambleMediterranean Egg Scramble 
This is probably one of my all-time favorite recipes that Kate has written, and I’ve always said it’s a little hidden gem on this blog.  If you haven’t tried them yet-do it!  All of the yummy flavors of Mediterranean, wrapped up in a tortilla or crepe.  Yummy yummy yummy…


Buttermilk PancakesWhole Wheat Buttermilk Pancakes
Just like those healthy waffles, the kids (and even your spouse!) won’t have a clue these pancakes have any whole wheat flour in them.  Top them with fresh fruit, or bananas and a swipe of peanut butter for a filling and seemingly naughty meal.


English Muffin PizzaEnglish Muffin Breakfast Pizzas
This is an awesome clean-out-the-fridge meal.  Grab any veggies you have, random varieties of cheese, bits of meat, and somehow it all just comes together- and the family will have a blast doing it since everyone can choose their toppings!


Monte Cristo SandwichMonte Cristo Sandwiches
Please tell me you’ve had a Monte Cristo before.  Please.  If not, stop what you’re doing right now and put all of the ingredients on your grocery list.   It’s like french toast meets turkey sandwich meets strawberry jam.  Okay that makes it sound totally weird, but trust me.  It’s amazing.


Egg Stuffed PotatoEgg Stuffed Baked Potatoes
These are a spin on baked potatoes.  Stuffed with cheese, veggies, and then an egg cracked right inside and baked up, it’s a one-dish meal that’s customizable with what you have in the fridge!


Cajun ScrambleCajun Style Hashbrown Skillet
Crispy potatoes, savory sausage, and a blend of cajun spices surround fresh cracked eggs in this one-dish skillet meal.  Serve it with a simple salad or fresh fruit to round off your plate.


Check out our Breakfast and Brunch Section for even more recipes- I wanted to keep this list to just 10 so I cut out a bunch of our favorites!

Now it’s your turn!  What’s your favorite breakfast-for-dinner meal??


  1. We love breakfast for dinner around our house. We usually do omelets with ham, sautéed onions and mushrooms, and cheese or scrambled eggs with toast and fruit. Though we do have cold cereal nights or oatmeal since my kids ask for it at every meal. This list looks great, we love all of your recipes.

  2. My sons call this “Brinner” and it’s a favorite dinner for us, too. Your Crispy Waffle recipe you posted a few weeks ago is a huge hit as were the Mini Oven Pancakes. We also do breakfast quesadillas – scrambled eggs, pepperoni (for the boys) and cheese inside flour tortillas and cooked on the griddle.

    I’ve tried some of the recipes on your list, but those Egg Stuffed Baked Potatoes are on my “To Make” list for next week! :o)

  3. Ha! Cereal is my “last resort” when I just don’t have it in me to cook 🙂 Other than that, a waffle night is a rare treat around our house.

  4. and it’s not even pretend-to-be-healthy cereal. It’s straight up Corn Pops. That’s how we roll sometimes.

    And that is why I love you guys =)

    I am currently trying to clean out our freezer and I found some english muffins – the english muffin breakfast pizzas look amazing and I will be doing those this weekend~

  5. The crispy waffle recipe that was posted several weeks ago, has totally become a dinner staple for us. Sometimes, I make the buttermilk sauce to go with it; but most times it bottled syrup or fresh fruit. Totally easy and super yummy!

  6. Great list! But you left off our favorite — easy potato and bacon casserole. WE had it last night and everyone loves it. It becomes a last minute meal if you decide that the potatoes can’t really soak up that much egg anyway so it’s ok to just put it together and cook it right away, which is what I did yesterday and it tasted the same to me. I took it to a friend’s family a few weeks ago and they loved it for dinner, too.

    Also, our favorite side with a breakfast for dinner is a smoothie with spinach in it because then we get our fruits and veggies but I don’t have to serve weird combinations like pancakes and salad.

    1. That actually WAS on my list- but I wanted just 10, so I had to keep whittling it down! Haha. Don’t ask me why I thought I had to keep it to ten, I thought that number just sounded good, lol!

  7. I am a sucker for baked potatoes! In fact, that was my one food craving with each of my pregnancies. Your Egg Stuffed Baked Potatoes are calling my name loud and clear! Definitely pinning this one and baking some of these yummy eggs and potatoes this weekend! Thanks!

    1. Oh my gosh girl, that was my preggo food too, and mine had to have tons of butter and green onions on them. Yeah, I gained over 50lbs with all of my pregnancies, I wonder why?! haha

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